Take a Spin on Epcot’s Glimmering Greenhouses (A Holiday Overlay on Living with the Land)

We’re headed back to Epcot to take a spin on the Glimmering Greenhouses, a holiday overlay of the Living with the Land attraction. This is a fun holiday twist you don’t want to miss if visiting Epcot during the holiday season.

Below we’ll preview a few photos and a video of the Glimmering Greenhouses at Epcot. You’ll find this attraction inside The Land Pavilion on the lower level.

Living with the Land–Glimmering Greenhouses is available daily through December 30, 2022. This attraction can be experienced anytime during the park’s operational hours.

Additionally, it’s open for early entry hours for resort guests and extended evening hours for guests of deluxe and deluxe villa resorts.

For those who have visited Epcot during Christmas the past few years, you may fondly remember this holiday overlay as Merry and Bright Nights on Living with the Land. You can expect a similar experience in 2022. However, the attraction’s name is now Glimmering Greenhouses.

On this evening, I rode Living with the Land twice. Once to take a video and then again for photos. Glimmering Greenhouses can best be experienced in the evening to get the full effect of the lighting.

However, you might opt to ride this attraction earlier in the day and again at night. From my experience, there’s usually minimal wait after 7:00 p.m.

After boarding Living with the Land, you’ll travel through scenes of various biomes like the rainforest and prairie. This portion of the attraction remains unchanged during the holiday.

But then you’ll start to see the light in the tunnel ahead.

Your boat eventually enters the first greenhouse.

Many of the trees are covered in twinkling lights.

You’ll float by a family of snowmen (well, sand). They are also taking in the delight of the Glimmering Greenhouses.

There are shades of reds, greens, and blues everywhere you look.

One of my favorite things is the lights along the sand. They festively light the way.

Here and there, you’ll see different props. It’s hard to tell, but the tray set up in the photo below is covered in various chocolates. This particular area of the greenhouse has Cacao trees, which produce cocoa.

Here are a few of those trees on the opposite side of the boat.

Narration plays in the background, highlighting some of the plants.

Soon, you’ll enter a tunnel where there’s information about hydroponics.

Falling Mickey shapes and snowflake projections were added to this area.

There was a cute Mickey that changed colors.

If you look closely, you’ll see a few shrimp and possibly a hidden Mickey.

We continue to the larger greenhouse.

There’s nothing like finding a hidden Mickey.

Here we have a few stockings of fruit and vegetables hung from a pergola. Each of these items was grown in the greenhouses.

Many of the items grown in the greenhouses are used in restaurants at Walt Disney World. Some table service restaurants have menus that indicate an ingredient came from Living with the Land.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty neat.

Here are a few eggplants covered in holiday lights.

This sign says, “Celebrate crops important to holiday traditions around the world in our Glimmering Greenhouses.”

Across the way, there’s a large display of presents.

Several holiday spices are highlighted. For instance, there’s cinnamon below.

And here is mint.

Overall, I enjoy experiencing this attraction with the festive light additions.

But even without the lights, you already know it’s my favorite.

However, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind has become a close second. If you’re visiting during the influx of holiday crowds, I hope you’ll get to ride both of these attractions at least once.

As we exit the greenhouses, we see the lab. Pink and purple lights have been added, and stockings hang across the ledge. These usually have the names of cast members who work at this attraction.

One last tunnel of lights, and we’re back where we started.

Here is a video of the Glimmering Greenhouses.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our spin on Living with the Land’s Glimmering Greenhouses. It’s the most peaceful attraction, and the extra lights add festive fun.

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