Liberty Square Riverboat at Magic Kingdom

This Liberty Square Riverboat docks on the Rivers of America at Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World. The riverboat goes by the name of Liberty Belle.

Liberty Belle is designed to resemble a steamboat from the Colonial era. She spends her days sailing down the Rivers of America, circling Tom Sawyer’s Island.

This old-fashioned boat ride provides unique views of several infamous attractions and landmarks within the Magic Kingdom. A ride on the Liberty Square Riverboat takes approximately 17 minutes for the whole experience, plus give or take a few minutes for loading and unloading.

The table below lists pertinent information about riding the Liberty Belle Riverboat. While this is an anytime attraction, for the most part, it’s essential to know that it does close earlier than most rides.

Liberty Square RiverboatMagic Kingdom


Liberty Square

Height Requirement


Disney Genie+ Eligible


Ride Type:

Slow-moving Boat


Approx 17 minutes

Seats Per Vehicle:

3 Levels/Large Capacity

Rider Switch:


Good For:

Taking a Break

Scare Factor:


Must-Do List:

Low Priority

Perfect For:

All Ages

Special Mention:

Boat circles around Tom Sawyer Island
offering tremendous views.

Liberty Square Riverboat

Let me start by saying, I hated to mark this one as a low-priority attraction because it is one of my personal favorites. However, an attraction like the Liberty Square Riverboat does take up an investment of time that might not be worth the payoff for all guests.

As disappointing as it sounds, the Liberty Square Riverboat is on an underwater track around Tom Sawyer Island. So she doesn’t run off steam. But you would never know it unless they had the water drained out of the area.

The trip around the island offers scenic views of Frontierland and Liberty Square. The boat ride is narrated, and guests can choose which level they would like to experience upon boarding.

Most of the spots toward the front of the boat are in direct sunlight, while the sides offer more shade. The boat has limited seating, so try to secure that early if needed.

Some people might say that this attraction is similar to riding the ferry to the Magic Kingdom. And that’s true if you took the ferry over. But the scenic views here are specific to the location.

The Liberty Square Riverboat is one of my go-to rides on a crowded day when I need to “get away” and decompress a little bit.

Liberty Belle loads on the second floor, which is level with the waiting areas platform. Therefore, most guests will exit on the lower level of the boat.

A cast member will direct you to the unloading area as you make your way to the dock.

This attraction usually closes before nightfall so keep that in mind if you want to ride it.

Here’s a little photo tour of a ride on the Liberty Square Riverboat. We usually head up to the top floor when we first board.

And face out toward the front. You might see the Country Bears waving from the balcony to guests in Frontierland in the distance.

As you begin making your way down the Rivers of America, you’ll see popular attractions from a unique viewpoint.

After passing Splash Mountain, Big Thunder will come into view around the corner. The views from the Liberty Square Riverboat are worth the ride.

As you get closer, you’ll see train cars speeding by on the mountain.

And there are several little staged areas you would never see if you didn’t take a ride on the Liberty Belle.

You’ll pass through the alligator swamp.

I’m not sure if he ever catches anything, but it sure looks peaceful.

There’s a nod toward Native American history. This narrator will fill you in on all the details as you pass by.

Here’s a close-up.

There are also a few places to check out some of the fun activities on the island.

And as you make your way back to the dock, a few familiar sights come into view.

Here is the Tangled Tower in the distance.

And the beloved Haunted Mansion ride. The Liberty Square Riverboat is about the only place you’ll get this special view of the mansion.

About this time, the Liberty Belle’s boat dock will come back into view. It was a nice reprieve from the crowds of the park.

When disembarking the Liberty Square Riverboat, you will head down to the boat’s lower level. Cast members will allow you to exit here and walk back up the sloped rampway. Meanwhile, they prepare to board the vessel on the floor above you.

I hope this review will encourage you to take a ride on the Liberty Square Riverboat during your next visit. If not, you might stop along the walkway and check her out as she sails.

She is beautiful in the morning.

And she’s beautiful in the evening.

Additionally, this is a pleasant spot to watch fireworks in the evening. There are some fun reflections of the fireworks that appear on the water here. Besides that, it’s rarely crowded.

View the complete Liberty Square Riverboat experience via YouTube: Complete Boat Ride

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Are you planning to enjoy a cruise on the Liberty Square Riverboat on your next vacation? Let me know down below in the comments.

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