Walt Disney World Resorts

Below you’ll find a link to every Disney World Resort we have available here on the site, along with resort planning articles. They are listed per the location.

Magic Kingdom Resorts Area

The Walt Disney World Resorts below are considered part of the Magic Kingdom area. Additionally, the following resorts offer monorail transportation to Magic Kingdom Park.

The next set of resorts provides boat transportation to Magic Kingdom Park.

Epcot Resorts Area

The resorts below are considered part of the Epcot Resorts area. Additionally, you can walk or boat to Epcot or Hollywood Studios from the following Walt Disney World Resorts.

The next resorts offer Skyliner transportation to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Animal Kingdom Area Resorts

The following Walt Disney World Resorts are considered part of the Animal Kingdom Resorts area. These resorts only offer bus transportation.

Disney Springs Area Resorts

The following resorts are located in the Disney Springs Resorts area. They all offer boat transportation to Disney Springs.

Other Walt Disney World Resorts (Close to Disney)

Walt Disney World Resorts Planning

Resorts Gal specializes in providing information on resorts, characters, and dining at Disney World. The following resources are good places to begin planning for these items:

Additionally, we have coverage of the attractions at the other parks:

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Walt Disney World Resorts