The Oasis Exhibits at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

When you enter Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, you are greeted by an area called The Oasis. Unfortunately, The Oasis is probably one of the most overlooked attractions in the entire park.

Of course, everyone that visits Animal Kingdom walks right through The Oasis when they enter or leave. But I get the feeling that most guests don’t realize there are quite a few animal encounters to check out in this area.

The Oasis is made up of two walkways that lead into the theme park. You can go right, or you can go left. Eventually, the Tree of Life comes into view.

The Oasis at Animal Kingdom Disney

Here is the quick reference chart for the Oasis Exhibits.

The Oasis Exhibits

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Make sure to walk across
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The Oasis Exhibits

When you enter Animal Kingdom, you are faced with the decision to go left or right. Both pathways lead to Discovery Island.

Personally, I always take the pathway to the right because there are several animal encounters on this side of The Oasis.

Before you reach the path, you might notice a large area directly ahead of you. This area is home to a variety of birds and ducks.

On the day I took these photos, a cast member was out doing a few check-ups.

It’s a very scenic area.

My favorite animal in The Oasis is the Black Swan. Unfortunately, the pair (who were old for swans) died within the last few years. Black Swans mate for life and usually live between 30 and 40 years.

They were beautiful.

Moving on, we’ll take a walk up the far right side of The Oasis. Here’s a look at the pathway. You’ll want to stop to see the different animal encounters in these areas.

The first encounter is the Reeve’s Muntjac which resembles a small deer.

There’s the little fellow. I often find him resting under a rock.

This is an excellent time to point out that all of the exhibits have signage. If the animal isn’t out, the signage typically has a cover over it.

On the upper portion of the right side, there is a Babirusa. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my Babirusa photo, but you can rest assured he’s usually there. This little guy is often moving around a good bit.

Before you reach the top, a separate pathway across the middle joins both sides of the walkway. For reference, it’s the way that most people don’t go. Therefore, you will want to go this way while touring The Oasis Exhibits.

Here you’ll find a Rhinoceros Iguana!

Sometimes he’s resting in the shade.

On other days he’s out a little bit closer, resting on a rock.

Sometimes the Wallaby is out and about. I deem this animal the hardest to find of all the different exhibits. I’ve been visiting him for a few years, and I’ve only seen him up close once.

It’s kind of like, where’s Waldo? If you look in the very center of the picture, you can see the wallaby’s silhouette at the back of the exhibit.

Across the way is another small body of water. Additionally, you’ll see several large trees and a bird perch. In the past, some macaws would sit out in this area. But I haven’t seen any lately.

This lagoon area has various ducks, like the Rosybill Pochard pictured below.

And the beautiful Black-necked Swan.

Here are a few in the distance.

This is also where you’ll find the suspension bridge that crosses the waterfall.

You’ll rarely find anyone in this delightful area. Children adore these types of things.

Here’s a look from the bridge where it passes the waterfall.

Once you reach the cave-like area, you’ll notice a few benches. If you want to meet someone at the front of the park, this is an excellent place to plan to meet up, especially on those humid summer days in Florida.

And this is the view from the cave where you will end up. Guests are coming and going from the right and left sides.

On the opposite walkway, there’s one more encounter that I’ve yet to mention. And that’s the Southern Giant Anteater, another unique animal in The Oasis. Usually, I stop by to see this one on the way out of the park.

She always surprises me with her size and is often reasonably shy. But I doubt you’ll miss her if she is in her exhibit.

As you can see, there are quite a few animal exhibits in The Oasis. Taking the time to enjoy this area of the park leaves me feeling like I’m privy to a secret. I hope that it will leave you feeling that way too!

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Do you ever take the time to check out all of the cool exhibits in The Oasis at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Were you aware these areas existed? What is your favorite animal in the area?

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