Preview The Emperor’s New Groove Dooney and Bourke featuring Kuzco

It’s hard to believe we’re seeing yet another collection of Dooney and Bourke handbags so soon. But here we are with The Emperor’s New Groove Collection featuring Kuzco by Dooney and Bourke.

Kuzco is the llama from The Emperor’s New Groove. On the one hand, I love the print, unique colors, and llamas. But on the other hand, I find it difficult to discern how well the pattern relates to the movie.

Let’s look at the pieces below, and you can decide whether or not any of these latest handbags are the perfect fit. One thing’s for sure, the way this year’s been going, there’s sure to be another release right around the corner.

Update: The following Disney Dooney and Bourke collection has sold out. Photos below are left to reference the styles released with the collection.

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Image shopDisney

Kuzco Dooney and Bourke Crossbody Bag – The Emperor’s New Groove

First, we have the classic crossbody bag. Each bag has a removable leather tag with The Emperor’s New Groove logo.

Image shopDisney

Find this style here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

Kuzco Dooney and Bourke Drawstring Bag – The Emperor’s New Groove

My favorite of this collection is the drawstring. We don’t see this style often enough.

Image shopDisney

This bag is available here on shopDisney while supplies last. (Sold Out)

Kuzco Dooney and Bourke Tote Bag – The Emperor’s New Groove

Lastly, we have the traditional tote bag. This bag features three interior pockets, including one for your cell phone.

Image shopDisney

The shopper tote is available here on shopDisney while supplies last. (Sold Out)

Well, what do you think? Will you add any of these new handbags to your collection?

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