Sport Goofy Gifts and Sundries (The Gift Shop at All-Star Sports)

Sport Goofy Gifts (and Sundries) is the gift shop at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. During our last stay at All-Star Sports, I popped in at the gift shop to see what was available.

As far as merchandise goes, there was almost a bit of everything. Unfortunately, however, the resort-branded merchandise was lacking.

With the state of things at All-Star Sports, I wasn’t surprised to find such a hodge-podge mixture of merchandise. Sports was the last resort to re-open from the previous closure.

At the time of this update, the resort is in the midst of a major refurbishment. Suffice it to say, I wouldn’t plan a stay here until the renovations are complete.

In the meantime, we’ll take a walk through the gift shop and see what might be available if you do decide to plan a visit. Thankfully, the feature pool, dining, lobby, and gift shop are unaffected by the refurbishment. You just wouldn’t want to end up in one of those dated rooms.

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Goofy Gifts is located off Stadium Hall, the lobby at All-Star Sports. There’s an entrance from the lobby to the gift shop. Additionally, there’s a secondary entrance from the resort’s bus stop area.

It’s set up like one of those ride dump shops, where you end up in a store at the end of the ride. Only here, you end up in a shop when you arrive back at the resort. Of course, you can bypass the shop if you would prefer to walk around to the lobby entrance.

Inside Goofy’s Gifts, you’ll find plenty of Disney-branded apparel.

They had a nice selection of shirts.

And even a few spirit jerseys.

Here we have a cute Disney backpack and a “best day ever” top.

This was the first place that I saw the newer Stitch collection. I thought most of the pieces in this collection offered a fun look. Hopefully, we’ll see other new merchandise follow suit.

Between that large dog bed to the classic men’s button-up, the pieces in this line are good-looking.

Here are a few more things.

Here’s a display of Turning Red merchandise that came out earlier this year. When I see stuff like this, I always think of when Moana was released, and there was literally no merchandise to be found.

If you are a collector of nuiMOs, they had several fun dolls and outfits. I thought it was cute how the display had Chip and Dale with a sports theme.

A few items for the boys.

And several items for the girls.

These shirts were the only thing that I would even remotely consider as resort merchandise. Hopefully, they’ll eventually get some newer items featuring the resort.

I figure between shipping issues, the fact the resort was closed for two long years, and that it’s now undergoing a refurbishment, they don’t have it all together yet. So I’ll give them a break.

Here are a few Minnie Ears.

Or you can pick up a fun character hat if you prefer. I still have no clue what happened to my Monsters University hat. Maybe one day, it will turn up.

Here are a few luggage items, including the 50th-anniversary hard case.


Goofy’s Gifts had plenty of puzzles, board games, and other toys.

Here are a few drawing kits, pens, autograph books, and other miscellaneous items.

Toward the end of the display, there were photo frames and a newer line of candles.

We are starting to see more and more magic bands. A while back, there was a shortage of magic bands, but since MagicBand+ was released, it seems inventory is returning to normal.

Park Pals, key chains, and the usual odds and ends are available.

Here are a few phone cases and accessories. Next to the phone stuff, we see hand sanitizers featuring favorite characters.

Home essentials.

Disney has turned its classic red balloon shape into a backpack, sipper, and who knows what else. You can pretty much get it in anything except a red balloon.

To be fair, a cast member told me the company that made the Mickey balloons was not back up to full speed just yet.

Here is another look at some of the home items.

Before we wrap things up, we’ll look at what food items you can pick up in the gift shop. One good thing about the value resorts is that they tend to have a wide selection of pantry items.

For instance, we have a display of donuts, pastries, bread, and popcorn. Many of these carbs can easily be converted into a breakfast of champions.

Below we have Disney-branded candy.

Chips, dips, and beef jerky are available.

Or, if you prefer, there are crackers, cereal, and various snacks.

Toward the back of the store, we see more Disney-branded snack items.

Those shortbread cookies are delicious.

Here’s an overview of all the candies with premium packaging.

There’s a large refrigerator case with drinks and a few other items along the back wall.

Those other items include Lunchables, cheese, and cold cuts. Milk, juice, and soda are also available.

Moving one door over, we have Dasani or Smart Water. I’ve got to where I always go with Smart Water. It has electrolytes and, in my opinion, tastes better.

Additionally, there was a selection of beer and wine.

Lastly, we have a rack filled with convenience, health, personal, and baby items. You can usually find almost anything you need at the resort’s gift shop.

If not, modern services make it easy to have something dropped off at the resort. Or you could always take a car service to a local grocery store or pharmacy.

Overall, Sport Goofy Gifts is a fun place to browse and has many items you might want or need over a week-long stay.

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