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Regal Eagle Smokehouse Review with Menu

Regal Eagle Smokehouse is one of Epcot’s newest quick-service dining locations. The Muppets-themed (barely) restaurant is located in the American Adventure Pavilion. By barely, I mean if you didn’t know the restaurant featured the Muppets, you might not even notice it.

In this Regal Eagle Smokehouse review, we’ll look at the menu, a few food items, and what to expect when dining here. Most of us probably develop preconceived notions about things. And I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t really expect to like Regal Eagle. It turns out I was wrong. I really enjoyed it.

Not only that, but I’m looking forward to returning and trying new items. As long as they come with a side of onion rings. Let me explain.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse at Epcot Review

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Review

When it comes to deciding on dining in the parks, it’s always a good idea to preview the menu. Thanks to the implementation of mobile ordering, you can preview an up-to-date menu on your mobile device these days.

You can view the full Regal Eagle Smokehouse menu here on Disney’s site in the meantime if you like. It includes a variety of smoked meats like ribs, brisket, chicken, pork, burgers, and more.

When you enter the America Pavilion at Epcot, Regal Eagle Smokehouse is located on the left-hand side of the colonial mansion.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse location

As mentioned earlier, the restaurant is subtly Muppets-themed. If you look at the decor closely, you will notice a few hints of Muppets phrases and photos.

Interior design of the Muppets themed dining at Epcot

However, if you’re busy or not paying attention, the whole Muppets theming can easily be overlooked. You might even eat there and later think to yourself, “Oh yeah, Muppets.”

Muppets in Epcot barbecue at Regal Eagle

Even looking back through my pictures and putting all of this together, I myself almost forgot. And I love the Muppets.

interior of Regal Eagle in Epcot

I did take a picture of this quote below that offers a bit of a spin on a popular Muppets phrase. It says, “A salute to all cook-offs but mostly barbecue.”

Muppets Barbecue restaurant

Regardless of whether you notice the Muppets or not, Regal Eagle Smokehouse is definitely American. And I feel that in most instances, they did an outstanding job with the restaurant.

I say most instances because we really enjoyed eating at Liberty Inn. And before the refurbishment, they had a beautiful fountain in the center of the room.

The noise the former fountain offered was pleasant. It echoed through the large dining area, dulling the noise of everyone else’s conversations around you.

Here’s one of those before the renovation type photos.

Former Liberty Inn before Regal Eagle Smokehouse

And after. I’ll let you decide who wore it better. I love both looks.

Dining room

This space turned out really well, especially with the use of darker colors and no natural light.

Counter Service ordering for Regal Eagle Smokehouse Barbecue

Below, you might notice that the ordering area has social distance markers. And the menu screens all have the mobile order symbol displayed.

Ordering at Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Disney would prefer you to place the order on the app and not actually enter the restaurant until you get the notification that the meal is ready.

At the entrance, a cast member will direct you to a specific number to pick up your order.

Order and pick up Regal Eagle

The self-service beverages are currently not working either to help avoid the spread of germs.

Drink station Regal Eagle Epcot

After picking up your order, find a seat in the dining room to enjoy your meal. You might also elect to dine outside.

Dining room for Regal Eagle

There is partial booth-style seating around the parameter of the room. Tables with benches are in the middle.

Seating area inside

Outside there are picnic tables with benches. Some of the tables have umbrellas providing a little protection from the sun.

Review Outside Seating Area at Regal Eagle

Going into our meal, I knew that I wanted to try an order of onion rings. They are just one of my guilty food pleasures, and these didn’t disappoint.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Review Onion Rings

I think that most onion rings connoisseurs can decide by looking at them whether they will like them or not. These are beer-battered onion rings offering a smooth coat that is deliciously crunchy. I highly recommend them.

Side Items Regal Eagle Epcot

To balance out this side item, I ordered the Power Greens Salad with Chicken. The menu describes this item as “mixed greens tossed with citrus fruit, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and radishes with a citrus vinaigrette and chilled pulled chicken.”

Barbecue Chicken Salad at Regal Eagle Smokehouse

The salad was massive, and I felt like it was one of the best quick service entrees I’ve had in a long time at Disney. It was only a little over $11.00 on the date of my visit, and it definitely delivered taste and money-wise.

My only complaint about the salad is that I don’t care for grapefruit, so I removed them. However, they didn’t negatively impact my meal. As you can probably tell, my salad had a generous amount of toppings.

Salad Options at Epcot America's Regal Eagle

Since this meal, I’ve gone vegan and have tried quite a few plant-based items around Disney World. I mention this because Regal Eagle Smokehouse has a vegan jackfruit burger on its menu. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to return and try it yet. But I have accumulated a list of the Disney World vegan food items here that I have tried to date.

My son was able to order an allergy-friendly meal here as well. This was a win for us because the former Liberty Inn was our go-to chicken nugget stop in the World Showcase.

Thankfully, Regal Eagle Smokehouse has several options to accommodate food allergies. For example, this is the Kansas City smoked half chicken.

Barbecue Chicken Regal Eagle

It comes with a side item, and fries cooked in a separate fryer always tend to be a simple option for him. And while that looks like buttered Texas toast, it’s actually a gluten-free bread with a soy spread.

He doesn’t have gluten sensitivity. However, allergies to eggs and milk often prevent him from eating bread in most restaurants.

And it turned out to be a really nice option. Since I’m from Alabama, I can’t actually say it’s the best barbecue chicken I’ve ever tried. But I also don’t think you can expect to pick up a stellar barbecue at Disney unless you visit the Polite Pig at Disney Springs (review).

Barbecue Chicken at Muppets Regal Eagle Smokehouse

With that being said, I don’t think anyone would find much to complain about with the chicken. This is a great portion, and the pricing is extremely reasonable considering its theme park food.

Outside of Regal Eagle Smokehouse, there’s a crafts and drafts walk up window.

Regal Eagle Craft Draft Beer

Here’s a look at the different offerings you can pick up there. They have non-alcoholic specialties like a berry sparkler and frozen iced tea lemonade. In the South, we call that half and half.

You can also pick up various specialty cocktails, draft beer, hard cider, and wine on tap. So what isn’t on tap these days? Even the margaritas in our Frontera Cocina review came on tap. And I have no complaints about Frontera.

overhead menu at Crafts and Drafts

The American theming continues behind the outdoor counter. And you might spot out a few other things of interest.

Craft Drafts and Cocktails at Regal Eagle

As it turns out, Regal Eagle Smokehouse is a wonderful addition to this Epcot pavilion. When dining at the park, there are so many choices between all of the different countries and the variety of festivals that take place throughout the year.

Review of Regal Eagle Smokehouse Epcot

Hopefully, this review of Regal Eagle Smokehouse provided you with the details to decide whether or not a meal here is right for your party.

For those in the mood for something a little closer to home (or not), stop in, and give Regal Eagle a try. I can’t think of a better quick service location for a sit-down meal at Epcot.

And if you are looking for something more along the lines of full table service, check out the Via Napoli at Epcot review. They serve some of the best pizza I’ve ever had, and entrees, and dessert.

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If you have had the opportunity to try Regal Eagle Smokehouse, leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts on dining here.

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