An Adventure to Epcot’s American Pavilion

The American Pavilion at Epcot is located in the heart and center of the World Showcase. America sits directly between the Japan Pavilion and Italy Pavilion.

Some refer to the entire pavilion as the American Adventure. However, the main attraction within the pavilion goes by the name The American Adventure.

For the sake of this review, and not to create any confusion, I will refer to it as the American Pavilion. And like the other countries, you’ll find that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to touring.

American Pavilion at Epcot

As you tour the American Pavilion, you’ll encounter various dining, attractions, and entertainment. Below are the things you can expect to find.


  • Colonial Style Mansion


  • The American Adventure
  • American Heritage Gallery (Soul of Jazz)


  • Voices of Liberty
  • The American Gardens Theater


  • Block and Hans (Quick Service)
  • Fife and Drum (Quick Service)
  • Funnel Cake (Quick Service)
  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse (Counter to Table)


  • Art of Disney
  • Heritage Manor

(These two stores are currently combined.)

America is a little different from all the other pavilions at Epcot. I guess that can only be expected given that this country is a little different itself. By that, I mean that most of the pavilions invite you in to explore. But the American Pavilion has a big ole’ Colonial-style mansion sitting out front.

The building appears to be two and a half stories. From my understanding, it is actually a five-story building. If you have ever been inside the pavilion that probably doesn’t surprise you. It’s massive!

Take for instance the rotunda in the center. Guests usually sit here while waiting for the Voices of Liberty to perform.

Anyone that takes some time to explore the colonial mansion will find a number of intricate details.

And if you’ve ever experienced The American Adventure performance you know that the upstairs is quite impressive as well.

Here’s a view from the 2nd story looking down into the rotunda area.

Outside the pavilion, there’s a nice fountain. Nearly all of the pavilions in the World Showcase offer some sort of water feature.

Personally, I find the pavilion is quite beautiful in the evening around sunset.

The American Adventure

America has two different attractions to experience while touring. The first is The American Adventure which has signage indicating the different showtimes outside the mansion entrance.

Often a cast member will come up to the door and make a last call before the next show starts. I always recommend getting there a little early and checking out the rest of the first floor. The entrance for the American Adventure is located in the back right-hand corner.

Once you go underneath the entrance, it’s a bit of a surprise. Here you’ll encounter this large area with escalators leading up to the second floor.

And then you’ll head across the floor and enter into this theater. I have to admit that I had visited Epcot many, many times without experiencing this performance. In fact, I didn’t see it until a few years back when it reopened after a lengthy refurbishment.

Each side of the theater has statues lined along the wall. The statues are said to represent the spirit of American values. There are six statues on each side of the theater making a total of twelve.

The American Adventure is narrated by none other than Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain. Several elaborate sets move on and off the stage during the performance.

When you leave the theater, there is a sloping ramp that exits back outside in front of the mansion.

I highly recommend taking the time to see The American Adventure. In my opinion, it is the greater of performances between it and The Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom. But both shows are really well done. Anyone with interest in history or patriotism should enjoy both.

While you are waiting for The American Adventure’s next performance, you might want to check out The American Heritage Gallery. A new exhibit debuted in February of 2021, “The Soul of Jazz, An American Adventure.”

Image Credit: Disney Parks Blog

You can read more about the exhibit here on the Disney Parks Blog.

The main form of entertainment in the American Pavilion is the Voices of Liberty. This is an a cappella group that performs traditional American tunes while dressed in early 1800s costume.

Voices of Liberty is a must-see while visiting the pavilion. Their performances can often be found in the rotunda of the colonial mansion. However, they have not been available on a regular schedule since the parks re-opened. Make sure to check the park’s daily time guide for availability when you visit.

Additionally, the large amphitheater, American Gardens Theater, hosts various performers throughout the year. Each festival usually brings with it a concert series.

When it comes to dining, the American Pavilion in Epcot offers various kiosks and counter service meals.

First, there’s Block and Hans, a walk-up kiosk located out in front of the pavilion. This location mainly offers beer selections and pretzels.

Fife and Drum is a similar kiosk in the same area.

They have a bit more substantial space in the pavilion than the other kiosks.

Here’s a look at their menu. You’ll find turkey legs, pretzels, hot dogs, and a few soft serve concoctions.

This is a good place to pick up popcorn or purchase a length of stay with refill bucket.

Funnel Cakes is another walk-up that offers…you guessed it, funnel cakes. Oftentimes, they will have a special kind of funnel cake in addition to the regular menu.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Regal Eagle Smokehouse is the latest counter service option in the American Pavilion. This was formerly home to Liberty Inn at Epcot that closed a little over a year ago.

Outside the dining location, you’ll find a “crafts and drafts” window. Here you can order a variety of different drinks.

As you can see they have beer on tap, frozen drink machines, and more.

Inside you’ll find a Muppet-themed restaurant serving barbecue.

From our experience, this is a great counter service dining option for the park. Here’s a look at the barbecue chicken. We had it prepared for food allergies.

The American Pavilion is the only country that doesn’t offer table service dining. My favorite choice for a full sit down meal is Via Napoli next door in Italy or maybe Nine Dragons in the China Pavilion.

As you exit the pavilion headed towards Italy, you’ll run into a Joffrey’s kiosk. This is also one of my favorite stops to get a peach iced tea. If you are looking for something refreshing with a little flavor, stop in and pick one up.

The shopping experience in the American Pavilion is a bit lacking at the moment. The former Heritage Manor gift shop is now home to the Art of Disney.

Art of Disney was formerly located at the front of the park, but that entire area is under construction. Eventually, we’ll see what we end up with as far as Epcot goes.

And outside the American Pavilion’s shop you’ll find the Kidcot fun stop location. All of the countries in the World Showcase have their own Kidcot station. I encourage any of you visiting with children to have them get involved with this while you tour.

While Epcot’s American Pavilion isn’t my favorite country in the World Showcase, I still enjoy the time I spend touring it. Most of you that visit the site regularly know that Epcot is my favorite park. And I really enjoy sharing my thoughts on it more than any other park.

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Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on the America Pavilion at Epcot. Do you enjoy a stop in or is this a country you would typically skip?

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