List of Walt Disney World Hotel Pools (With FAQs and Tips)

In this article, we provide a list of every pool at Walt Disney World. Additionally, we answer frequently asked questions about the pools and share a few tips.

“When can we go to the pool?” It’s something I hear almost daily when I’m in the parks. A typical response goes along the lines of, “I brought you to Disney World, and you want to hang out at the pool? We can do that anytime!”

But when it feels like it’s 120 degrees outside and you’ve already stood in line for five hours to ride two rides, the pool doesn’t sound so bad. So if you’re at the point where you’re frustrated with the mere mention of ditching the parks for the pool, then it’s probably time to–go to the pool.

What’s so great about the pool? Relaxation. Okay, your kids are probably not going to relax at the pool. Instead, they will wear themselves out with other kids at the pool.

Meanwhile, you are going to relax. First, you will hit the hot tub and relieve all those overworked muscles. Then you might read that book you brought along. You know, the one that’s been sitting on your nightstand for ages?

When was the last time you had time to do nothing? (And really enjoy it?)

List of Walt Disney World Hotel Pools

Since pool time is an essential part of our vacations, here is a list of each resort pool at Walt Disney World. Each highlighted link leads to an entire article about that hotel’s pool.

If you want to know how these pools stack up overall, there’s a separate article where we rank the best pools at Disney World.

Walt Disney World Pool FAQs

Below we’ll go over some of the most frequently asked questions about the pools at Walt Disney World and our experiences. We’ll start with the most commonly asked question!

Are the pools at Walt Disney World heated?

Yes, all of the pools at Walt Disney World are heated to 82 degrees.

*Even though the pools are heated, they will close during cold weather.

What are the pool hours at Walt Disney World?

At the time of the article, the feature pools at Walt Disney World are open between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. In the past, we’ve seen them open earlier and close earlier. The exact hours are posted near the pool’s main entrance.

Quiet or leisure pools, however, are open 24 hours. Guests can use these smaller pools at their leisure. Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter is the only resort that doesn’t have a leisure pool.

How many pools does each Disney Resort have?

Each resort has at least one feature pool and a secondary leisure pool besides French Quarter. In addition, some resorts will have multiple leisure pools.

For instance, Stormalong Bay is shared between the resorts at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club. Additionally, the Yacht Club has one leisure pool, while the Beach Club has two.

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Can anyone use the resort pools at Disney World?

Guests can only use the pools at their respective resorts. So if you’re staying at Coronado Springs, you can use any of the pools at Coronado Springs.

Unfortunately, guests are now allowed to pool-hop between resorts. Guests must use their Magic Band or room key to enter most of the resort pool areas.

Are there any indoor pools at Disney World?

No, all of the pools at Disney World are outside.

What is the biggest pool at Walt Disney World?

The Big Blue Pool is the largest pool at Disney World. It holds 308,527 gallons of water!

Are the pools at Disney World crowded?

Yes, most of the time, the pools at Disney World are crowded. However, based on varying factors, there are times when they might not be busy. So, if you luck up on a slow afternoon at the pool, enjoy it!

Are there kiddie pools at Disney World?

Yes, all of the pools at Walt Disney World have either a kiddie pool or a splash pad. For example, Port Orleans Riverside has a large kiddie pool at Ol’ Man Island.

Additionally, many of the resorts now have tremendous aquatic play areas. Here’s an example of the water play area at Disney’s Riviera Resort.

Do the pools at Walt Disney World have hot tubs?

No. However, all moderate, deluxe, and deluxe villa resorts have hot tubs. Unfortunately, the value resorts do not have hot tubs.

Are there water slides at the Disney Resorts?

Yes. All moderate, deluxe, and deluxe villa resorts have water slides at their feature pool. However, none of the value resorts have water slides.

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Are towels available at Disney’s pools?

Yes, all Disney Resorts provide complimentary towels at their pools.

Do the pools at Disney World have life jackets?

Yes, all of the pools at Walt Disney World have a life jacket stand near or around the pool area. Life jackets are complimentary.

Pool Tips for Disney World

When it comes to spending a day at the pool, there are a few tips we think you should know!

Children’s Activities at the Pool

First, be aware of poolside entertainment your children might enjoy. Every afternoon, cast members are at each resort’s feature pool. They play games, have trivia, and offer other activities.

Most of these activities are free, and cast members do an excellent job of getting children to participate. However, at some point in the afternoon, there might be an activity that costs extra.

One of the most popular activities is making tie-dye Mickey shirts. If you have a resort day planned, you might check the recreation calendar upon arrival to see what’s available.

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Movies Under the Stars

Most evenings, you can participate in “Movies Under the Stars” at each of Disney’s Resorts. Often these movies are available near the pools, with a few exceptions.

You might plan an entire resort day where you spend the day at the pool and finish the evening with a movie by the pool. Hopefully, Disney will provide a little popcorn or a few marshmallows to toast!

*The movie schedule for the week of your stay will be listed on the resort’s recreation calendar. This calendar is usually posted at several locations around the resort.

*A list of campfire locations at the resorts is available here on Disney’s site.


Are you looking to splurge? Select Walt Disney World Hotels have cabanas available for rent. However, these cabanas need to be reserved in advance. At this time, guests can reserve cabanas 60 days before their vacation.

We rented a cabana at Disney’s Beach Club and enjoyed it immensely. While expensive, we felt there were many scenarios where guests could benefit from this extra-cost amenity.

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Check-in and Check-Out Days

While your room might not be ready upon arrival, the resort’s pool is waiting! You can use the resort pool as soon as you arrive.

So if you expect extra time to kill on your arrival day, why not pack a swimsuit in your carry-on? Each resort pool has guest restrooms with a shower and a place to change.

Additionally, you will also have access to the resort’s pool on the day of checkout. So instead of spending half your day sitting in the lobby, or worse, the airport, spend some time at the pool. You can use the restrooms at the pool to shower and change before you leave.

*Most showers in the pool restrooms have toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Hair dryers are also usually available.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips answered some of your questions about the pools at Walt Disney World. We love to spend the day at the pool. And more often than not, those days end up being our favorites.

Maybe they will be for you too.

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