The Pools at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Pool fun is some of the best fun you’ll have during a Walt Disney World vacation. All of those long hours logged in the theme parks add up.

By the time you make it to the pool and relax for a minute, you’ll have an epiphany. Hey, this actually feels like a vacation.

You’re right. It does.

So below, we’ll look at the pools at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. That way, if you’re planning an upcoming stay, you’ll know what to expect.

Surfboard Bay Pool at All-Star Sports

First, we’ll look a the resort’s feature pool, the Surfboard Bay Pool. This large pool holds over 240,000 gallons of water.

You’ll find the pool area immediately outside Stadium Hall, the resort’s main lobby.

Life jackets are complimentary.

Several larger-than-life surfboards surround the pool area.

In addition, there are plenty of lounge chairs. Behind the loungers, there are tables and chairs with umbrellas.

Outside of the pool area, there are a few tabletop games.

Pool hours at the Surfboard Bay Pool range between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. However, those hours can fluctuate depending on the time of year.

Unfortunately, since All-Star Sports is a value resort, you won’t find a waterslide or any other type of water feature at the pool. However, both of the pool areas are pleasant.

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Grandstand Spirits is the name of the pool bar at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. It’s located off the back of the main lobby, only a few steps away from the pool.

There are a few seats available at the pool bar. Past the bar, there are plenty of tables with chairs. Sometimes we like to mobile order a snack or meal from the resort’s food court when we spend the day at the pool.

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Lastly, you’ll find a laundry room toward the front of the Surfboard Bay Pool. You can always do laundry while you’re at the pool if needed.

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Grand Slam Pool

In addition to the resort’s feature pool, the resort has a secondary pool called the Grand Slam Pool. This pool is located at the Home Run Hotel portion of the resort.

The Grand Slam Hotel is considered the resort’s quiet or leisure pool.

A giant Coca-Cola cup is a bridge between two hotel buildings. It’s designed to mimic the stands at a baseball field.

Of course, our old pal Goofy is standing in the middle of the field on the pitcher’s mound.

A large green space comprises the outfield.

If you’re into baseball, you might consider requesting this area. However, several other themed areas at the resort represent different sports. We cover them in our full resort review.

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During your stay at All-Star Sports, several poolside activities will be available. Most of these activities will take place at the Surfboard Bay Pool.

Several recreation calendars like the one below are usually posted at the resort. They’ll list specific hours and locations for each event.

In the afternoon, all of the feature pools at Disney will have fun poolside games, trivia, and whatnot at no extra cost. Most pools will also have an extra cost activity like making tie-dye Mickey t-shirts.

Activity coordinators at the pool do a good job at getting children involved in the fun.

Another thing you might want to take part in during your stay is the Movies Under the Stars program. Cast members will set up a blow-up projection screen near the feature pool.

A different movie is scheduled for each night of the week. Often, there will be popcorn available.

While this activity might not sound like the most thrilling thing, I assure you it’s enjoyable. If you were to have a day where you had to return to the hotel earlier than anticipated, Movie’s Under the Stars is a relaxing way to spend the evening.

Final Thoughts on the Pools at Disney’s All-Star Sports

Overall the pools at Disney’s All-Star Sports are fun and appropriately themed to the resort. Ultimately, when it comes down to choosing between the All-Stars, the pool set-ups are pretty much the same.

The only difference you’ll find is the theming. For instance, the pools at All-Stars Music have musical elements. And the pools at All-Stars Movies have movie references.

For more information about All-Star Sports, check out our full guide that lists every article we have available.

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