Disney Skyliner


  1. Staying at the Caribbean Beach we love the convenience of the Skyliner. It is so much better than taking a bus!! However, I question the reliability during bad weather. On 8-2-2022 a severe thunderstorm moved into the area with warnings for 30+ minutes before it hit. The Skyliner shut down, leaving at least 3 buses of CB guests standing for 40+ minutes in the rain at Hollywood Studios.( Yes, there are covers at HS but there is a gap between then and rain was pouring in sideways. ) Disney seemed very unprepared with the shut down of the Skyliner for severe weather which was surprising. I will definitely rethink depending on the Skyliner of bad weather is predicted.

    1. It was quite the storm, wasn’t it? The week before last, multiple buses were waiting at the Beach Club during a storm for guests leaving via the International Gateway who couldn’t take the Skyliner. It seems to be very hit-or-miss with the buses right now. I tend to rely on my car as much as possible, but not everyone has that option.

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