Chicago-themed Dooney and Bourke Featuring Mickey Mouse

A new Chicago-themed Dooney and Bourke collection featuring Mickey Mouse was released on shopDisney! If you are a fan of the windy city, you will love this new line of handbags.

For starters, this bag will wow you with its stark blue background. I think that’s what sets it apart from so many others!

While I love the black background we’ve seen in many other “city-themed” bags, it was time for a change. And this blue provides the perfect pop for the Chicago references on the print.

Update: The following Disney Dooney and Bourke collection has sold out. Photos below are left to reference the styles released with the collection. 

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Image shopDisney

Looking at the print, it appears to feature the following:

  • A pair of comedy/tragedy masks representing the theater scene of Chicago.
  • Mickey is blown away as he holds onto a lamp pole with “The Windy City.”
  • Pizza with the words “yummy” and “Deep Dish.”
  • A Football
  • A Baseball with a “play ball” quote
  • “Michigan Ave”
  • A sailboat, probably sailing on Lake Michigan?
  • “Chicago”
  • Mickey eating a slice of pizza.

I feel like whoever designed this bag did a good job, but maybe didn’t know that Chicago was nicknamed “the windy city” after a long-winded politician. Not because of the wind.

Anyway, this collection is now available on shopDisney. You might remember that it was released at Disney Springs a few months ago. That was not long after the New York Dooney and Bourke collection was released.

The pieces available in this collection include:

Mickey Mouse Chicago Dooney & Bourke Travel Clutch

Below is the travel clutch. I assume this is a little bit of an upgrade on the usual wallet. However, I haven’t seen this collection in person, so it’s hard to tell.

Image shopDisney

Find the travel clutch here on shopDisney. (sold out)

Mickey Mouse Chicago Dooney & Bourke Travel Satchel

Next, we have the travel satchel. I’m not always a fan of the satchel, but I like the looks of this one. It has a nice shape.

Image shopDisney

The travel satchel is available here on shopDisney while supplies last. (sold out)

Mickey Mouse Chicago Dooney & Bourke Travel Tote

Lastly, the travel tote leaves plenty of canvas for the print to be prominently displayed.

Image shopDisney

You can check for it here on shopDisney. (sold out)

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We’re always excited to see what new Disney Dooney and Bourke handbag styles are in store for us. This time they’ve come out with a chic, stylish line of Chicago-themed bags that are perfect if you live in or love the great city!

And since this newest collection features our favorite Mickey Mouse on every bag, we love it a little bit extra! He’s adorable!

What do you think? Will you be adding this Chicago Dooney and Bourkwith a side of Disney look to your handbag collection?

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