An Overview of the Laundry Rooms at Disney’s Old Key West

One of the amenities of staying at a dedicated Disney Vacation Club Resort like Old Key West is that there’s no charge for laundry. So if you’re staying in one of the deluxe studio villas, you don’t have to pay to use the laundry facilities.

Of course, if you have a one-bedroom or larger villa, your unit comes equipped with a washer and dryer. In addition, complimentary laundry detergent is usually stocked in your room.

You can request more detergent at the front desk if you run out. However, I imagine that most guests bring their preferred detergent or have it delivered with a grocery order.

Those staying in deluxe studio villas at Old Key West will want to locate the laundry area nearest their building. For the record, Old Key West is a tremendous resort that’s spread out over a large area.

Thankfully, each grouping of buildings is near a pool. And each pool has a laundromat.

Below we’ll look at which laundry area you want to use depending on your room assignment. Since the deluxe studios are scattered throughout the resort, it’s hard to say where you might end up.

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We’ll start with the main hub of the resort, where the lobby, check-in, and feature pool are located. The laundry room near the Sandcastle pool is located near the water slide.

If you’re staying in buildings 11-14 or 23-29, you’ll be closest to the laundry at the Sandcastle Pool.

Here’s a look inside.

There were a few dispensers that have soap, bleach, and softeners.

Most resorts have Laundry View, where you swipe your debit card to pay for the laundry cycle and then visit the website to check the status. The setup is similar at Old Key West, except you’ll scan the QR code or visit Laundry View’s website to check the status.

It’s a good idea to check the status before heading off to the laundry room with all your belongings. You wouldn’t want to drag everything to the laundry room only to find all the machines in use.

You can check the status here on Laundry View. Adjust the drop-down box to check the laundry area nearest your room.

Buildings 15-22 and 62-64 are closest to the Miller’s Road Laundry Room.

Most of the doors to the laundry rooms were open on the afternoon I took these photos. But you might have to use your magic band or scan the My Disney Experience app if you go after hours.

There was an ice and soda machine in this building. On the far left, there was another dispenser with detergent.

Buildings 30-44 are closest to the laundry room at the pool near Old Turtle Pond Road. This is the laundry room near the Turtle Shack Snack Bar and quiet pool.

All the Old Key West laundry rooms have the same setup.

Lastly, buildings 45-56 are closest to the laundry room near the pool at South Point Road.

I felt this pool and laundry area were the most private. However, it was also the furthest away from everything.

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