The Pools at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

This article discusses the pools at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. We preview photos of the resort’s feature pool, leisure pool, and other poolside amenities.

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is home to two pools. One pool is shaped like a guitar, and the other a piano! Both pools are on point with the resort’s “music” theming.

However, if you’re planning a stay at All-Star Music, you’ll want to know that the pools at a value resort are significantly different from those at a moderate resort or deluxe resort.

How different? While both pools are fun, the value resorts do not have hot tubs or water slides. Those upgrades are only available at the higher-tier Walt Disney World Resorts.

That said, the kids can still have plenty of fun at the pool. So whether you’re looking for somewhere fun for your little ones to splash or need a break from the parks, the pools at All-Star Music provide a great place to relax during your Disney World vacation.

The Feature Pool at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort.

All-Star Music Pools

Disney’s All-Star Music sits directly between Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort and All-Star Movies Resort. Each of the All-Star Resorts has a similar layout.

The only difference you’ll find is the theming, which boils down to music, movies, and sports. Each resort has a main entrance with a bus stop at the front, a lobby and food court in the center, and a feature pool directly behind the lobby.

Below is a photo of the area between the pool and the lobby. Intermission Food Court is immediately to the right when you enter the lobby area.

Pool Hours at All-Star Music

Pool hours at Disney’s All-Star Music are typically between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. However, as noted in all our articles, the pool hours vary throughout the year.

For instance, during the slower months, the pool hours are often between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Those hours can be reduced more if you visit when the temperature drops below 60ish degrees. Pool hours are posted at the pool’s entrance.

Pools at Disney World are heated to 82 degrees. So, for the most part, the water temperature is comfortable, especially if you’re visiting from a colder climate.

The Calypso area at All-Star Music is closest to the feature pool.

Calypso Pool at All-Star Music

All-Star Music’s feature pool is the Calypso Pool. It features Disney characters from The Three Caballeros, including Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles.

This pool sits directly behind the lobby and is surrounded by the Calypso section of the resort. Calypso is home to the resort’s family suites and preferred rooms.

Calypso Pool at All-Star Music

A water feature sits in the middle of the pool featuring The Three Caballeros.

Water feature with The Three Caballeros

Complimentary towels are provided at the pool. So there’s no need to pack them. Additionally, both pools at All-Star Music have a laundry facility and bathrooms.

The poolside restrooms have showers with toiletries and a place to change. Therefore, if you have a late checkout, you can use this space to prepare before going to the airport.

Pool Towel Issue bin at All-Star Music

It might be hard to tell, but the pool is shaped like a guitar.

Guitar shaped pool at All-Star Music

The pools at All-Star Music Resort range between 3′ to 5′ deep (three to five feet). The handle portion of the guitar-shaped pool is relatively shallow at three feet deep. However, closer to the water feature, the pool reaches its deepest point at five feet deep.

Lifeguards are present at the Calypso Pool. Complimentary life jackets are also provided at both pools.

All-Star Music Kiddie Pool

A kiddie pool sits directly behind the guitar handle at the back of the pool. This area is exceptionally shallow.

Here is a photo that shows the layout of the pool area.

Several table games are available near the pool.

Singing Spirits Bar

The Singing Spirits Pool Bar sits near the pool area. It’s in an area outside the pool that backs up to the food court.

Singing Spirits Bar offers Disney’s standard cocktail menu, along with wine, beer, and other beverages. But if you’re looking for quick service items, you can pick something up at Intermission Court. Snacks and beverages are available in Maestro Mickey, the resort’s gift shop off Melody Hall.

Singing Spirits Pool Bar Menu


During the afternoons, cast members are out to provide various recreational activities for anyone who wants to participate. They’ll play games like Disney Trivia or Name That Disney Tune.

They do an excellent job of getting children to participate. I have found, over the years, with most children, that days at the pool tend to be the highlight of the trip.

Movies under the Star are also held at the Calypso Pool several times weekly. We provide a copy of the monthly recreation calendar for the Disney Resorts when they are released.

Piano Pool at All-Star Music

After you walk through the Jazz Inn section of the resort, you’ll run directly into the Piano Pool. This pool sits in the center of Rock Inn, Broadway Hotel, and Country Fair.

Cute musical notes are stamped on the concrete around the pool.

This pool is shaped like a baby grand piano. One side of the pool is lined with tile resembling black and white piano keys.

Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder add a touch of Disney theming to the area. However, this is not to be confused with the Flippin’ Fins Pool at Disney’s Art of Animation.

We have stayed at All-Star Music many times and find that this pool is often less crowded than the feature pool. Towels, changing areas, life jackets, and laundry facilities are available at this pool.

From my experience, lifeguards are present at the Calypso Pool. Unfortunately, this pool isn’t located near any dining options.

A ping-pong game sat on the pool deck near the life jackets.

Final Thoughts

All-Star Music is a charming resort with two lyric-worthy pools. We’ve always enjoyed our time at the resort and the pools!

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