BouTiki Gift Shop at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

BouTiki is the name of the gift shop located on the lower level of the Great Ceremonial House at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The resort is home to two gift shops.

Moana Mercantile is the other gift shop at Disney’s Polynesian. That shop is located on the lobby’s second floor and offers sundries and items geared more toward children. We’ll take a closer look at it in a separate review.

As for BouTiki, you can expect to find an impressive selection of items. The gift shop tends to carry higher-end men’s and women’s fashions.

It’s kind of like a boutique. Hence, the name BouTiki. You can see where the ‘tiki’ kind of took over the name in the picture of the sign below.

You’ll be greeted by a giant Tiki statue when you enter the store. I don’t know about you, but this always puts a smile on my face.

At the main entrance, there’s usually a display of chocolates and coffee.

Joffrey’s has a Kona blend coffee available for purchase. In addition, the Honolulu Cookie Company makes the chocolates and other treats that are available.

BouTiki offers an excellent selection of Tommy Bahamas women’s fashion featuring Minnie Mouse. We saw a few of these items at the Yacht Club’s gift shop.

However, there is more clothing to choose from here at the Polynesian. In addition, BouTiki is one of the largest Disney World Resort gift shops.

Perhaps, the most popular thing at BouTiki is the selection of resort-branded merchandise.

You can expect Polynesian dresses, t-shirts, and little tiki statues.

Mugs, photo frames, tumblers, and specially-scented candles. OOOOOOHHHH, Polynesian candles!

That tiki lamp in the photo below is pretty popular. I’m in several groups on Facebook, and I often see people mention that they purchased it and had it shipped. But, unfortunately, it often arrives broken!

Poly’s gift shop nearly always has a variety of men’s Hawaiian shirts. Disney tends to release new versions of these several times per year.

Additionally, that’s a nice robe hanging in the middle. It’s branded with the Polynesian logo.

Fans of Duffy and friends will want to check out the Aulani-branded merchandise. There are a good bit of items featuring ‘Olu Mel.

See what I mean? So cute.

Most of these items are located at the entrance to Boutiki, closest to Captain Cook’s.

The store is so large it takes up the entire length of the lobby. If you are ever in the area and find yourself in a torrential downpour, I recommend hopping on the monorail and stopping at the different resorts. It’s fun to browse the gift shops and such.

There’s usually something for everyone. However, the artwork is what always gets me. Or I should say what I end up getting.

BouTiki is probably the best shop to pick up a little resort wear for the hubby.

He’ll need something tropical to wear for all your dining reservations at the various Polynesian Restaurants.

Thank goodness, there’s a tremendous selection!

T-shirts take up a sizeable back corner of the store. I appreciate how these are all displayed, where you can see what they say. Don’t you hate those large tables of folded shirts where you can’t see the entire print?

Ladies, you will find plenty of swimwear. A bathing suit might come in handy, in case you forgot to bring one for the pool.

The way the weather is in Florida, you might think it’s going to be too cold to swim in the winter months. But then the weather turns out to be a pleasant 90 degrees every day, and the children will not want to do anything except hang out at the pool!

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Disney’s popular H20 products are available. Unfortunately, these items will soon be replaced since the company that makes them announced they were closing.

Here are a few more items. Isn’t that denim jacket precious?

There is usually a selection of Minnie Mouse Ears, Disney Dooney and Bourke bags, and Disney Loungefly backpacks.

Closer to the register, there’s a display of Pandora jewelry and Disney watches. So if you’re ever looking for limited merchandise or magic bands, make sure to see what’s on display behind the register. This is also a good tip if you make it over to any of the Disney outlets while you’re in Orlando.

Lastly, BouTiki has a wall in the front corner of the store. Items here range anywhere from coffee mugs to pet products.

Usually, BouTiki has a decent selection of mugs. But merchandise has been a little slow over the last year or so.

Back outside the gift shop, you’ll see a fun window display.

If someone in your group doesn’t care to shop, the lobby is an excellent place to relax.

That wraps up our look at BouTiki at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. All the photos in this article were taken in late 2021, so everything you see might not be available on your trip. However, these photos should represent what kind of merchandise you can expect.

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So, is BouTiki one of your regular stops when visiting Walt Disney World? Leave a comment below and share your favorite finds!

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