The American Adventure at Epcot

The American Adventure at Epcot is a performance that includes over 35 different animatronics and digital rear projection images displayed on a 72-foot screen. The production was completely refurbished a few years back and is well worth taking the time to see on your next visit to Epcot.

This review will go over the American Adventure and what you can expect when taking the extra 30 minutes or so out of your day to see it.

Here’s a quick reference chart with a few specifics.

The American AdventureEpcot Attractions


America Pavilion

Height Requirement



Audio-Animatronic Performance about
United States History

Seats Per Vehicle:



Approx 30 minutes

Good For:

Scare Factor:

Must-Do List:
Medium Priority

Perfect For:
Patriotic Guests and History Buffs

Special Mention:
Well worth the visit.

The American Adventure

The American Adventure performance is located in the American Adventure Pavilion at Epcot. When you enter the pavilion you are greeted by this large rotunda area where, under normal circumstances, the Voices of Liberty make appearances throughout the day.

Toward the back right-hand corner of the room, past the American Heritage Gallery, is the entrance to the American Adventure.

This area is roped off between performances. Typically, there’s a cast member waiting at the entrance. They will inform you of the next showtime.

Also, the cast member will usually encourage you to wait in the lobby of the pavilion or visit the gallery while you wait for the next performance. As long as you are inside the building you won’t miss the next showtime.

This area makes for a decent place to take a reprieve from inclement weather. And with the performance lasting 30 minutes, hopefully, any storms will have had a chance to move on during your wait.

Once the next showtime begins, a cast member will escort those waiting upstairs. This part of the pavilion is really impressive. The flag display is absolutely beautiful.

You’ll also get a nice view back down into the lobby. There are many intricate details in the design of the building.

Additionally, the theater is as remarkable as everything else in the pavilion. Each side is lined with statues of great American heroes.

I actually prefer this performance over The Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom, but that’s a nice show as well. Both are very well done. Especially, for anyone with an interest in the history of our great country.

The overall performance is guided by Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain who make several appearances throughout.

There are ten different sets stored underneath the stage that move in and out during the production.

The picture below indicates a family divided by the Civil War. There’s an emphasis on the challenges our country has faced as a whole over the centuries.

The different scenes are really incredible. The first time I saw this performance after the refurbishment a few years back, I was really caught off guard.

The entire production is very memorable.

Toward the end, there’s a nod to Lady Liberty, while our two narrators reappear to bring the show full round.

You will be reminded that our country is still so new in comparison to the rest of the world. But that we have so much to look forward to as we move ahead. But hopefully, we’ll remember the mistakes of our history and not reproduce them.

Here’s a look at the theater after everyone exits.

While taking in this performance is a huge time commitment, I do feel for most that it will be warranted.

As mentioned earlier, it’s probably best to see this production in the event of inclement weather. Or when in need of a break from the heat and humidity of central Florida.

Another option is during the afternoon hours when wait times are higher at other attractions. I’m sure there are some that probably think these kinds of things sound boring. I hope if you do take the time to see the American Aventure, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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