Walt Disney Presents at Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney Presents is an attraction at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. The building that houses the attraction is located between Animation Courtyard and the entrance to Toy Story Land.

Inside Walt Disney Presents, you’ll find a museum-like display that travels down a long hallway of the building. As you move through this area you’ll encounter a good deal of Disney historical items including sketches, photos, scaled models, and more.

Below are the quick reference details for Walt Disney Presents at Hollywood Studios.

Walt Disney PresentsHollywood Studios Attractions


Past Animation Courtyard

Height Requirement:


Ride Type:

Self-Guided Tour/Theater Show
Character Meet Area

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Good For:


Scare Factor:


Must-Do List:

Low Priority

Perfect For:

All Ages

Special Mention:

One Man’s Dream is a great film at the end
when it’s available.

Walt Disney Presents

Normally, there are three different things available to do at Walt Disney Presents. The main area of the building is a gallery with a variety of Disney-inspired displays celebrating the history of Walt Disney.

Some of the displays change out from time to time. The one below is Walt’s desk from his early days in animation. I’ll add a few more pictures of the displays toward the end of this review for anyone interested.

Toward the back of the building, there is an area for rotating exhibits. These exhibits sometimes are home to popular character costumes or items used in Disney movies. Over the last few years, I can recall seeing costumes used in a few movies like Black Panther, Mary Poppins, and even Belle’s dress from the Live-Action Beauty and the Beast.

On a recent visit, there were actual costumes from Pirates of the Caribbean.

And you can usually expect to find some models out from the latest Disney animated film. For instance, when Disney Pixar’s Onward came out these items were on display.

And anyone with younger children or teens will immediately recognize these Descendants costumes. My niece loves these movies.

One Man’s Dream

When you reach the end of the exhibits you’ll find a set of theater doors with a sign above counting down the time until the next performance. Hopefully, Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream will be playing when you visit.

Anyone who’s a fan of Walt or the parks should really take the time to see it. It’s an endearing 15-minute film that takes a look at Walt Disney’s vision in creating the Disney Parks.

Anyone who’s a fan of Walt or the parks should really take the time to see it. It’s an endearing 15-minute film that takes a look at Walt Disney’s vision in creating the Disney Parks.

I say hopefully because over the last several years they have begun swapping out One Man’s Dream with extended previews of movies that are going to be released soon. If that’s the case, and you have some interest in an upcoming movie you might want to check a preview out as well. But One Man’s Dream is the real winner when it’s available.

Walt Disney Presents Character Area

Additionally, you’ll find a character meet and greet in the back of Walt Disney Presents. This meet changes out from time to time and isn’t always available. Make sure to stop in and see if anyone is there on the day of your visit.

Monsters, Inc. Sulley character meet at Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney Presents closes earlier than the rest of the park. Therefore, if you want to walk through make sure to get by there prior to closing. Check the times guide on the day of your visit for exact hours.

Walt Disney Presents is also an excellent place to hang out in the event of a rain shower. The movie at the end exits into the Animation Courtyard. You can easily get to Launch Bay Theater or Voyage of the Little Mermaid without getting too wet after the film.

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For those of you with more interest here are a few more pictures from inside Walt Disney Presents.

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