Full List of Every Character Meet and Greet at Walt Disney World

Are you looking to learn more about meeting characters at Walt Disney World? You can browse all of our character reviews below.

Here are a few updates and tips for meeting characters at Disney World:

  • Traditional character meets have returned to Walt Disney World. You can now receive hugs, collect autographs, and have your photos taken at select character meet and greets!
  • More and more Disney World characters are beginning to appear in the parks. So be on the lookout for new character meets at any given moment.
  • You might notice other guests waving or a group forming ahead of you. Those signs indicate that a character might have just come out for a meet-and-greet opportunity.
  • We keep this character guide updated as we experience new meet and greets. Each article below links to a walk-through of the character’s meet, including photos and tips.

This article was updated on February 3, 2023.

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Magic Kingdom Individual Character Meets (in alphabetical order)

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Seasonal and Rare Individual Character Meets

Disney World Characters Meets (Individual Meets)

Below is a list of reviews for individual character meets in the Disney Parks. These reviews are suitable for anyone looking to meet a specific character. However, not all are available at this time.

Character Archives

The following character meets are obsolete. They are listed below for historical reference only.

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