American Heritage Gallery at Epcot

The American Heritage Gallery is located in the American Pavilion of the World Showcase at Epcot. The gallery is similar to a museum where you walk through and look at the different displays.

2022 Update: Creating Tradition was re-installed at The American Heritage Gallery in late 2021. It replaced the temporary exhibit, “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure”

You can view photos of the new items at Creating Traditions here on the Disney Parks Blog.

The review below is of the prior exhibit in the American Heritage Gallery. I’ll update this review when I get the opportunity to visit Epcot again.

Creating Tradition brings a mix of historical and modern-day Indian art representing Native Americans across the centuries. Collections from seven different regions of American Indian tribes are presented in the display.

Exhibits change out every couple of years at the American Heritage Gallery. This particular exhibit debuted back in 2018.

Additionally, you’ll note a little background narration as you walk through the gallery that helps add to the overall experience. If you are in Epcot, I highly recommend taking a few moments to see the exhibit.

Most will have plenty of time while waiting for the next performance of the American Adventure. The gallery is immediately outside the entrance of the theater.

Here are a few quick reference attraction details.

American Heritage GalleryEpcot Attractions


America Pavilion

Height Requirement:

Any Height

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Good For:


Scare Factor:


Must-Do List:

Low Priority

Perfect For:

History Enthusiasts

Special Mention:

While not a high priority, well worth
the walkthrough.

American Heritage Gallery

Below is the entrance to the American Heritage Gallery. The America Pavilion at Epcot has one large building holding two different attractions inside. When you enter the building the gallery is located on the far right-hand side of the room.

Note there are several beautiful Native dresses and dolls on display. This is probably my favorite exhibit that they’ve had here to date. The intricately detailed pieces are bursting with color and history.

Alongside each collection, you’ll find signage describing each piece and a bit of the history behind it.

You’ll also see items like Native American jewelry, pottery, headdress, and baskets.

All of the jewelry pieces are absolutely stunning. Below are Zuni necklaces and earrings that make up part of the display.

These pottery pieces were originally produced by Pueblo communities to use for domestic purposes. Today they are still produced to sell as art pieces and tourist souvenirs.

Each area of the exhibit hosts a different region of American Indians. Below is the display for the Northwest Coast and Arctic region.

Here’s a little close-up of items from the colder climate tribes.

And a few from the Great Basin and Plateau region. I especially loved this display with the moccasins.

Furthermore, this display has a mask, a Yakama handbag, Ute pouch, Teatime tea cozy, and several formal Indian dress pieces toward the back.

Another piece that really caught my eye was the Sioux Princess dolls on display.

I can’t imagine the high level of skill that went into creating these elaborate dolls.

The Plains Indians are also represented in the American Heritage Gallery. This display offered a look at a few infant pieces. Along with the infant clothes, there were pieces of children’s clothing and footwear.

And here’s a look at the other side of the entrance outside the theater.

As you can see there are definitely some interesting pieces currently on display at the American Heritage Gallery. My family has often been guilty of not spending a lot of time in the American Pavilion until more recent years. It’s so easy to get caught up in rushing from one attraction to the next, that you can end up missing some pretty cool stuff.

So I definitely encourage anyone with interest to see the American Adventure on their next Disney vacation and stop in to check out the gallery while you are at it.

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Make sure to walk through the American Heritage Gallery on your next vacation! Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on these types of exhibits at Epcot.

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