Preview Limited Release Items of the Disney Castle Collection

Are you looking to add a little extra Disney magic to your home? Then, the Disney Castle Collection series might be suitable for you! So far, over the last several years, multiple series of the Disney Castle Collections have been released.

In addition, all of the series are limited-release collections. Therefore, every single item below might not be available.

As of February 2022, the entire Disney Castle Collection series has been released. You can preview all the collections below in the order they were released.

  • Belle (February 2022)
  • Merida (December 2021)
  • Ariel (June 2021)
  • Jasmine (April 2021)
  • Aurora (March 2021)
  • Tangled (December 2020)
  • Snow White (November 2020)
  • Mulan (September 2020)
  • Frozen (Spring 2020)
  • Cinderella (Spring 2020)

Belle’s Disney Castle Collection was the last collection released on February 17, 2022.

Update: As of late 2022, the Disney Castle Collection has concluded. We have left a sample of some of the pieces below for reference.

As you probably know, it’s challenging to make purchases of new-release items on shopDisney. Some of the Disney Castle Collection pieces have proven to be harder-to-get offerings.

Plus, most of the castle collection release dates were delayed due to the circumstances of the last few years. So it appears that things are returning to a more regular schedule.

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Belle Disney Castle Collection

Below we have a look at the items released with Belle’s Disney Castle Collection. This series concluded the Disney Castle Collection.

Image shopDisney

You may remember that this collection began back in early 2020. At that time, shopDisney had intended to drop one new castle collection every month for the entire year.

Unfortunately, given the circumstances of the past two years, that plan did not come to fruition. Since then, the different castle collection releases have spread over time.

As for Belle, she is one of the most popular princesses. Her castle looks stunning in the Disney promotional ad above.

Like the other Disney Castle Collections, the following items were released with this set:

  • Puzzle
  • Journal
  • Pin
  • Light-up Figurine
  • Castle

You can read about the other Disney Castle Collection releases below.

Merida Disney Castle Collection

Wow! It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard anything from the Disney Castle Collection! So when I woke up this morning and saw this new Merida collection had been released, I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Here is the ornament. I have a feeling this won’t last long! What a unique and lovely castle it is for Merida’s collection.

Image shopDisney

Find the ornament here (sold out) on shopDisney. And there’s a pin available here as well. (Sold Out)

Like the other collections, we see a journal.

Image shopDisney

The journal is available here on shopDisney while it lasts! (Sold Out)

And there is a Ravensburger puzzle that was released! I’m still marveling over the castle!

Image shopDisney

Find Merida’s puzzle in the Disney Castle Collection here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Finally, the most significant piece is the light-up castle figurine!

Image shopDisney

Unfortunately, this piece has sold out at the time of this update.

Ariel Disney Castle Collection

Ariel’s Castle Collection was released in late June of 2021.

Given the long-term popularity of The Little Mermaid, I feel that some of these pieces won’t last long. I also love the uniqueness and that they went with the Atlantica “under the sea” castle.


Here are the pieces of the collection:

  • Ariel Castle Puzzle by Ravensburger (Sold Out)
  • Ariel Castle Journal (Sold Out)
  • Pin Ariel Castle – The Little Mermaid (Sold Out)
  • Castle Ariel Light-Up Figurine (Sold Out

Jasmine Disney Castle Collection

Jasmine from Aladdin is the upcoming Disney Castle Collection release. This item was released in late April 2021.

Here is a teaser of the items that will be released. It sure looks like a nice one!

Image shopDisney

This collection will be available here when it’s released. (Sold Out)

Aurora Disney Castle Collection

The Disney Castle Collection released the Aurora Castle Collection in March of 2021.

Aurora Disney Castle Collection
Image Courtesy of shopDisney

Here are the available pieces:

  • Aurora Castle Journal is available here on shopDisney.
  • Light Up Castle Figurine featuring Aurora can be found here.
  • Aurora Castle Puzzle by Ravensburger for Sleeping Beauty is here.

Unfortunately, these items have sold out.

Available Disney Castle Collection Items

First, let’s look at the release featuring Rapunzel’s Corona Castle. This is also the only item left in the Tangled Disney Castle collection.

Rapunzel Castle Light-Up Figurine

Rapunzel Castle Collection Disney
Image Courtesy shopDisney

This figurine is available here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Next are the items available in the Snow White Castle Collection. Most of these items are limited to one per customer.

The journal for the Snow White Castle Collection is still available. Make sure to check out all the details if you are looking to purchase. These tend to have a few “extras” in designing the pages that make them unique.

Snow White Castle Journal

Castle Collection Snow White Journal
Image Courtesy shopDisney

Check the availability of the journal here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Snow White Castle Light-Up Figurine

Each of the different Disney Castle Collections came with a light-up figurine. Below is the version of Snow White’s collection.

Image Courtesy shopDisney

Don’t you love how the drawbridge opens and closes? Find more details here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Mulan Imperial Palace Journal 

The Mulan collection still has a journal with a really beautiful cover.

Mulan Disney Castle Collection
Image Courtesy shopDisney

You can check it out here on shopDisney if you like. (Sold Out)

Mulan Imperial Palace Light-Up Figurine 

Additionally, the Mulan Castle Collection light-up figurine is also still showing availability. These are all the most expensive pieces of each collection, in case you were wondering.

Mulan Light Up Castle Collection Figurine
Image Courtesy shopDisney

Find Mulan’s castle figurine here. (Sold Out)

Cinderella Castle Light-Up Figurine

Last but by no means least, the Cinderella Castle light-up figurine is also still available. She is a beauty and reminds me of the castle at night.

Cinderella Disney Castle Collection
Image Courtesy shopDisney.

You can view more details about this Disney castle figurine here on shopDisney. Unfortunately, it has sold out.

It seems these things tend to pop up on shopDisney with little to no warning.

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Hope you are able to find the perfect Disney Castle Collection pieces for your collection! Leave a comment and share your favorite!


  1. How can I get notified about future Castle ornamreleases? I’ve been forced to use Ebay so far. Do you have any idea how many ornaments of each Castle were made? Was it an equal number or more when they thought the ornament might be more popular. Thanks for your help!!

    1. Hi, sorry I can’t help you with these questions. I just started following the Disney ornaments last year. They will continue to release new ornaments through October, possibly November. I check almost daily and add them when they are released. Good Luck!

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