Landscape of Flavors at Art of Animation

If you have an upcoming stay planned at Disney’s Art of Animation, Landscape of Flavors will be your main dining option at the resort. Like all of the other value resorts at Disney World, Art of Animation offers one large food court.

This food court serves as the counter service dining location, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find anything from Mickey Waffles for breakfast to pizza for dinner. There’s usually something available for everyone.

In this article, we visit Landscape of Flavors and take a look at what you might find during your vacation. Additionally, I’ll provide a few tips for other nearby resorts where you might enjoy a meal during your trip.

Landscape of Flavors

Landscape of Flavors is open daily between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. This location accepts mobile orders, or you can order in person at the restaurant.

The menus for Landscape of Flavors are available here on Disney’s site:

When I initially reviewed Art of Animation a few years ago, I planned to get this article out. Unfortunately, I never got around to it since we entered a global pandemic.

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Therefore, I recently visited the resort to take new photos to provide some updates. Since I have the old photos, I was able to look through and compare some of the differences.

As you can probably guess, prices are higher and fewer items are available. It’s kind of like when you go to the grocery store these days and want to pick up a bag of frozen fries.

Your choices will probably be sweet potato fries or steak fries, and they’ll probably cost you $5 a bag instead of the usual $2.93. At least that’s how grocery shopping is going in my neck of the woods. The regular items aren’t available, and the prices are high.

Anyway, when you enter Landscape of Flavors, a large menu board shows what’s available. You’ll want to pay attention because these screens change out every few seconds, which is a little annoying when you’re trying to decide.

Your best bet is to scan the QR code and browse the menu on your phone. Or you can open the My Disney Experience app and pull up the menu. From there, you can also place a mobile order.

Here are a few of the menu items for breakfast.

On my last resort stay at Art of Animation, I went with the French Toast platter and ordered bacon and fruit for my sides. Unfortunately, this is one of those items that’s not on the menu at this time.

Here is a look at the Waffle Bounty Platter. This platter is still available. Since my son has food allergies, they gave him two sides of meat in exchange for eggs. In addition, Landscape of Flavors has a character-shaped waffles platter that comes with bacon and sausage.

If you have food allergies and need assistance, you can request to speak to the chef. A chef will come out and take your order and have it prepared separately.

On this visit, I was there between lunch and dinner hours. An Italian station offered dishes like chicken parmesan and pasta with meatballs.

This station had the option for pizza by the slice, or you could order a whole pizza.

There were a couple of pizza slices immediately available.

It’s your basic, cheap pizza. On one hand, I get that it’s a value resort. But on the other hand, I feel like Disney could do much better than this.

Breadsticks are available.

The next station had a variety of burgers. Choices include a signature pimento bacon cheeseburger, regular burgers, a grilled chicken sandwich, a pork sandwich, chicken strips, and a turkey sandwich. In addition, there’s an Impossible vegan burger on the menu.

Moving down the line, I couldn’t tell what theme this next station had going for it. Maybe it’s just a hodgepodge mix of what was on hand. They had Walt Disney’s Favorite Chili in a Bread Bowl.

These “Walt Disney” items are supposed to be favorite items Walt Disney enjoyed. Said items were introduced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

This station has an Asian chicken bowl, shrimp and grits, and a roasted turkey dinner. See what I mean about hodgepodge?

Additionally, a few other items were available, like pretzels with cheese sauce.

I’ve always enjoyed perusing the bakery case at Landscape of Flavors. There are plenty of sweet treats available. The last time I stayed here, I picked up a pack of donut holes, and they were delicious. Unfortunately, I didn’t see them on this visit.

This Mermaid Tail cupcake has become a staple dessert at the resort.

There were muffins, donuts, strudels, cookies, and sticky buns, among other things.

Mickey Dome cakes are available.

And there’s a 50th-anniversary cheesecake in individual size. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve heard good things about it. It’s been available at every resort I’ve visited lately.

The refrigerator case has a variety of beverages and a few food items.

You can find juice, yogurt, mandarin oranges, soda, and milk.

There was an assortment of bottled water, beers, and wine.

And toward the end of the case, I found a few pre-made salads and fruit cups.

The salads were topped with grilled chicken and shrimp.

It’s pretty dark in Landscape of Flavors, so I didn’t get the best pictures. But I wanted to take a photo of the price list. It looks like a half-gallon of milk is running $5.69.

Here are the prices for a few other items that we previewed in the case.

For reference, the majority of these photos were taken toward the end of December in 2021.

This area below had beer on ice. I’m pretty sure this used to be where the hand-scooped gelato case was located. At some point, hopefully, the ice cream will return.

Before we wrap things up, we’ll look at this counter-service dining hall as a whole.

These food courts are set up so you walk up to a station and order your food. Then after receiving it and picking up any other items, you’ll check out at the cash register.

However, most guests these days will mobile order and pay for their food on the My Disney Experience app. When you get the notification that your order is ready, you’ll walk to the mobile order pick-up area to receive it.

The dining hall at Landscape of Flavors is large and offers a variety of seating.

There are several beverage and condiment stations available.

Disney serves Joffrey’s coffee at their quick-service restaurants and in the rooms.

You should be able to find almost anything you need. Sometimes I’ll stop in and pick up a few extra creamers and sweeteners for the coffee in my room. Those things are supplied in the room, but housekeeping can be a little hit or miss these days.

If you need a microwave, you can use the one at the food court. Additionally, there’s a mug-washing sink available for those that purchase a refillable mug.

There shouldn’t be an issue finding a place to enjoy your meal.

Landscape of Flavors is your average value food court. They’ve had a reputation for offering pretty decent food in the past. Unfortunately, at this time, most of the items lean toward the generic side of things.

Hopefully, that’s just a sign of the current times, and things will improve as we move forward. Don’t get me wrong, Disney has tons of excellent options spread out over the entirety of Walt Disney World.

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It’s just that Landscape of Flavors is your only real place to get a meal at Art of Animation. The Drop Off Pool Bar is available, but their menu consists mainly of snacks and beverages.

If you’re looking to enjoy more counter-service options, you can take the Skyliner over to Disney’s Riviera or Caribbean Beach and try their counter-service locations. We love to eat at Primo Piatto at Disney’s Riviera, and Bar Riva has a great menu too.

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Additionally, you might try Sebastian’s at Caribbean Beach or Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera for table service options. We love the character breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace. To date, it’s our favorite character dining experience at Disney World.

Or you could always order pizza. I recommend Flipper’s Pizza at Rolling Oaks. It’s my go-to for carryout pizza.

I hope this article gave you a good idea of what’s available at Landscape of Flavors. For more information about Disney’s Art of Animation, all of our articles are listed in our guide:

You may enjoy a few other nearby resorts:

In the comments:

What are your thoughts about the food options at Landscape of Flavors? Do you think the resort should have more options for meals? Will your family end up dining here during your stay?

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