Pandora, the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Pandora, the World of Avatar, is a themed land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Naturally, the land is themed after James Cameron’s Avatar.

Pandora opened several years ago and offers guests a unique opportunity to visit an alien planet and fly on a banshee. That banshee can be ridden on the famous Flight of Passage attraction.

If action isn’t your thing, you might prefer to enjoy a peaceful boat ride through a river of bioluminescence, Na’vi River Journey.

Pandora, World of Avatar Disney World

Regardless of your reason for visiting Pandora, World of Avatar, one thing is sure. You can prepare yourself to be blown away by the beauty.

After all, it is breathtaking, as you can probably tell from a few of these pictures.

Pandora Animal Kingdom's World of Avatar

In this article, we’ll discuss visiting Pandora, the World of Avatar, in detail. We will discuss attractions, layout, and dining.

This guide will also provide tips for touring Pandora in the evening versus the daytime. Pandora, the World of Avatar, lights up in an entirely new way after dark.

You’ll take a left at the Tree of Life to reach Pandora after entering the park.

Before you reach Pizzafari, you will take a sharp left and head toward Tiffin’s restaurant and Nomad Lounge. Below is the view of the bridge you will cross before entering the Valley of Mo’ara, which is the entrance to Pandora, World of Avatar.

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When you exit Pandora, you can leave the same way you entered or take the back way. There’s a separate entrance and exit to the land near Satu’li Canteen.

Here is a photo of the scenic pathway. You’ll come out near The Lion King and close to Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Pandora, World of Avatar Attractions

Pandora is home to one of the most popular attractions in Walt Disney World, Flight of Passage. Since the attraction opened, it has become one of the most sought-after attractions in Disney Park’s history.

In addition to Flight of Passage, a slow-moving boat ride opened, Na’vi River Journey. However, this attraction hasn’t been nearly as popular as the thrill ride.

With that said, Na’vi River Journey is a scenic boat ride that’s unique to the land and to all of Walt Disney World.

If you are visiting Pandora, the World of Avatar, for the first time, then Flight of Passage is a priority. You don’t want to miss it.

Additionally, to get the entire experience, you’ll likely want to ride via the standby queue at least once. If not, you won’t see the Avatar because the Lightning Lane bypasses it.

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With that being said, waits can be anywhere from non-existent in the first few moments (yes, moments) of the morning to two to three-hour waits in the busiest hours of the day.

Granted, you are probably looking at something more like a 90-minute wait on a typical day. But, of course, you can purchase a Lightning Lane to bypass the standby line if they’re available.

As mentioned above, the queue has some fun features.

When you get into the central portion of the queue before boarding your Flight of Passage, you’ll run into this guy, Dr. Stevens. He also coined the phrase Disney fans know as “Uh Fly.”

He’ll have you stand on a circle and move around. This is a great place to practice all those dance moves you’ve been waiting to bust out on vacation.

After that, you’ll visit a second chamber where you’ll be greeted by none other than Dr. Ogden as she explains a little more about the Na’ vi people and banshees.

Before you know it, you’ll be on a banshee and taking off on your Flight of Passage!

A few reminders:

  • Flight of Passage has a 44″ or taller height requirement.
  • Available for Lightning Lane (a la carte)
  • This attraction uses 3D technology with glasses.
  • It might not be the best ride for you if you fear heights.

As far as heights go, you will get the “real feel” of riding on a banshee (a large Na’ vi spirit animal with wings). This feeling might be somewhat similar to Soarin’ but also more intense. It’s all very nicely done, though.

I will say I have found myself comforting quite a few younger children before the ride start. It can be intimidating when you are locked into your seat and have no idea where, how, or what you are going to ride.

So make sure to prepare your group in advance on what to expect.

And then enjoy it! It is the kind of ride that will be brought up in conversation long after your Disney vacation is over.

As far as Na’vi River Journey goes, it is the opposite of Flight of Passage. Na’vi River Journey is a slow-moving, dark boat ride.

Na’vi River Journey is visually stunning in a bioluminescent kind of way.

At the end of the ride, you will run into a member of the Na’vi people, the Na’ vi Shaman of Songs.

Here are a few reminders about the Na’vi River Journey:

  • No Height Requirements
  • You might be seated on a row of a boat with another party.
  • Available with Lightning Lane via Disney Genie+ Service

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Pandora, the World of Avatar Dining Options

Pandora, the World of Avatar, offers one counter service-style restaurant and a walk-up kiosk with more snack-like items. Satu’li Canteen provides a full menu with popular bowl-style items and is also a great place to pick up a kids’ meal.

Toward the back of the Valley of Mo’ara, you will find Satu’li Canteen. It’s near the way from the entrance to Flight of Passage.

Satu’li Canteen offers build-your-own-bowl-style offerings. You get to choose a base, protein, and then a sauce.

On one visit, I had noodles with shrimp and an order of sauce on the side. This was a good meal in price and tasted delicious. I’ve always felt good about the quality of food I’ve received here for the price.

It’s also nice to be able to choose different items, and one can be health-conscious with those choices if desired.

You could just as easily make this a salad with crispy fried tofu or order a bean base with steak or grilled chicken.

Satu’li Canteen offers mobile orders, or you can order inside at the register. If you decide to mobile order, you might want to place that order well in advance. This is an exceptionally busy location.

Satu’li Canteen had a massive family platter that cost $74.99 on my last visit. So it might be worth your consideration to share with a large family.

After picking up your food, you can choose whether to dine inside or out.

You might opt for the outside seating area if the weather is nice.

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In addition to Satu’li Canteen, there’s a nearby kiosk called Pongu Pongu.

Pongu Pongu offers a few breakfast items like a sausage biscuit and French toast sticks. You will find a pretzel item and the popular Pongu Lumpia for lunch and dinner.

Lumpia is Na’ vi for pineapple cream cheese spring roll. If it sounds interesting, give one a try. They’re pretty tasty.

Visiting Pandora World of Avatar at Night

One good turn always deserves another, so if you visit Pandora in the daytime, you must return in the evening. This has become the case with most of the new lands that have opened within Disney in the past few years.

The land is covered in bioluminescence and glows in a way much prettier in person than in pictures.

Well, my pictures. I’m not great at the whole nighttime photo thing.

But Pandora is just as beautiful in the evening as in the daytime.

The faux florals glow, and the floating mountains do an excellent job of transporting you to the look and feel of another planet.

I love all the waterfalls.

Here are a few more pictures of Pandora, the World of Avatar.

Final Thoughts on Pandora at Disney World

Pandora, the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is a truly immersive experience. The work completed here to bring this land to life is awe-inspiring.

It’s really like nothing you have ever seen.

I often come here for a break and try to take in the surroundings. That’s one of the things that makes Animal Kingdom so special for visitors. It’s a park that promotes a relaxing undertone.

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