Living with the Land’s Merry and Bright Nights

If you’ve ever visited Epcot, you’ve probably taken a spin on Living with the Land. It’s the attraction where you float through a greenhouse filled with edible plants used in restaurants on Disney property.

But you might not know that this attraction is a little extra special during the Christmas season. When the sun sets, the experience becomes Merry and Bright Nights on Living with the Land.

Below we’ll take a photo tour of Living with the Land’s Merry and Bright Nights. You’ll find this attraction on the lower level of the Land Pavilion at Epcot.

If you ride during daytime hours, you’ll notice a few signs reminding you to come back for a different experience in the evening.

For example, the sign below says, “After the sun sets, ride Living with the Land for a special sparkling tour. Enjoy a peaceful evening cruise and view twinkling holiday light displays throughout the greenhouses.”

2022 Update: This experience has a new name this year, Glimmering Greenhouses. We have a separate article with photos and videos covering it.

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The sign also says to see the daily times guide for operating hours. Usually, Living with the Land closes at around 7:00 p.m. However, during Merry and Bright Nights, you can generally expect it to stay open until the park closes.

When you board Living with the Land, you’ll go through the first couple of faux ecosystems. But as you approach the greenhouses, everything begins to change.

The tunnel welcoming you to the greenhouses is where the real Merry and Bright nights begin. The tunnel is fully lit with large Christmas bulbs.

You can see the colors reflecting on the water ahead of you. Make sure to request the front row if this ride is your jam. It’s truly the best seat in the house.

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?

I promise not to sing the whole way through.

There are different kinds of lighting everywhere you look in the greenhouses.

Oversized Christmas ornaments are placed in various areas throughout the landscape.

Even the water garden with lily pads has light projections.

Let me tell you when Disney found out what these light projections could do, they started placing them everywhere. Most of them are nice-looking, though.

Hi sandman Family! There is no snow in the greenhouse.

They did an excellent job with the light placements.

I love the lights in the trees more than anything. They make me think of all the twinkling lights in the trees around the castle at Magic Kingdom. All twinkling lights remind me of that.

They even put in some lights that appear to resemble grass.

And if you look closely, there are all these tiny different colored lights in the sand.

They reflect on the greenhouse glass in places.

Below we have reindeer Mickey in topiary form. He hadn’t quite grown into his full self yet.

The fish tunnel was illuminated with Christmas-y colors.



I love you, Merry and Bright Nights!

When you exit the fish tunnel, you’ll be back in the large portion of the greenhouse.

There are a few fun displays representing the season.

These look like some of the different fruits and veggies grown on the attraction.

This archway had plants and ornaments hanging from it.

And it smells so good with all of the different herbs and plants.

Below there’s a section of snake gourds.

And you might see some fun-shaped pumpkins.

Look up, and you’ll see how they get their fun shape.

These gourds had some sparkling balls in the mix.

And the Mickey Mouse made from lettuce had these fun green lights hanging above it.

Even though I took a lot of photos, there are many things I haven’t included.

You’ll probably want to ride this attraction at least twice during the evening. The later, the better. There shouldn’t be too much of a line after 7:00 p.m.

Or if you aren’t visiting for the holidays this year, you can always come back here to look at the pictures.

If this is your type of thing. It’s mine.

The greenhouses are so much more than just an attraction to me.

They inspire me to eat healthier, learn to grow things, take care of the earth, and do better.

As we near the end, there are a few more light displays.

Even the Biotechnology Lab has hung their stockings in the window.

The snowflakes are pretty with the purple backdrop.

Next thing you know, you’ll exit the ride only to find yourself walking across the pavilion to join the line again.

Thanks for coming along today on our Merry and Brights Nights tour of Living with the Land at Christmas!

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So have you been able to ride Living with the Land during the Merry and Bright nights? What are your thoughts on this holiday overlay?

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