See the New Donald Duck Dooney and Bourke 2022 Collection

Did you hear there was a new Donald Duck Dooney and Bourke collection? This new print, released in late August, has already received mixed reviews.

First, the colors are sharp and unique. I love them. Additionally, the geometric print is fun. Unfortunately, I’m not crazy about Donald’s face on the print.

However, that’s just me–to each their own. But I can assure you I would love to see more bags in these colors. What’s not to love about navy blues, yellows, and other blue tones on a white backdrop?

Below we’ll look at each style released with this latest Dooney and Bourke collection. There’s even a camera bag!

Update: The following Disney Dooney and Bourke collection has sold out. Photos below are left to reference the styles released with the collection. 

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Image shopDisney

Donald Duck Dooney and Bourke Camera Bag

Here is the camera bag style now. This bag features an all-over contemporary print with Donald Duck. The interior has one main compartment and interior side slip pockets.

Image shopDisney

Find details for this bag here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Donald Duck Dooney and Bourke Satchel Bag

Here we have the classic satchel that has a detachable shoulder strap. In addition, each bag has a removable leather tag with the debossed Disney logo.

Image shopDisney

Try here on shopDisney for more details. (Sold Out)

Donald Duck Dooney and Bourke Tote Bag

Lastly, the new Donald collection by Dooney and Burke has a tote bag. This style is perfect for traveling and outings where you might need to pick up a few smaller parcels.

Image shopDisney

Find this handbag here on shopDisney while supplies last. (Sold Out)

Overall, I think this is a super-sharp and modern-looking collection.

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What are your thoughts on the new 2022 Donald Duck Dooney and Bourke Collection?

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