A resort recreation calendar for December 2023.


  1. This is SUPER helpful!! I was struggling to find an idea of what type of activities would be offered for our August stay at Caribbean Beach. I’m a super planner, so this is great! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I think it depends on the activity. I know anyone (guest or not) can schedule the art classes or the Mickey mosaics at Coronado Springs. Those are extra cost items. But as far as activities inside the pool area–I think they would be specific to hotel guests.

  2. This is great, so helpful in trying to plan a resort day/night to take a break from the parks. Much appreciated!!

  3. This is so helpful! I am an AP and I’m taking my bestie for her first trip in over 20 years in October. I’m so excited and would love to see this info for October when it becomes available!

  4. This is very helpful as the calendars are so hard to find. We’re going in December. Some resorts used to have holiday carolees and and I’m trying to find out if they are doing that this year.

    1. Thanks, I remember carolers from several years ago on the days leading up to Christmas. If we see any additional information, we’ll share it in this post.

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