Cheshire Cat Merchandise on shopDisney

Being a fan of the Cheshire Cat, I noticed that shopDisney recently released a few new pieces from Alice In Wonderland featuring the beloved cat.

Below are a few pieces of the line, and I’ve updated the review to add in several other fun Cheshire items!

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Cheshire Cat Necklace – Alice in Wonderland

If you love the Cheshire Cat, you’ll love this new necklace featuring him!

Image shopDisney

Find out all the details about this piece here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Alice in Wonderland Charm Necklace

Or you might prefer this beautiful charm necklace that features our favorite disappearing act…I mean, cat.

Image shopDisney

Find out more about this necklace here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Alice in Wonderland Dress for Women by Her Universe

This dress is a keeper. It features nice colors, accents, and the Cheshire Cat is perfectly placed on the skirt.

Image shopDisney

Find this pretty dress featuring the Cheshire Cat here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Cheshire Cat Smile Mug – Alice in Wonderland

Start your morning with the goofy smile on this fun mug. I’m sure we’re all a little mad in the mornings until we get that first cup of coffee in our system.

Image shopDisney

The mug is available here while it lasts!

Alice in Wonderland Color-Changing Mug

Or you might like this mug that has a Cheshire Cat color change feature.

Image shopDisney

Check availability for this one here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Cheshire Cat Flair Bag Charm – Alice in Wonderland

Add a little flair to one of those Kate Space Alice in Wonderland Bags with this one!

Image shopDisney

Find it here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Cheshire Cat Mad Tea Party Bangle Set by Alex and Ani

The main charm on this Cheshire Cat Alex and Ani bangle says, “We’re all mad here.” Don’t you love it?

Image shopDisney

This cute Alex and Ani bangle bracelet is available here on shopDisney.

Cheshire Cat Baseball Cap for Adults – Alice in Wonderland

Throw on this hat on your way out to the parks or wherever else you’re headed!

It will definitely tame that summertime mad hairstyle we’re all sporting.

Cheshire Cat Plush

This Cheshire cat plush makes for perfect snuggles with its furry pin-striped coat.


Check here on shopDisney.

”A Date with Wonderland” Giclée on Canvas by Trevor Carlton

This limited edition Alice in Wonderland art will make the perfect present for fans of Cheshire Cat merchandise.

Image shopDisney

Find it here while available on shopDisney. Unfortunately, these are limited to 1500 pieces.

Alice in Wonderland “Cheshire Way” Giclee Art

And if you are looking for something on the higher end of things, this Cheshire Giclee would be a wonderful addition to any art collection. It is from a limited edition of 195 pieces, with each piece individually numbered.

Image shopDisney

Sold Out.

Preview all of the available items here on shopDisney.

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Hopefully, you were able to find a few pieces of Cheshire Cat merchandise for your collection. Let me know what kind of pieces you enjoy the most!

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