Mickey and Minnie Mouse ‘The Picnic’ Dooney and Bourke Collection

A new Mickey and Minnie Mouse Dooney and Bourke was recently released on shopDisney. This new collection is inspired by the 1930 short animated film The Picnic.

Most of the pieces in this collection feature an all-over black-and-white print. The print features Mickey and Minnie in various picnic scenes.

Some of the print includes Mickey and Minnie dancing, picnic baskets, what appears to be a squirrel stealing a few bites of food, ants marching away with crumbs, and other things you might expect at a picnic. Of course, the closer you look, the more you’ll laugh at all the details!

This collection comes with a camera bag, a drawstring bag, and a shopper tote. On the camera bag, a solid piece of artwork shows Mickey and Minnie dancing to the tune of a record player with a bird hovering overhead.

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Image shopDisney

Here are the styles!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Picnic Dooney and Bourke Camera Bag

Image shopDisney

Find this bag here on shopDisney.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse The Picnic Dooney and Bourke Drawstring Bag

Image shopDisney

Check availability for this bag here on shopDisney.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse The Picnic Dooney and Bourke Tote Bag

Image shopDisney

For more details about this bag, try here on shopDisney.

Overall, the black-and-white look is timeless. But it’s even more fun because this was an original black-and-white film. So it all kind of works in more ways than one!

For more information, we have a timeline of all the styles released to date this year:

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