Fun Disney Bath Toys and Towels

Disney bath toys and towels make for a fun and unique gift item. They are one of those unexpected gifts that most new moms will be thankful to receive. Bath toys are also a baby gift that a growing child can use for several years.

With that thought in mind, I wanted to list a few sets of Disney bath toys. When my son was younger, these kinds of sets were often hard to find in the store. At least, they used to be. I haven’t needed to purchase any lately.

Disney bath toys can be paired with a towel designed for children and a new pair of pajamas. Below, I’ll share a few ideas I’ve put together if you want to find a memorable gift for friends or family.

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This article was updated on March 16, 2023.

Disney Bath Toy Sets

First up, we have a Disney Princess bath toy set. This set features Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine.

Image Amazon

Check here on Amazon for availability.

Star Wars Bath Set

May the force be with you if your child doesn’t enjoy bath time!

Image shopDisney

Find this precious set here on shopDisney.

Moana Disney Bath Toy Set

When her movie was first released, anything related to Moana was challenging to find. I know because I traipsed all over Walt Disney World looking for anything Moana. So I’m always grateful to see products associated with the movie.

Image shopDisney

Check here for availability on shopDisney.

Ariel Bath Toy Sets

I don’t think that you could look at this set without smiling. Even Ursula has that look like – I can’t believe they turned me into a bath toy!

Image Amazon

This set is available here on Amazon.

Toy Story Disney Bath Toys

Everyone’s favorite space ranger and cowboy team up with a few other Toy Story pals for a fun bathtime surprise. Check out the cartoon short Partysaurus Rex while you’re at it.

Image shopDisney

The Toy Story bath set is available here on shopDisney. Or you can check out this set here on Amazon.

Mickey Mouse Bath Toys

This bath set is geared more toward toddlers ages and up. In addition, it offers a fun interactive car wash feature.

Image shopDisney

To read more about this Mickey Mouse Bath Play Set, try here.

Minnie Mouse Water Park Bath Play Set

And for the gals, here’s a Minnie Mouse set perfect for bath time!

Image shopDisney

Find Minnie’s Bath Toy set here on shopDisney.

Avengers Disney Bath Toys Set

An Avengers bath set is also perfect for the tiny superhero in your life. Turn on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack in the background. It’s important to start early when it comes to teaching our kids to have good taste in music.

Image shopDisney

Disney Marvel Bath Toys are here on shopDisney.

Frozen Bath Toy Set

Surprise, surprise, there’s even a Frozen bathtub set. Just make sure not to melt Olaf!


Find this Frozen Disney bathtub toy set here on Amazon.

Winnie the Pooh Bath Toy Set

And these bath toys will make the perfect friends for your tiny one. If only we could all have a set of close friends like this. Christopher Robin was fortunate to have his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Image shopDisney

We could all learn a few lessons from these characters. This bath toy set is available here.

I hope this review inspired you with some fresh ideas for a fun baby gift. Being a new mom is wonderful but also a big learning experience. Those fortunate enough to have children tend to learn and grow with them.

Looking back, I’m so thankful for all the gifts and extra help I received along the way.

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Did you find the set of Disney bath toys you were looking for? Let me know in the comments!

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