How to Use Disney Mobile Order Dining

Learning how to use Disney Mobile Order Dining is a subject I’ve been meaning to get around to here on the website for a while now. The ability to mobile order at Disney is something that while not necessarily new is a concept that many have yet to familiarize themselves with.

Moving into the future, and given worldwide circumstances, I feel that it’s time for us all to make the effort when possible to jump on board with technology. Myself, included.

Since the parks have reopened, Disney mobile ordering has also become a requirement. Guests will need to use the Disney mobile order system when dining at counter service locations.

As to how many times have I used mobile order in the parks? When I originally wrote this article it was less than five times.

But now I have used it many times and mobile ordering has become more common practice. And practice is really the whole reason I hadn’t participated in mobile order dining prior. I wasn’t accustomed to doing things that way, and if you are reading this you probably aren’t either.

Enough about me and my old-fashionedness (probably not a word.) This review will cover the basics of using Disney Mobile Ordering. I’ll include a list of the steps to practice this method of ordering food on your next vacation. I’ve also created a downloadable guide you can save to your phone for reference.

What is Disney Mobile Order?

For a basic overview, mobile order is a service used via the My Disney Experience app that allows guests to order snacks and meals from their phones while on Disney property. This service allows you to place an order, pick up your food, and bypass standing in line.

Mobile ordering at Disney doesn’t mean you won’t have to wait for your food, but it does give you the option to be more flexible in how you wait. It is up to you how you decide to wait, so standing impatiently 10 feet away might not make a difference. Except, that you will hopefully, be properly social-distanced.

Disney Mobile Order Instructions

Here are the step-by-step instructions to make your mobile orders.

  1. Open the My Disney Experience app on your phone to access Disney Mobile Order.

    Make sure you have the app installed on your mobile device.

  2. Hit the (+) symbol at the bottom of the screen.

    The bottom center of the My Disney Experience app has a (+) symbol to expand your options.

  3. Select the “Order Food” option.

    Here you will begin the process of mobile ordering your meal.

  4. Select a Disney Mobile Order Restaurant.

    The available restaurant options will be listed on this screen.

  5. Select “Order Food” at the desired location.

    Begin to order your food.

  6. Build your order by selecting items on the menu.

    Select items and make any customizations as needed.

  7. After making selections press “View My Order.”

    Make sure your order is correct.

  8. Then modify or make any special orders if needed.

    If it’s not correct modify each item as needed.

  9. Review your order summary.

    Preview your order before submitting.

  10. Add a payment method.

    If you already have resort charge information saved in the app, it will automatically show up.

  11. Select “Purchase.”

    Finalize your purchase.

  12. You will then need to select “I’m Here, Prepare My Order” when you arrive close to the location.

    If you are already at the location, you need to go on and select this option.

After placing your order this screen will appear on your phone indicating that your food is being prepared.

Disney Mobile Ordering Instructions

Shortly after another notification indicates that your order is ready for pick up.

Your mobile order is ready for pick up screen at Disney.

For this particular order we were directed to go to station 6 at Cosmic Rays in the Magic Kingdom to pick up our order.

Disney Mobile Order Dining

You can probably tell that this is a much nicer option than having to stand in a crowd with other guests trying to decide what to order, where to sit, etc. When you get to the location you walk in, pick up your already prepared order, and then find a seat.

The whole process is so much more efficient.

List of Dining Locations with Mobile Order

Here is the guide I’ve created to assist you with mobile ordering while in the parks. Below the instructions, there’s a list of all the locations that currently take mobile orders.

*Please note, that Disney has said they will be adding many new locations to this list. So make sure to check all of your options in the My Disney Experience app before placing your order.

Disney Mobile Order Dining Instructions

You can download the pdf version to save to your phone here.

Favorite Mobile Order Dining Tips

As mentioned above Disney does plan to add many new locations to this list moving forward. But for example, I thought I’d share with you some of the best times to use mobile order and a few benefits from using the system. This might help you get some ideas on how and when to use mobile order.

For instance, you can use Disney Mobile Order for a counter service meal in any of the parks. Maybe it’s a day where you don’t have any dining reservations and time has gotten away from you since you’ve been hitting the rides so hard all morning. All at once, someone in your group has a case of the hangries (hunger + anger, still not a word). The kids are looking worn out already and it is apparent everyone needs to refresh.

Wouldn’t you know it? It’s 12 p.m. exactly and all the restaurant lines are a mile long. Step in, mobile order. Place your family’s mobile order at the desired counter service restaurant. Meanwhile, everyone can take a break, freshen up, grab needed condiments, and find a table. You’ll get the alert that your order is ready, pick it up, everyone will be settled, and comfortably waiting.

You didn’t have to deal with that party of eight standing in line together for 20 minutes in front of you. You know the ones, they get to the counter to place their order, and then dad turns around and starts asking everyone what they want instead of already sensibly having their order prepared. Then it’s time to select drinks, the same situation. What do you want to drink? Children aren’t good at making decisions, and they probably don’t even know their options, so this scenario is taking longer and longer.

You and everyone else in line have got their eyeballs rolled to the back of their heads except that one patient grandmother in the line next door. She is effortlessly moving through the line as if it’s a piece of cake. Why didn’t you get in that line? Why do you always pick the worst lines? I’m sure I could even make this sound a little more dramatic, but I think you get the picture?

Yes, if you had used Disney mobile order, you would have avoided all this unnecessary drama. You will feel good about your decision when you arrive to pick up your food and see all of this playing out in front of you. You’ll smile as you make your way to the pickup window to get your meal. And as you walk away, you’ll feel good about your decision.

Use Mobile Ordering at a Disney Resort Counter Service

Another tip I recommend using when it comes to mobile ordering is for those of you headed back to the room in the evening and wanting a late night snack or meal. One of the busiest times at a resorts counter service is when the mass majority of guests are headed back to the resort because the day has worn them out.

Think about it, you’re at the All-Stars Music, three of the theme parks have recently closed for the day. All of those guests are on buses just like you back to the resort and you are all hungry.

This is when you take out your phone and use mobile order. Place your order and when you arrive at the resort the mobile pick up notification will prompt you to select you have arrived. Make the selection and walk toward the counter service location at your leisure. You might even like to browse while you are waiting.

What you’ll see is tons of people waiting in line to place their orders, then some will be waiting to receive their orders. And lastly, those guests will then have to check out and pay for those meals. You have already placed your order and paid for it. All you have to do is pick it up at the mobile order window. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like another win to me.

Use Mobile Ordering at Disney Springs

Some days you just want a good burger, and if you do then you probably want to check out D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs. This is the tip that I’ve personally used the most. I have left theme parks, resorts, and water parks and headed to Disney Springs to pick up a D-luxe burger. Sometimes we stay and eat at the restaurant, but often I like to pick our food up and take it back to our resort.

Most recently, I’ve left the Animal Kingdom and took a bus over to Disney Springs (this bus option is after 4 p.m. only) to pick up a burger and onion rings. We then headed over to Disney’s Beach Club where we were staying at the time and had a nice dinner out by the pool.

Now, this did take some extra time and it’s not something I would recommend for everyone. You could be at the mercy of bus transportation, which sometimes is slower than most of us would like. But on this particular day, I had some laundry to do by the pool, and this idea kind of helped kill two birds with one stone. So I encourage you to be a little creative with your mobile ordering ideas.

Final Thoughts

Using Mobile Order at Disney is a great way to maximize your time. Many of us know when it comes to theme park touring our time is extremely valuable. The main thing is to remember to form the practice to intentionally use mobile order. Once you get the hang of it, mobile ordering will become part of your normal Disney routine.

If you are looking for reviews of particular restaurants make sure to check out our full list of Disney Dining Reviews.

2021 Update: To-Go Ordering via the My Disney Experience app has recently been implemented for these restaurants as well:

Ale & Compass at Yacht Club

Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Olivia’s Cafe at Old Key West

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