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Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Guide

Considering a visit to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon? Need to know all the details like where to eat, how to plan your day, or what characters meet there? We have you covered. This comprehensive guide reviews everything there is to know about Typhoon Lagoon.

2021 Typhoon Lagoon Update: Typhon Lagoon is not re-opening in 2021. We will update this review when we know more about the status of the park. In the meantime, you might want to check out our full Blizzard Beach Water Park Guide.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is a great water park with many activities and attractions. However, you can easily accomplish everything plus spend some time relaxing by the end of the day. This is a vacation you are planning right?

I’ve personally spent a lot of time in the Walt Disney World water parks over the years. This review has taken a good amount of time, visits, and research to put together. You can rest assured after using this knowledge you will have the keys to the perfect day at Typhoon Lagoon!

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Map

Here we have the map for Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. You can see it broken down into sections like attractions, food/beverages, and merchandise. We will go over everything listed in this Typhoon Lagoon map individually.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Map of water park

If you happen to pick up a water parks map at Walt Disney World you will see that on one side of the map is Blizzard Beach. Flip it over to find Typhoon Lagoon on the opposite side.

The map is broken down into sections and is color-coded. There is a section for attractions, food & beverages, and merchandise. If you have had a chance to look at the Blizzard Beach Map you will notice it’s fairly similar.

There is also a legend area that indicates where restrooms, first aid, etc can be found. Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool (wave pool) is pretty much the central point of the water park. The lazy river can be taken to easily access all attractions.

Tickets and Water Park Passes

Walt Disney World has recently raised some of its ticket pricing. However, in this latest price increase the water park tickets were not affected unless you visit via the Platinum Plus Pass. If that is the case the Platinum Plus Pass did have an increase in pricing.

Typhoon Lagoon Tickets are available at the park on either side of the entrance as seen below:

Tickets for Disney's Typhoon Lagoon--This is the ticket booth at the entrance of the park.

Ticket Options

  • One day water park pass for ages 10 and up–$69.00
  • 1 day water park pass for ages 3-9–$63.00
  • One day water park pass for ages 10 and up *with blockout dates–$64.00
  • 1 day water park pass for ages 3-9 *with blockout dates–$58.00
  • Water Parks Annual Pass–$139.00 (includes admission to both Disney water parks)
  • Florida Resident Tickets-After 2:00pm water park pass–$89.00

**All prices are subject to change and do not include tax. These were the current prices at the time of this posting. This site is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.

Typhoon Lagoon Guide

When you enter the park you will be greeted by a few signs including this one indicating the hours the park will be open for the day. This is also a list of standard rules indicating things such as guests under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult, no glass containers, shower before entering pools, and a few other items.

If you would like a scenic photo or view stop here at the right and check out the landing area. It makes for a great picture, and you probably won’t be back this way until you exit the park. By that time you will probably be worn out, so if possible take the time to stop here.

Below is a look at that view and the shipwreck over the wave pool!

Typhoon Tilly shipwreck view in the distance

Locker Rental at a water park is a must-do in my opinion. This is a good safe place to store your valuables, change of clothes, and a cooler or any electronics. There are 2 sizes of lockers, standard and large. I have always opted for the large-size locker for ease of storing all my items.

Typhoon Lagoon Locker Rental Kiosk

In order to rent a locker, you will need to step up to a computer kiosk, select what size you would like, and use a credit card to reserve your locker. The machine asks that you make a code for your locker and shield the area so no one else can see your code. It will then print out a receipt with your locker number. Once you locate your locker you will just need to remember which one it is after storing your items.

Small and Large Locker Sizes and Typhoon Lagoon

We always opt for the larger rental. This is the cooler that I take with me almost everywhere I go. I keep frozen ice walls with soda and bottled water inside of it. Per new Walt Disney World park rules loose ice is not allowed. An acceptable way to bring ice into the parks is to seal tight plastic bags such as Ziplock.

Showing what all will fit in a large size locker

If you are a guest of a Walt Disney World resort then towels at Typhoon Lagoon are free. However, if you are visiting from an off-site hotel they will charge you $2.00 in most instances for towel rental. Towel rental at Typhoon Lagoon can be found inside Singapore Sal’s right next to the locker area.

Towel Rental location inside Singapore Sal's

Typhoon Lagoon Rides

Typhoon Lagoon advertises 11 attractions plus the scenic Mountain Trail. In this portion, we will cover all the attractions plus any requirements and details. The next section will cover a touring plan on how to get them done on a busy day.

View of Castaway Creek Lazy River at Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool

The wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon is one of the biggest draws for this water park. It is advertised to have six-foot swells and smaller bobbing waves. Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool is also North America’s largest wave pool.

Back end of Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool where the waves form

The wave pool is similar to mimicking the ocean in a lot of ways. Be aware the waves are strong, knock you down type waves. I don’t mean this in a way to scare anyone, but as the rules indicate below if you aren’t a good swimmer stay in the shallow end. I am a good swimmer but I’m at the point in my life where I like to pull up a chair in the back and let the teens take on those big waves.

Typhoon Lagoon Rules

The rules above indicate to use caution. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Weak swimmers should use Typhoon Lagoon personal flotation devices or a swimmer’s aid and remain in shallow water.

The waves are strong. For example, I have heard many people complain of having a bad scrape from being drug across the bottom of the pool by a wave. It’s always a good idea to wear water park shoes if you plan to go out past knee-deep. Keep in mind when a wave comes thru with the after waves knee-deep is probably a lot closer to waist deep before the water recedes.

Sure report showing different timing of the bobbing wave and surf wave throughout the day at Typhoon Lagoon

There are two types of wave cycles at Typhoon Lagoon. When you enter the wave pool area from across the bridge there is a sign toward the middle. This sign indicates what time they will have the popular “surf wave” and then the “bobbing wave” time periods.

The bobbing wave is similar to just a gentle up and down wave motion that doesn’t stop. There are no large surf waves forming across the pool at this time. I have several videos of the waves on my Instagram and Facebook.

Large View of Wave Pool at Typhoon Lagoon

When the surf wave is in motion they have a large wave about every 90 seconds. There will be a large siren-type sound when this begins and to indicate when a new wave is coming.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon example of theming throughout the park

If you are touring the park in detail you can walk around the mountain trail and actually walk up on the sides of the wave pool where the waves actually form.

Patio Rental at Typhoon Lagoon

Ketchakiddee Creek

Trying to decide if Typhoon Lagoon is a good fit for a smaller child can sometimes be a challenge. Not having a very small child on my trips over the years to Typhoon Lagoon I have only recently familiarized myself with these areas in more detail.

Ketchakiddee Creek signage

As a result, I have found Ketchakiddee Creek to be a delight for the littles! For one thing, there is an awesome splash pad area with sprayers and the likes.

Fun play area for smaller children at Typhoon Lagoon

Not only that but also there is this mini tiny water raft ride on a level area!

Mini Raft Ride for small children Typhoon Lagoon

This ride has a “maximum” height instead of a minimum.

You can easily deposit your child in the provided inner tube on one end and then walk along the area as they glide thru and pick them up at the end of the mini slide.

There is also a ton of private seating in the back of this area that is somewhat shaded. This is a good example of the number of seats you can find here without an additional rental.

There are many slides and lots of areas to sit within the kid’s play area as well.

Slide area at Ketchakiddee Creek

To the front of the area, there is a place with even more sprayers and fun junior activities.

Splash Pad and Spray Area at Typhoon Lagoon

If you do a bit of exploring there is a cave at the back of the area. I find this area very impressive and a good location towards the back of the park. It’s away from all the areas with larger kids and feels like a well spacious area for smaller ones to enjoy comfortably. I also like the fact that parents can easily grab a seat and still keep an eye on children in this specific area.

Castaway Creek

Castaway Creek is the name of the lazy river at Typhoon Lagoon.

The lazy river winds its way around the park in the opposite direction of the lazy river at Blizzard Beach. That always throws me off a bit when I’ve made recent visits to both parks.

Single Rider Inner Tubes

This lazy river also offers inner tubes for singles and doubles. Grab whichever one works for you, but if you have a smaller kid it’s sometimes easier to keep them close in the double. That way you can at least try to have the best of both worlds.

Double Inner Tubes

Castaway Creek has multiple landings and you can take the river around the park and get off at the different stops to experience the attractions.

There is also a path that walks adjacent to Castaway Creek. If you will notice below this is the path behind the wave pool on the back side of the park. If we continued forward we would walk thru a tunnel alongside the area for the river.

Here is the North Shore Landing. Each landing provides an opportunity to either enter or exit.

Additionally here is South Shore Landing back near Ketchakiddee Creek play area.

Happy Landing is the last stop before returning to the very front of the park. This is a good stop for ice cream!

Keelhaul Falls

Keelhaul Falls is one of two inner tube slides for single riders at Typhoon Lagoon. Here you will find the line for both slides (Mayday Falls). On the left-hand side with the blue inner tubes is the Keelhaul Falls line.

Keelhaul Falls

Keelhaul Falls will have a wait time displayed. If the wait was over 20 minutes are so I wouldn’t recommend waiting. They are fun slides but extremely fast and over fairly quickly.

Keelhaul Falls is described as–take a swift and scenic ride down Mount Mayday on a single-rider tube. As noted in the picture below, adults you can probably expect to flip out at the bottom. Feel free to ask me how I know this at any time. I have in fact flipped out of many water slides in my more adult years. Some (not here) have been quite scary experiences.

At some point in life, you just reach an age and weight that these things probably aren’t the best idea. But you never know until it happens to you, so there’s that.

Mayday Falls

Next up we have Mayday Falls that runs adjacent to Keelhaul Falls. Mayday Falls will be on the right-hand side. There is the third slide for multiple riders on the far right of Mayday Falls as well.

Mayday Falls Tube Slides at Typhoon Lagoon

These again are single rider slides and they will have the yellow inner tubes. Mayday Falls is described as–brave the rapids and bumps on the Park’s highest and longest single-rider tube slide.

Pick up a tube at the bottom and carry it with you to the top. Sometimes this area will get backed up a bit. At times you might have to wait for the person to exit the area and hand you the tube they were using.

Gangplank Falls

In this area on the back left-hand side of the mountain, we finally have our third slide and this one is for multiple people. Gangplank Falls’ description is to get swept away by rushing rapids aboard a multi-person tube.

Gangplank Falls is fun and fast! If you haven’t done it before I would definitely give it a try. The drawbacks are the rafts are really heavy and large. Meaning they are hard to maneuver from the bottom of the landing up to the start of the ride.

Gangplank Falls Family Slides at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

You can see the lifeguard in this photo using some force to move the raft and will pass it on to the next family waiting. I would say if there is enough space that you can kind of roll them up the stairs, but due to the size that’s not really easy to do either.

Also, this ride is similar to Keelhaul Falls, while fun in my opinion it’s not always worth the extra effort to get the tube up the side of the mountain. Luckily you don’t have to take it too far here, but that also means the slide is shorter.

Humunga Kowabunga

Oh wow! You will only catch me taking photos of this one! Humunga Kowabunga is Typhoon Lagoon’s “premier” body slide.

There is a 48″ height requirement that they will check when you reach the top if you look questionable in size. Plummet down 5 stories on Mount Mayday in a body slide in the dark!

A lot of times the wait here is much more escalated than 5 minutes. This is probably the most popular slide at Typhoon Lagoon.

Here is a look and you can see how close they are to the shipwreck on Mount Mayday!

Humunga Kowabunga

There are several viewing spots on the right, left and directly in the front of these to watch people as they come out of the tunnel. It’s kind of neat to see them splashing out horizontally with great force.

Above is a photo was taken from the viewing area on the far right-hand side while waiting on the next group to come out.

Below is a look at the splash you will make as you approach the bottom. After you gain composure a lifeguard at the bottom will then instruct you to stand up, step out of the slide and exit the area. Make sure to step out of the slide here before attempting to exit the area. There are small walkways between each slide to make this possible.

Also at the bottom of this area is a seating area. Therefore if you are a bit chicken or wise due to your years (?) you can sit here and wait on the rest of your party to exit at the bottom.

Storm Slides at Typhoon Lagoon

The Storm Slides are to the immediate right of Humunga Kowabunga. These I will actually still do and find a lot of fun!

Storm Slides will have you coming down the mountain in a curvy, fun way. There are 3 different ones at the top with all different paths that exist together.

Here is the pool where you exit below. At the top you will be instructed to sit down and then a red light will change to green when it’s your turn to go!

Storm Slides Typhoon Lagoon

Here is another view of the exit. I tend to like these a little better than the tubes slide. They are smooth on the way down and you don’t have to worry about getting high on the sides and flipping out. However, these are fast, and don’t try to drag your feet to slow down or you will end up in some pain. (Always wear water park shoes!)

Bay Slides

Of all my years going to Typhoon Lagoon, somehow I had never noticed these until recently. I spend quite a good deal of time at the far right-hand side of the wave pool. These are on the far left-hand side in a bit of a cove.

Blustery Bay is another great place for smaller children to play. It is described as for the enjoyment of children 60″ and under. Let your little ones zip down these pint-sized body slides full of thrills and spills!

There is a small stairway for them to climb up and enter the slide area.

Then they come out here in the wave pool area. You will notice there is a divider blocking the waves at the exit of the slide.

Below is a viewpoint of the entire area so you can see how shallow the area is here. Most of the parents are sitting on the wall to the far right watching their children play.

Mountain Trail

This is one of my favorite things that I feel few people know about. A few years ago I noticed people on social media posting some pictures of an area at Typhoon Lagoon that I had never discovered.

On my next visit I asked a cast member about the Mountain Trail and she told me there wasn’t one and didn’t know what I was talking about. So I did a little exploring and found it for myself.

There are actually signs for it and you can use it to cross Mount Mayday between the Humunga Kowabunga slides and Gangplank Falls slide.

There is a beautiful bridge and scenic views to take in on your trip over the mountain!

Here is a view from the body slides (right-hand side) of the park.

A view from behind the wave pool on the trail.

Typhoon Tilly resting on the mountain.

There are many tropical flowers and remnants of shipwreck as well!

Several of the walkways have waterfalls spilling across them and offer a nice place to stand and cool off on your journey.

The bridge is fun also! As you can see, the reason I don’t think anyone knows about this place is because it’s rare to find people out here.

There are some lovely views of Castaway Creek from the bridge.

This is probably about as close to the top of the park as you can get.

If you are on the left hand side of the park, go to the Gangplank Falls side. There appears to be two entrances, stay to the far right and you will find yourself on the Mountain Trail.


Miss Adventure Falls

This ride is the newest water park attraction at Walt Disney World! The past few years the park has been pretty busy with this newer opening.

Miss Adventure Falls is the competitor of Teamboat Springs over at Blizzard Beach. In my opinion it has a bit of a bonus to it as well!

There are twists and turns and if you are only a party of 2 you won’t be grouped with anyone else.

Here is the line entrance with a wait time.

It’s pretty easy to view into the line area and see how many people are actually waiting. Typically this one moves pretty quickly even when both sides are full.

Pay attention to the “how to ride” signs as you approach the ride entry. The sign indicates that it’s easy to sit down on the raft facing away from it. Then swing your legs over as you hold the handles provided.

The bonus to this ride is you load at the bottom and this conveyor belt will pull you to the top. No major climbing for this one!

It’s a lot of fun for the whole family, Above is where you will exit the slide. It’s another fast moving and curvy slide. It even goes thru a tunnel where you will exit to a waterfall splashing you a bit.

At the bottom there might be a PhotoPass photographer taking your picture. You will stay in the float until you get to the exit and are instructed to disembark.

Crush ‘n’ Gusher presented by Chiquita

Crush ‘N’ Gusher is probably the “must do” at Typhoon Lagoon. This is a water coaster that is unique offering 3 different tracks from top to bottom.

Crush ‘N’ Gusher is a thrill ride and carries a 48″ height requirement. The usual health notices are posted with this attraction as well.

You will pick up your raft where the ride exits.

Above are the three places the water coaster dumps you into the pool. The water is about 2-3 feet in this area. You will be lucky to still be on your raft when you come out!

They have rafts for single riders and double riders. There is one slide at the top for single riders. Just make sure to get in the right line at the bottom. It’s a long way up.

The three rides are the Pineapple Plunger, Coconut Crusher and Banana Blaster. The middle line is Coconut Crusher and accepts double and single riders. All the lines accept double riders.

There are several flights of stairs to get to the top. This is the most popular ride at Typhoon Lagoon. It’s also toward the front of the park and fills up quickly on a busy day.

If the line is long it will take you a while to get up to the top. But if not it’s a straight shot up carrying a raft. Make sure to take your time if you need to, you don’t want to end up out of breath at the top with a rapid heartbeat right before a roller coaster ride!

There is a lot of theming in the queue before you reach the stairs. It’s very tropical and fun!

Below is where a PhotoPass photographer sits to capture that quick second as you exit the slide!

Touring Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is a very popular water park! The wave pool is quite the draw for this park as well. While it might be tempting to hit this large surf pool first, it’s probably not the best idea. Let’s take a look at some planning advice and why it’s important to tour a certain way.

Granted the water parks are not near as busy as a typical Disney theme parks, they do accumulate lines. When visiting this park you still have to take account for how many are in your party, who wants to participate in certain attractions and who can participate in certain attractions.

If you have a party that is on board for everything (or the majority) I would get to the park about 15 minutes before opening, secure a locker and then head off in this direction:

  • Crush ‘N’ Gusher (ride 2 times in a row if desired before line forms)
  • Miss Adventure Falls (ride 2 times in a row if desired before line forms)
  • Humunga Kowabunga
  • Storm Slides
  • Cross over the Mountain Trail
  • Gangplank Falls
  • Mayday Falls
  • Keelhaul Falls
  • Break for Lunch
  • Lazy River to let lunch digest
  • Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool for the afternoon–Here you can rest or go out far and participate

If you are one that won’t participate or have smaller children I would rotate a few of these out with Bay Slides and Ketchakiddee Creek.

Also if I’m there visiting with teens I like to set up camp first thing at Typhoon Lagoon’s surf pool. That way everyone will know where to find me and I send them off in the direction stated above making them check in from time to time.

There is a huge clock at the front of the wave pool that you can see from most areas in the park. Point this out to kids and make them use it as a reference point when checking back in since they won’t be carrying cell phones.

Another point to make here is if you arrive later it’s a good idea to do these in reverse order. Make the prime attractions like Crush ‘N’ Gusher and Miss Adventure Falls toward the end of the day. Many of the early comers will be tired out and already leaving at that point.

Dining at Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon has a lot of options for dining plus several snack kiosks that aren’t even listed on the map. It’s a tough choice and I would review all the options before settling on a place.

Some members of your family might want to grab a bite from one place while others desire something from a different spot. If that’s the case just have the cast member put your food on a tray and everyone meet up at one spot.

On my recent visit I had lunch at the Snack Shack and it was really a refreshing salad and nice bite with the quesadilla.

Leaning Palms

Leaning Palms is the largest and main quick service location.

They have walk up kiosks similar to what you find in the theme parks. You order your food and then pick it up at the window.

Leaning Palms offers burgers, chicken nuggets, fries, salads, rice bowls and similar items. One point I want to make here is the burger is usually specialty on the menu, but you can order it how you like it. There is also the option to order a kids meal if you don’t want the larger portion.

If you have food allergies this might be where you want to order depending on your needs. This is the stop where we always order the allergy free chicken nuggets for my son.

The back side of the menu also offers a few items for those with special diets.

There is a condiment station as well. There are no straws at any of the Disney water parks.

They also usually have some special items at the kiosk that aren’t on the menu.

Here is a closer look.

Happy Landings

Happy Landings Ice Cream is located back behind Leaning Palms.

It is of similar color palette as the main quick service location.

This is the spot for the “Sand Pail.” That is the large sundae for multiple people that comes in a plastic pail with shovel.

There is also this kind of advertising along Castaway Creek that will entice you to pull up for a stop.

Lowtide Lou’s

Lowtide Lou’s is the only food stop you will find on the backside of the park. It is located out in front of the inner tube slides and just a few steps away from Ketchakiddee Creek.

They have regular pretzels with cheese dip.

They also have churro’s with chocolate sauce.

Beef empanadas with chimichurri sauce.

And that Jalapeno and Cheese Pretzel with the sweet cream cheese!

You can also pick up a couple of cold sandwiches back here, kids meals, and frozen pops on a stick.

Hammer Head Fred’s Dive

Hammer Head Fred’s is a bar in the location of the old shark reef attraction. The entire area has a lot of the theming left over from the attraction plus tons of seating areas.

If you see this shark hanging up you have reached the right place.

This is mainly an alcoholic beverage stop that doesn’t seem to be very busy. It is a little off the beaten path.

It’s kind of a neat area to check out if you have any interest in sharks.

There are some great photo opportunities back here as well!

And I wasn’t kidding about the large amount of seating!

If you take the time to walk to the back there is even a small waterfall and wading area. This might be an extremely private place to take a break with smaller children.

Don’t forget to grab a photo inside the jaws of the shark while in the area!

Typhoon Tilly’s

Typhoon Tilly’s is another sizable dining location on the other side of the park.

They have a nice variety of seafood options. There is a fish basket, fish sandwich, coconut shrimp basket, chicken wrap, fish tacos and more!

I’ve had the fish basket on a prior visit and it’s a nice, hot meal. Often times I’ve had a bite from here and met my family over at Leaning Palms to eat.

Snack Shack

The Snack Shack is located to the immediate right of Typhoon Tilly’s. It also provides some unique items.

You can see the order area here along with Typhoon Tilly’s in the background.

This looked pretty appealing to me on the day of this visit so I decided to give it a try. The cast member said that the salad was a pretty popular item, but they weren’t crazy about chicken so wouldn’t comment on the quesadilla.

I decided to give both a try not realizing the size of the salad. With it being shrimp I really didn’t expect a large serving. Pleasantly surprising, the salad was actually full of shrimp.

It was a delicious salad featuring not only shrimp, but strawberries, nuts, feta cheese and a few other dried berries. It came with a raspberry vinaigrette on the side. I will for sure order this again in the future and was really pleased with the offering. Why can’t we have this kind of quality in all the parks?

The quesadilla was also a nice choice. I would say it is shareable but also very small. It wouldn’t pass as a full meal for most, but might be kind of an appetizer for two when both ordered an additional entree.

They also had guacamole and smoked fish dip among other things. I haven’t tried those yet.

Here is a look at the full menu.

Along with more theming.

Let’s Go Slurpin’

Spending the afternoon at the surf pool and looking for a cocktail or beverage? Let’s Go Slurpin’ is the spot for you! This bar is located right out at the wave pool area and easily accessible.

Here is a look at some of the featured drinks or they can make you a special request.

High ‘N Dry

This is the third “adult beverage” location at Typhoon Lagoon. Located at the front end of the park, I noticed this one did have something a little unique from most places I have seen.

There is the typical draft and bottle beer along with frozen beverages.

I took a picture of the different flavors.

Then I noticed this below, A Jack & Coke or Rum & Coke frozen drink machine. The cast member working here said they were one of the few places on Disney property to have one of these. He said it was quite a popular item and that they were fairly strong in comparison to most of the other frozen drinks.

I took a picture of the different beers that were available in case someone has interest.

Surf Doggies

Sounds like a hot dog spot, but not really. They do have a hot dog on the menu though.

Along with a sausage sub and here is your turkey leg pick up place for those of you protein hunters out there.

Surf Dogs at Typhoon Lagoon

It’s theming represents a mobile vehicle pulled right up to the shore line. It is also located just off the shore of the surf pool. Below is a closer look at the menu.

The back of the bus features a surf board and condiments bar. I thought it was cute.

Counter Service Dining at Typhoon Lagoon

Tropical Amity Outpost

This snack spot can be found at the wading pool where Crush ‘N’ Gusher exits.

They offer the spicy jalapeno pretzels that are pretty popular and sometimes hard to find in the parks.

Additionally churros are available here.

Arctic Dots

Arctic Dots is also located near the front of the park and they are one of the kiosks not located on the Typhoon Lagoon Map.

This is basically the same thing as Dippin’ Dots from the looks and they also have an item called LOL for lots of layers. I had no idea that’s what LOL stood for, did you?

Arctic Dots come in several different sizes as indicated below.

Here almost attached to Arctic Dots is another nameless kiosk offering popcorn. The place that shall not be named is apparently the same place (toward the front of the park) where you get your popcorn bucket and refill. This little kiosk is located across the way from Singapore Sal’s and snuggly fit in between Arctic Dots and Joffrey’s Coffee .

They have a refillable beverage mugs here as well. Plus there are some frozen treats on a stick and a cooler out front with fresh fruit items.

Don’t be alarmed! There are two Joffrey’s, one is at the front of the park, and it’s the one with the donuts.

They also have Joffrey’s coffee.

I’ve heard good things about the mini donuts with dipping sauce.

They really do look good.

Been a long day and need a coffee boost? Grab one at the wave pool along with a variety of carb selections!

Typhoon Lagoon Joffrey's

They have cold coffee as well, in case you need to cool off with your caffeine.

Here is a closer look at that carb selection. It all looks very appealing.

Funnel Cakes are the name of my game though. If I’m at a water park this is my preferred hot, junk food item for nibbling. This little spot is also located out in front on the right side of the wave pool.

If you need something cooler feel free to order the one that comes with ice cream. Another person there that day suggested I try the fried ice cream as well. Unfortunately a storm came up this day and I didn’t even get my funnel cake. (I always order my funnel cake with light sugar.) Be careful or they will drown them in sugar and I personally like to enjoy it without the worst sugar high.

Here is a place to pick up snow cones, pretzels and cotton candy. If you have read this far you are probably thinking what do they not have at this point.

While I was taking my pictures and before lunch I happened upon a person who had just ordered the funnel cake with ice cream. He was nice enough to let me take a photo while he was waiting on the rest of his order.

And yes that is square vanilla ice cream. I assume they slice it and store it in the freezer that way for easy preparation?

Typhoon Lagoon Funnel Cake

Typhoon Lagoon (Other Things to Do)

Singapore Sal’s is the merchandise location at Typhoon Lagoon. Here is a line up of the towels they have currently. It’s always nice to see them in full before a purchase.

Singapore Sal’s is the first main building you will pass when you enter the park. The lockers are directly on the other side of this building.

Singapore Sal's at Typhoon Lagoon

They have a large variety of items, plus things you might need at a waterpark.

Like towels and play toys for the kids.

Shirts and what not with park specific theming.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon tshirt

Some Stitch and Mickey Tye Dye things.

Hats for sun protection.

Expensive sunglasses.

A few other higher end brands as well.

They even have their own spirit jersey if you collect them.

Typhoon Lagoon also has a hair wrap station and tattoo area.

Glitter Tattoos at Typhoon Lagoon

Right now they have some pretty cool glitter tattoos that run about $18.00.

Here is the pricing for the hair wraps. Looks like $2.25 per inch plus $10 for a set of beads. Starts at $30.25 so could get pricy.

They have a sample of some of their work displayed.

Character Meets at Typhoon Lagoon

Typically you will find two characters at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon meeting over the course of the day. First off we have everyone’s favorite Space Doggie!

Typhoon Lagoon Stitch Meet

If you see Stitch or Lilo out and are interested in a character photo opportunity or meet then make sure to do it then. They are in and out over the course of the day. It is usually pretty hot and if a storm were to come up they would cease to meet.

Typhoon Lagoon Meet and Greet

Lilo is a very hard to find character meet at Walt Disney World. This is the only place I’ve ever seen her out and about meeting guests of an actual park.

Typhoon Lagoon provides life jackets at no charge.

Typhoon Lagoon Life Jackets,

The first aid station is located to the immediate left of Leaning Palms. If you need medicine for a headache, band aid, or similar this is your stop. They are great to help out anyone in need.

Also a note when it’s really hot they have several water stations to stay hydrated.


The Walt Disney World Resort provides bus transportation from its resort hotels directly to the water parks at this time. If you have visited within the past few years you might would have had to taken the transfer bus to Disney Springs and then crossed the road on a dedicated Typhoon Lagoon bus.

Hopefully the direct transportation will stay in place. If you are a Walt Disney World guest this is a great convenience and easy way to get to the parks. Parking is also provided for guests with private vehicles at no additional charge.

Beachcomber Shack Cabana’s

When you get to Typhoon Lagoon you might see some places that look like private cabana’s that are roped off for guests. These are known as Beachcomber Shacks and are available for an additional cost.

Beachcomber Shacks come with the following: towels, cushioned chairs, refillable mugs, cooler with cold bottled water, and locker

They also include a cast member that will serve as a personal attendant during the day to take any additional food orders you might have or bring extra towels. These larger cabana rentals cost $362.10 at this time including tax.

Yes they do look nice and having the extra’s would be great if money isn’t a concern. However Typhoon Lagoon offers plenty of seating so there is no actual need to reserve anything like this unless you think your family has a particular need for it.

Here is a look at a few more in different locations. The double covered chair loungers used to be called Getaway Glenn umbrella sets. These are found for rent now in separate areas out by the island area at the wave pool. The set for two will run somewhere around $75.00.

Again these are a nice touch, but by no means needed due to the vast amount of seating and lounging at Typhoon Lagoon.

If you are a collector of pressed pennies (guilty) don’t forget to pick up the ones available at the water park. The machine can be found inside Singapore Sal’s.

Here is a look at the pennies that are currently available.

Water Park Packing List for Typhoon Lagoon

If you have gleamed anything from reading this you will know I’m a big advocate of water park shoes. In the past I toured without them, but they became a real game changer after my first purchase.

Here is my list of must have’s for your trip:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Water Park Shoes
  • Hat/Cap
  • Extra Towels if not staying at a WDW resort
  • Goggles (you know the kids will get there and want them)
  • Portable charger for cell phones
  • Cooler with Water, Soda, Snacks
  • Wet Wipes
  • Light change of clothes for end of day
  • Plastic disposable bag to put in wet swim wear at end of day

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This is the conclusion of our Typhoon Lagoon Map and Family Guide. I hope this answered all your questions about the water park and gave you some knowledge about what all is available and the best way to tour it.

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