Hawai’i Marketplace at Epcot’s Food and Wine (2022 Review)

Hawaii’s Marketplace opened a little later in the season at the 2022 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Below we’ll look at a few of the items offered at this year’s booth and the prices.

Hawai’i is known for offering menu items made with SPAM. It’s no secret that SPAM is a staple ingredient in the Hawaiian culture. Unfortunately, canned meat is one of those things I can’t wrap my mind around trying.

Hawai’i Marketplace Menu Items with Prices

Here are the menu items slated for 2022:

  • Kalua Pork Slider ($5.75)
  • SPAM Musubi Nigiri ($6.00)
  • Passion Fruit Cheesecake ($4.50)


  • Kona Brewing Co. Hanalei Island IPA ($5.00 or $9.00)
  • Florida Orange Groves Sparkling Pineapple Wine ($10.00)
  • Aulani Sunrise ($14.00)

Prices for the food items at the Hawai’i Marketplace are reasonable. However, the Aulani Sunrise is pretty expensive. Per the menu, the drink consists of vodka, Dole Pineapple Juice, and Grenadine. I don’t know about you, but I can’t account for the $14.00 cost.

Here’s a look at the Aulani Sunrise I ordered a few years back. At that time, the drink was advertised as coming in a souvenir cup. However, there’s no mention of anything extra this year.

Overall, it was okay, like fruit punch, as far as taste goes. While the drink was decent, it wasn’t anything worth writing about on this blog.

However, the real disappointment was the souvenir cup that might have made up for the basic flavors of the drink. But unfortunately, this cup wouldn’t last one cycle through the dishwasher.

It was made of the thinnest plastic I have ever encountered. Literally, the cup would crack if you squeezed too hard.

Unfortunately, when I made it to the Hawai’i booth this year, I had just left the Noodle Exchange, which was a not-so-great experience. So I elected to only try the passion fruit cheesecake at Hawai’i.

Thankfully, the cheesecake was refreshing, offering a subtle sweetness from the passion fruit sauce. And those crunchy Macadamia nuts only added to the flavor.

Overall the cheesecake was a yummy bite worth adding to the list of best desserts at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. However, I don’t think it tops the bread pudding at the Mexico Marketplace or the Creme Brulee at the France Food and Wine Booth.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll get up the courage to order the SPAM dishes. But until then, you’re on your own with those.

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So, does anything on the menu at the Hawai’i Marketplace look appealing to you? Will you try the SPAM dish?

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