Meet Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-it Ralph at Walt Disney World

If you’re hoping to meet Vanellope Von Schweetz during your Walt Disney World vacation, you’re in luck! She meets daily at Epcot in the Imagination Pavilion.

You may remember that she formerly met at Epcot with Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet. Unfortunately, at this time, Ralph has not returned to this location.

However, you can still meet Vanellope Von Schweetz, and I can assure you this character meet-and-greet does not disappoint.

So hop in your own sugar rush racecar! We’re off to meet the “sweetest” character around!

*Unfortunately, Vanellope Von Schweetz’s character meet at Epcot ended in August 2023. The photos and information below are for historical reference only.

Meet Wreck It Ralph at Disney World

Vanellope Von Schweetz has the most adorable character location. Her character meet is a must-do for fans of ‘Wreck-It Ralph.

Wreck-it Ralph Character Meet

Most of Epcot’s former Future World has been a construction zone for the past few years. Thankfully, some progress has been made, but we still have a way to go.

With that said many character locations at Epcot have been re-instated over the last year, including Vanellope Von Schweetz.

Vanellope meets at Image Works inside the Imagination Pavilion. This area is now considered World Celebration.

This internet surfing character meets several times per day. You’ll want to check the My Disney Experience App for the exact times of her meet on the day of your visit.

There are two options for entering the Imagination Pavilion. First, you can ride Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Then, at the end of the ride, you’ll exit into the Image Works area, where these character meets are held.

The other option is to walk around the side of the building and enter through the gift shop. A sign over the entrance typically indicates you’re in the right area.

When you enter the pavilion, you will walk through a retail store that opens up into the Image Works Lab. Vanellope meets in this area.

Below is a picture of the queue where guests are waiting to meet Vanellope.

Vanellope Von Schweetz meets with guests in this large open area. She is extremely popular, so you can expect to wait approximately 30 minutes if the queue is full.

Vanellope takes breaks to “visit the internet” for short periods throughout her listed times. Taking breaks is routine practice at all of the character meets.

If you were to see her leaving while you’re waiting, remain in place. She will return momentarily.

Here is the area where she exits to visit the internet.

When characters disappear, it can seem frustrating. But everyone needs a break now and then. Additionally, she will likely only be gone for a short few minutes.

Vanellope Von Schweetz is super cool and full of energy! You can tell she’s ready to hop in a candy racer at any moment and take you for a couple of laps around the World Showcase.

Vanellope Von Schweetz is an autograph-signing character, and a PhotoPass photographer is usually present at this meet and greet.

If you didn’t purchase the Memory Maker, you can always ask the cast member attending the meet if they will take a photo with your device.

Make sure to have your pen and autograph book ready when it’s your turn.

Here is a video we recorded a few years back, capturing the moment when Ralph and Vanellope visited the internet. Everyone in the area gathered around and was genuinely excited to see the characters come by and wave before leaving the room.

For more information on meeting characters at Walt Disney World, we have an entire guide we work to keep updated.

As always, remember to check the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit. It will list which characters are meeting at what time.

To do this:

You’ll open the app and select the pinpoint at the bottom of the screen. Then, you’ll select “characters” from the drop-down menu at the top. On the top left side, you can select which park you are visiting. On the top right side, you can choose show list.

Additionally, Joy from Inside Out meets at ImageWorks. Her character meet is in the same area as Vanellope Von Schweetz.

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