The Laundry Facilities at Disney’s Art of Animation

This article provides the locations of the laundry facilities at Disney’s Art of Animation and other need-to-know details.

Disney’s Art of Animation has three laundry facilities, one at each pool. We’ll start with the laundry room at The Big Blue Pool, which is part of the Finding Nemo section of the resort.

A building to the far right of the pool comprises the restrooms, changing areas, and laundry room. As you can see in the photo below, the laundry room has a separate entrance.

Inside, you’ll find a room with six washers. Ten dryers line the back wall. Laundry typically costs $3.00 a load whether you’re using the washer or dryer.

Two folding tables are available in the center of the laundry room.

You’ll find several vending machines with Coca-Cola products and snacks toward the entrance.

On the opposite wall, a vending machine sells laundry detergent and fabric softener. These machines still take credit cards for the time being. Detergent usually runs $1.00 a box. We use the green box, and it’s suitable for two to three loads. So check the back of the box to see how much detergent to use.

Unfortunately, the former Laundry View service signs have been removed from Art of Animation. This service was exceptionally helpful in identifying whether machines were available before you visited the facility. If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World during the holidays or Spring break, you know that sometimes machines are unavailable.

Additionally, you have to pay for laundry with your mobile phone. A QR code is available on each machine.

Down on The Little Mermaid end of the resort, a laundry room is available at the Flippin’ Fins Pool.

It is identical in size and layout to the laundry room in the Finding Nemo section.

Lastly, a laundry room is available at the Cozy Cone Pool. This pool sits in the center of the Cars section of the resort.

It has the same amount of machines as the other laundry areas. However, the layout is a little different. Folding tables are available at the back of this laundry room.

You can see them better here. You might also notice that carts are available to help move your laundry from the washer to the dryer.

Unfortunately, The Lion King section of the resort does not have a laundry room or a pool. So, if you stay in that section, you’ll want to use the laundry room at the Flippin’ Fins Pool or The Big Blue Pool.

We have a separate article with more details and photos of the pools at Disney’s Art of Animation. It includes photos of the showers and changing areas near the laundry rooms.

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Hopefully, this article helped you locate the laundry areas at Art of Animation. If you must do laundry while on vacation, incorporate it with something fun–like a bit of rest time at the pool!

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