Disney Springs Food Trucks

Down on the West Side of Disney Springs, you might encounter a few food trucks. These are the Disney Springs Food Trucks.

The Disney Springs Food Trucks are a little off the beaten path. If you are down on the West Side, you’ll find them to the right past Starbucks and Splitsville. There are some lovely views of the water and the Aerophile balloon in the immediate area.

These food trucks usually offer something a little sweet and savory. One truck even features a take on one of America’s favorite foodie items – Mac and Cheese.

While the other truck provides a decadent indulgence, it carries cookie dough-inspired treats.

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Quick Service

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$14.99 and Under

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Disney Springs Food Trucks Menus

Below are the menus posted on the side of each food truck at Disney Springs. The first one is the Mac and Cheese Truck, offering five different takes on popular comfort food.

You can get it with lobster, barbecue, chicken, or chili. There’s even the option to order your mac and cheese crunchy.

The Cookie Dough food truck menu includes dessert tacos, funnel cake topped with cookie dough, even a cookie dough sundae! The different cookie doughs available are chocolate chip, peanut butter and fluff, celebration, candy monster, and a seasonal flavor.

As I often mention in these menu posts, there are so many choices at Disney Springs. But unfortunately, there are so many options that the food trucks are rarely on anyone’s radar.

If you are looking for something quick to pick up, this might work well. Plus, you can’t beat the private location back behind the trucks if you don’t mind dining al fresco with a stunning water view.

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In the comments: Have you ever stopped at the food trucks at Disney Springs? Which one looks best to you?

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