Epcot 2019 Temporary & Permanent Closings

This review is about Epcot construction in 2019 prior to the parks 2020 closure. Most of the review has been updated in 2021 to reflect the changes that have taken place.

If you are alive and at least somewhat in tune with Disney Parks news you will know that a lot of changes are taking place at Epcot in 2019. In fact, there are so many things closing it’s a little overwhelming. Additionally, there are a ton of new things in the works as well.

There is the good, the bad and the downright ugly! Let’s start with the negative and work our way up to the positive, shall we?

Epcot 2019 Closing Schedule

The Fountain of Nations permanently closed at Epcot in August of 2019.


Illuminations End Date–September 30, 2019

Illuminations had been around for 20 years. There was merchandise to commemorate the event.

Club Cool at Epcot — Closed in late 2019.

Club Cool Entrance at Epcot Future World Closing 2019

Sorry guys, but no more free soda! Did you really think that you could drink from the fountain of Beverly forever? Now it’s time to pay up. Drinks average around $4.50 per soda right now, not a good time to be turning down any overtime on the job.

Innoventions East–Closed–September 8, 2019 (Demolished)

The Innoventions East building is on the left-hand side of the park after you pass Spaceship Earth from the entrance. Innoventions East currently houses Colortopia and Nanooze Break which will also both be closing with the building.

For me, the thing I most commonly associate with Innoventions East is the old Sum of All Thrills ride that’s been closed for several years now. It was a favorite attraction for my son prior to its closing.

Liberty Inn Tavern–Closed July 8, 2019 (Now Regal Eagle Smokehouse)

Sorry about this one too! It was a recent announcement and it’s C-L-O-S-E-D already. Really hating the loss of our World Showcase allergy-friendly chicken nuggets pit stop.

Will be replaced by Muppet-themed barbecue though in 2020! You can read about the new Regal Eagle Smokehouse on the park’s blog here.

Leave a Legacy–Moved outside park 2019.

To be fair Leave a Legacy is being moved outside the park’s gateway to a “beautiful” setting per Disney Parks. This picture is almost a month old. The monuments on this side where the fence is lined up have been removed and the area is now open space.

Electric Umbrella–Closed 2020

Welp! There goes our allergy-friendly Future World chicken nuggets pit stop as well! Laugh all you want, but due to the fact they serve allergy-friendly chicken nuggets, it’s been a required stop for my family on a majority of our Epcot days.

New dining will be offered in the future with a variety of food and beverage options.

Fountain View (Starbucks) Closing: Fall 2019 (temporary location next to Refreshment Port)

Since they are ripping out the Fountain of Nations. Yes, I’m a bit bitter about it. They might as well “temporarily” remove Fountain View. This is the Starbucks location at Epcot. The Disney site does state that it will only be temporarily moved in the Fall of 2019.

Meet Baymax at Hiro’s Workshop–Closed

I really hate being the bearer of all this bad news!

Meet Joy and Sadness at Headquarters–Closed

January 2020 Update–Joy meets at a distance from time to time at the garden nexxt to the Imagination Pavilion.

Meet Disney Pals–Closed

2021 Update–Mickey and friends now appear in daily character promenades in the World Showcase at Epcot.

Hopefully a normal meet will return in the future.

Frozen characters Anna and Elsa also now appear in daily character promenades at Epcot.

Mouse Gear–Temporarily Moved

Update January 2020, Mouse Gear has closed and opened up in a new temporary location during refurbishment.

Art of Disney Temporary Moved to American Pavilion

Yep, it’s getting moved to a new temporary location. According to the parks blog latest update, the new location for Art of Disney offerings will be Heritage Manor later on down the road. (Heritage Manor is located in the American Adventure.)

Camera Center

Closing: Epcot 2019 Fall

Camera Center (think under Spaceship Earth) by the restrooms. Closing this Fall and will be refurbished to a new home for Pin Central. Make sure to bring enough film and charge your camera battery in advance or else.

Pin Central

Temporary Move-Fall 2019

As stated above will reopen in the old Camera Center location after refurbishment. Maybe they will make a pin to commemorate the occasion.

New Stuff


Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner… I’m sure you can find some form of chicken dinner here at least. I’ve seen a few preliminary photos of their soft opening and the food actually looks excellent. I’ll probably give them a month or two to get on a regular schedule and report back.

Now Open–this fine dining/signature restaurant opened over the July 4th holiday weekend. This can be found in the Japan pavilion of the World Showcase.

Coming Soon

Disney Skyliner

Scheduled to potentially open in August 2019. This is going to be exciting and a game-changer for transportation at Walt Disney World. Check back for a new review of the gondola system soon!

Regal Eagle Smokehouse (Now Open)

Epcot HarmonioUS (In Progress)

Park Entrance & Play Pavilion This new entrance to Epcot is supposed to be full of interactive experiences and favorite Disney characters. Scheduled to open by WDW Resort’s 50th anniversary.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Currently being built in the back of the France Pavilion. Opening Summer of 2020!

Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster –Originally scheduled to open in time for the Disney’s 50th anniversary. At this point who knows? Currently being built in the former Ellen’s Energy location in Future World.

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along (Now Open)

Updates to Circle-Vision 360 Films

Wondrous China

Canada Far and Wide (Now Open)

If you would like more information about the changes coming to Epcot make sure to check out the park’s blog post here.

Final Thoughts

Hope all this information was helpful in planning your next Epcot park touring day. I expect these changes to make massive differences in touring. Even on days with lower crowds the park ultimately will have to feel more crowded due to lack of attractions/closings.

I’m curious to see if there will be earlier openings at the World Showcase and popular events like the International Food and Wine Festival. That would make sense, but nothing of this nature has been announced at this time. If so, the website will keep you informed.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are most excited about or a diva Epcot closing rant. Either one, take your pick! In fact, I always love a two for one so let me know both!

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