A Stroll through the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot

The United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot is a favorable place to spend time on your Disney vacation. While the pavilion doesn’t offer any formal attractions, it’s well known for its dining, shops, and characters.

The pavilion is located between the Canada Pavilion and the International Gateway. If you were to enter Epcot at the International Gateway, the United Kingdom Pavilion will be the first on your left when headed toward the front of the park.

This review of the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot will cover some of the country’s details, including dining and shopping. I’ll also add what characters you can expect to run into at specific points in the day. So put on a kettle of tea and get your cream and sugar ready, because we are going to take a stroll through the gardens and browse a few proper British shops!

Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion Review

Below is a quick preview of the items we’ll cover in this review. At this time, there are no attractions in the pavilion. Back in 2019, it was announced that a new Mary Poppins ride would be built toward the back of the United Kingdom Pavilion.

However, in the summer of 2020, Disney announced they were postponing building the attraction. So this is something we may or may not see down the road.

Architectural Elements

  • British Village


  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Mary Poppins
  • Winnie the Pooh (Not at this time.)


  • Rose & Crown Dining Room
  • Rose & Crown Pub
  • Yorkshire County Fish Shop
  • UK Beer Cart


  • The Crown & Crest
  • Lords and Ladies
  • The Queen’s Table
  • Sportsman’s Shoppe
  • The Tea Caddy
  • The Toy Soldier


When you step into the United Kingdom Pavilion, you’ll be greeted with cobblestone paths, charming tree-lined streets, and quaint buildings.

Everything here resembles a village you might find in any of the countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Some of the architectural details include castle-like facades with turrets surrounded by English gardens that are not only visibly appealing but fragrant.

The entire pavilion is flanked by lush gardens that are meticulously maintained throughout the year.

Red telephone boxes make for nice photo opportunities in several places within the United Kingdom at Epcot.

This garden below usually has a nice mix of herbs and special attributes if you visit during the Flower and Garden Festival.

I always like to stop in and see if Mary (quite contrary) is out and ask her how her garden grows? You can see there are definitely some silver bells in the mix.

Speaking of Mary, well Mary Poppins, she is sometimes out behind this garden in a gazebo. She meets at a social distance off and on throughout the day in the pavilion. You can read more about meeting her at Disney here.

The gazebo is in a spread-out area. Back when entertainment was available, a group called the British Revolution performed here in the evenings. Hopefully, we’ll see entertainment return to the parks when things improve.

When Mary Poppins isn’t out, you might also run into Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Before the closure, Winnie the Pooh met in Christopher Robin’s room in The Toy Soldier. He can usually be seen out during the day in the garden next to the Imagination Pavilion.

As far as dining goes, the United Kingdom Pavilion is home to the well-known Rose and Crown Dining Room. They are closed for refurbishment from February 15 through early spring of 2021.

The restaurant serves traditional English fare like Shepard’s Pie and Bangers & Mash. If you would like to preview their menu, you can do that here on Disney’s site. Additionally, Rose & Crown has a pub that serves limited menu items from next door.

One of the more popular stops in the World Showcase for quick service is the Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

As you can probably imagine, this is a walk-up window where you can order the English staple meal of fish and chips. There are outdoor dining areas on both sides of the area with views of the World Showcase lagoon to enjoy with your meal. You might have to watch out for birds while dining. They tend to populate this area as though you stole the fish right out of the water from them.

Lastly, the UK Beer Shop cart is located outside to the left of Rose and Crown.

Across the way, Sportsman’s Shoppe sits waiting to entice brilliant soccer fans with its Manchester jerseys and special edition soccer balls.

The only reason I know this is because I’ve bought both here multiple times for my own brilliant soccer fan. Inside, there’s a nice collection of swords and crests on display.

And all types of other memorabilia.

Sportsman’s Shoppe blends into The Crown and Crest store. From the interior, you’ll never know the difference.

Here are a few of those jerseys and things. Oftentimes, I’ve seen other popular British merchandise between the stores with names like Dr. Who and The Beatles.

If you meander on toward the back of the large store, you run into The Toy Soldier. There is a noticeable difference here as the merchandising does change.

The Toy Soldier is also where the country’s Kidcot booth is located. Each Kidcot in the World Showcase provides a free activity for children to participate in while touring. I try to mention this in all the World Showcase reviews because it’s truly a wonderful way to get children involved.

On the other side of the cobblestone street is Lords and Ladies. This stop is a favorite for me because they always have fun and interesting merchandise.

Like these pretty United Kingdom shirts, tumblers, and mugs featuring a hidden Mickey. This store also carries a few higher-end items that include English handbag lines, scarves, jewelry, and hats.

Next door at The Queen’s Table, there’s usually an array of items for those that love to cook.

Here is a look inside.

Back up toward the front of this large store is The Tea Caddy. Lovers of tea, beware.

They carry a tremendous variety of Twinings tea. Not only that, but it smells so good.

If you were to stop in on a chilly or damp day, you’ll probably be leaving with a fresh bag of teabags. A nice, caffeine free tea before bed is a wonderful ending to the day when you get back to your hotel room.

For those visiting Epcot in the Springtime, don’t forget to check out the wonderful topiary available in the United Kingdom Pavilion. In past year’s the country has had topiary from Peter Pan, the Winnie the Pooh characters, Shakespeare’s gardens, and Tinker Bell’s fairy houses.

While the country doesn’t have anything to offer attraction-wise, I think that most guests truly do enjoy their time here. The pavilion, itself, is beautiful in the daytime.

And it takes on a lovely look in the evening with its twinkling lights and traditional street lamps.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Epcot’s United Kingdom, and it provided you with a few helpful hints for dining and shopping while in the pavilion. If you are interested in learning more about the different countries in the World Showcase, you might enjoy these reviews:

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And the United Kingdom Pavilion is the first country you’ll run into when entering the park from the Skyliner station.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts or favorite things about Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion.

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