The Citrus Blossom Marketplace at Epcot

Wrapping up most of the Food and Wine reviews at Epcot, we have the 2020 Citrus Blossom Marketplace located across the promenade from Canada’s Pavilion. The Citrus Blossom is a booth that most will look forward to trying. A few years back, they had one of my favorite desserts at the festival.

This year two savory items return to the menu alongside the highly well-known (and usually sold out) Orange Bird sipper cup. So a bonus for visiting in 2020 might be that you can pick up one of these coveted beverage holders.

Below is a preview of the 2020 Citrus Blossom Marketplace menu. The lobster tail is a good choice and price. And the crispy citrus chicken usually gets good reviews. Just don’t order it late in the day or when the booth appears to be slow. You do not want a piece of chicken that’s been sitting around for a while.

Here’s the menu posted outside The Citrus Blossom.

And here’s a look at the adorable Orange Bird Sipper cup. If you are getting one of these as a collectible item, I recommend ordering the shake in a separate cup. While these portions might look large in the picture below, it’s probably about an 8 oz cup.

Given the fact that this is a creamy, orange-flavored shake, you probably don’t need any more than that. With that being said, I loved the shake. It was pleasantly refreshing and I hadn’t tried it prior because I didn’t anticipate liking it. Boy, was I wrong.

What a nice treat! And my niece now has an adorable fun cup since she loves Orange Bird.

As for that lobster tail, here’s a look at what was offered at a prior festival. Unless you were to receive an overcooked portion it’s hard to go wrong here. If you are looking for rich lobster flavor, you might also do okay at the Mac and Cheese Booth in the World Showplace.

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Do you have plans to pick up something from the Citrus Blossom? Leave a comment and share what looks good to you.

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