1. Your article about Orange Lake was spot on. We’ve owned at Orange Lake for over 30 years and have been very satisfied overall. My wife was pregnant with our youngest son when we purchased and now that son is coming down with their 2 daughters.
    Golf prices have gone up faster than typical cost of living.
    One last thing to consider about golf. If you’re playing The Reserve or Crane’s. Bend course, it’s tight with condo/villa lined fairways. It’s rare to play a round on The Reserve where someone in your group doesn’t hit into the back patio area of a condo.
    Last year after checking into our villa , (1st 15 minutes) a golf ball crashed into our front kitchen window, causing glass to shatter over kitchen floor. This was ironic because I picked the villa location because the back patio was pretty safe for grand kids to play.

  2. We are owners at Orange Lake and absolutely love it. We live nearby and it is so easy to go there for a long weekend and just chill out. River Island is sometimes hard to book if you are going last minute but all the other villages are wonderful also. RI is the most convenient but we have a car so driving around isn’t too bad. I do think the price of the lazy river tubes are a bit silly, they should give a discount to members who stay there often. My kids love the slide and all the arcades/ volley ball. So glad you enjoyed your stay and that was a very accurate description of the resort for anyone wondering. There is also a ton of dining options right there on 192 that is very convenient!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the review of the orange lake resort. I will definitely go visit with my family.

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