Reflections of China at Epcot (A Circle 360 Film)

This article discusses Reflections of China, an attraction located at Epcot in Walt Disney World.

Reflections of China is a 14-minute Circle-Vision 360 film narrated by Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai. He takes you on a journey through China from ancient times and brings you closer to the present day.

Unfortunately, since the film has aged, it’s not necessarily reflective of modern-day China. However, a new film, Wondrous China, is supposedly replacing the current film. With that said, it’s been several years since the update was announced.

This article was updated on February 1, 2023.

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Reflections of China Epcot Attractions


China Pavilion at Epcot

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Circle-Vision 360 Film

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Stand Up Theater

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14 minutes

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Low Priority

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This show is scheduled to be

Reflections of China

Reflections of China debuted in Epcot in 2003, replacing The Wonders of China. Circle-Vision uses projection screens that circle the entire room. Naturally, the theater is in the shape of a circle.

This is the same format used in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion at the Canada Far and Wide 360 attraction. However, that film tours Canada.

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China’s Pavilion is located between the Norway Pavilion and the Germany Pavilion. As you enter the pavilion’s area, Joy of Tea is on the lagoon side, and Nine Dragons Restaurant sits across the walkway.

A replica of the Temple of Heaven sits in the pavilion’s center. Reflections of China is located inside the temple. The film runs continuously throughout the day.

Don’t forget to look up. The temple’s ceiling is elaborate.

Additionally, there’s a large open room with benches for guests to wait for the next film. A cast member will usually be in the area, letting guests know the wait time until the next show begins.

They might mention that you can walk through the Shanghai exhibit while you wait. It seems to have taken up residence in the China Pavilion. (Shanghai Disney opened in 2016.)

Previously, this area was once home to the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit. That exhibit was remarkable.

When it’s time for the next performance, cast members will let everyone know the theater doors are about to open. Then you’ll walk into the theater and find a spot to enjoy the film.

Given the nature of the 360 films, there are no seats. So you’ll have to stand throughout the performance. Wooden railings divide the room into rows and provide a place to lean against.

Additionally, since the screen is circular, it doesn’t matter which direction you face.

During the film, you’ll visit some of the following locations: The Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China, Beijing, Hong Kong, the Yangtze River, the Gobi Desert, a busy night market in the Xinjiang Province, the water-bound city of Suzhou (Venice of the East), and the Shilin Stone Forest.

You’ll even float down the Huangpu River to Shanghai and see the historic Nanjing Road. Then you’ll visit the Huangshan Mountain Range, where you’ll encounter the mythical sea of clouds. Our narrator notes that many artists visit this area for inspiration.

Ultimately, Reflections of China is a beautiful film that provides a pleasant reprieve from the theme park, especially in the heat of the day. However, like most things its age, the film is dated, and the screen is somewhat fuzzy.

Let’s just say it doesn’t hold the same character as Impressions de France, which is the longest-running film at Epcot. It’s also well worth taking the time to see.

Hopefully, Wondrous China will bring new life to the theater.

On another note, these films are designed to give you the feeling that you are moving with them. So if you experience dizziness, cast members usually mention that closing your eyes should resolve the issue.

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