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The Ultimate List of Disney Loungefly Backpacks

Disney Loungefly Backpacks have been all the rage the past few years. Whether you are taking a vacation to Walt Disney World or want to sport your Disney style, there’s surely a backpack that will match your taste.

Personally, I believe that most guests should take a backpack into the parks. In fact, it would be extremely rare for me to visit any of the four theme parks and not have mine with me. And what’s great is that some of these backpacks are Disney Parks Loungeflys, meaning they are inspired by attractions, snacks, and other beloved park things.

One of the features that I love most about the Disney Loungefly mini backpacks is the size. In addition, these bags offer a decent amount of organization compartments. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are kind of adorable.

Another perk is that these backpacks are reasonable in pricing. Thus, making it more affordable for most to purchase multiple styles when it’s hard to decide. I like that you don’t have to feel like you are making a long-term commitment when a new style comes out that you have to have.

Loungefly for Disney offers a tremendous variety of styles. At any given time, there could be twenty or more designs available on shopDisney alone!

Loungefly Disney Backpacks Timeline

Below is the ultimate list of Loungefly Disney backpacks that have been released on shopDisney. Since this review has been up and running for a while now, I’ve decided to add a few other BoxLunch and Fun.com options.

We are working on keeping this Loungefly review updated to serve you better. Moving forward, I’ll start placing the newest releases available toward the top of each column. You can use the links below if you are looking for something specific.

Additionally, I’m adding a preview of the new releases exclusive to Loungefly toward the top of the list.

Hopefully, this list will help you see the currently available styles or have an expected ship date. But, remember, these do eventually sell out. And some even sell out quickly!

Therefore, every single one on the list might not be available. This will also help serve as a timeline of sorts if you are trying to locate a specific bag.

When new Disney Parks Loungefly backpacks are added to shopDisney in 2021, I update this review to reflect the most current bags at the top of the post. Also, underneath the 2021 Loungefly Disney bags are the different options from other vendors. So make sure to look all the way through because I add new backpacks further down the list.

Lastly, toward the bottom, I have the bags that are leftover from last year.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this page, meaning Resorts Gal may be compensated if you make a purchase. These come at absolutely no cost to you and help support our business.

Disney Loungefly Coming Soon!

Normally, we don’t add coming soon, but with the 50th-anniversary of Walt Disney World approaching, we have a sneak peek of what to expect. Starting with The Celebration Collection, which will launch October 1st as the 18-month long celebration begins.


This bag will be available at the Walt Disney World Parks. However, we don’t know yet whether or not it will release on shopDisney. Fingers crossed!

And it’s hard to decide which one is the most stunning. I’ll take both! What about you? This next bag is part of the Earidescent Collection that launches in later October 2021.


Spoiler: These both have matching ears! As soon as we know more details, I’ll keep you posted!

New Loungefly Disney Parks Backpacks (2021)

New releases from shopDisney are listed below this section. After that, I’ve added newer styles from BoxLunch and Hot Topic. Toward the bottom, some of the styles have been on this review for a while. At the time of the last update, they were showing availability.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Loungefly Backpack

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I posted pictures of this last weekend from the Disney Parks! It’s a good-looking Loungefly! Characters on the design include Jack Skellington, Sally, Lock, Shock, Barrel, Zero, and Oogie Boogie!

Image shopDisney

Find it here on shopDisney. Oh, and there are matching ears here!

Purple Wall Loungefly Mini Backpack

It’s finally here on shopDisney! This pretty Loungefly Disney backpack represents the purple wall found in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom! (And this is a Disney Parks Loungefly!)

Image shopDisney

Find it here while it’s available!

Goofy Loungefly Backpack

If you love Goofy, you’ll get a kick out of this cute new Loungefly mini backpack. And I really love the styling of this one along with the colors!

Image shopDisney

Make sure to check out the backside here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Loungefly Wristlet – Polka Dot

If you’ve visited our Loungefly timeline before, you probably know that I love the wristlet. They are the perfect size for small outings or when traveling lightly. And this one has a pretty sequin bow. I think it will match a lot of different looks and ears!

Image shopDisney

This Loungefly wristlet is available here on shopDisney.

Hocus Pocus Loungefly Disney Backpack

There were several new Hocus Pocus merchandise pieces released recently on shopDisney. Including this Loungefly Disney backpack that’s currently available for pre-order.


You can check here on shopDisney to see if it’s still available.

Minnie Mouse Halloween Mini Loungefly Backpack

It’s here and truly charming! This new Disney Parks Halloween Loungefly for 2021 is a keeper! Look at the details closely!

Image shopDisney

Find this fun Disney Parks Halloween Loungefly here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband Mini Loungefly Backpack

You may or may not be aware that this Disney Parks backpack was released in the parks recently. Apparently, it’s sold out already. I haven’t seen it anywhere! It’s rare to see a bag with a cute white background and those ears!


Find this one here on shopDisney.

Oogie Boogie Mini Loungefly Backpack – The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Oogie Boogie Disney Loungefly backpack is new on shopDisney! However, if you look at the label, you’ll notice this is not a Disney Parks Loungefly. But it was too cute not to share!

Image shopDisney

What do you think about this lime green Oogie Boogie turned Loungefly backpack? Is he a keeper. If so, find him here on shopDisney.

Jasmine Loungefly Mini Backpack – Aladdin

Aladdin Fans much? The Genie’s Lamp is prominently displayed with the city of Agrabah in the background. (This is not a Disney Parks Loungefly)

Image shopDisney

Find this one here on shopDisney while it’s available.

Disney Princess Sidekicks Loungefly Mini Backpack

Like Crystals and your favorite Disney sidekicks? This new print with pretty pale colors might be perfect for you!

Image shopDisney

Note: This is not a Disney Parks Loungefly. Find it here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Sequined Loungefly Wristlet – Mint

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a mini backpack wristlet by Loungefly Disney. This mint-green reminds me of The Princess and the Frog. However, it is Minnie Mouse themed with the bow and ears!


I’m sure you could make it work with your Tiana look, though! Find it here while it lasts on shopDisney. (You might remember that I think these are the perfect size for early tweens and teens.)

Cruella Loungefly Disney Backpack – Live-Action

shopDisney has this backpack listed as “fiercely fashionable,” and I have to agree. This new Cruella de Ville Disney Loungefly backpack was recently released, celebrating the upcoming Live-Action Cruella.

Image shopDisney

Find it here on shopDisney.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mini Disney Parks Loungefly Backpack Rainbow

Love Rainbows? Me too! This darling black and white background features fun pops of bright colors. And there’s a matching wristlet available if you are looking for something smaller.

Disney Loungefly Rainbow
Image shopDisney

Find it here while available on shopDisney.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Loungefly Wristlet

Here is the wristlet. I purchased one for my niece a few years back (the Arendelle Aqua one), and she loves it to this day. It’s a great size for all ages, but really something fun for those tween to early teenage years.

Image shopDisney

The wristlet is available here on shopDisney.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Mini Disney Parks Loungefly Backpack

Have you had the chance to ride Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway yet? Love it? Well, you’ll love this new Disney Parks Loungefly representing the fun attraction.

Image shopDisney

Find it here on shopDisney. And the matching wallet is available here.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tropical Loungefly Mini Backpack (Disney Parks)

This new tropical Disney Loungefly makes me want to pack my bags and head straight to Aulani! Look at the bamboo trim and handle!

Image shopDisney

Find it here on shopDisney while it lasts! This one appears to have sold out.

Minnie Mouse Sequin and Polka Dot Mini Loungefly Disney Parks Backpack

This darling Disney Parks Loungefly features black sequins with red and white bows and accents! What’s not to love with all the classics?

Image shopDisney

Find it here while available on shopDisney.

Inside Out Mini Loungefly Disney Parks Loungefly Backpack

Fan of Inside Out? I love the color choices on this cute mini backpack! Notice the zipper pull represents all the different emotions! How precious!

Image shopDisney

Find this one here on shopDisney.

Yeti Loungefly Mini Backpack – Expedition Everest

Yeti anyone? If Expedition Everest is your thing, you are going to love this new Disney Loungefly featuring our beloved furry Yeti!

Image shopDisney

Find it here on shopDisney while supplies last. (Might be sold out.)

World of Pixar Loungefly Mini Backpack Disney Parks

All of your favorite Pixar characters on one adorable Disney Loungefly! I love that this bag features Eve, Wall-E, Russell, Joy, Lightning McQueen, and so many other favorite Pixar characters! And the stunning blue background is perfect with the black trim!

Disney Parks Loungefly Backpack
Image shopDisney

Find this one here on shopDisney.

Disney Parks Chibi Mini Loungefly Backpack

This Disney Chibi print is adorable on this latest Loungefly. The bag features iconic Disney Parks characters, attractions, and treats! This one will also add a bright pop of color to any outfit. I love the unique color palette on the print.

Image shopDisney

Find this adorable Chibi Disney Loungefly here on shopDisney. And there’s a matching wallet available here.

Minnie Mouse Bow Loungefly Mini Backpack

This new Minnie Mouse Bow backpack is now available for pre-order. It has a nice black with red contrast print. There are multiple bright red bows on the front and sides of this cute design. I also like the perfect “rock the dots” look with Minnie’s featured on some of the dots!

Image shopDisney

This Disney Loungefly is here on shopDisney.

Disney Park Glow Loungefly Mini Backpack

It’s here! The new Disney Park Glow Loungefly mini-backpack! All of our favorite things in neon, and it glows! Look closely, and you’ll see teacups, a monorail, balloons, and even a Dole Whip! I don’t think this will be around long!

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

Another popular bag that sold out the first day!

Coco Loungefly Mini Backpack

Not only was the new glow mini backpack released, but we also have this beauty inspired by Coco. The bottom pocket says, “Seize your moment.” What a great reminder as you pack your Loungefly mini before heading out to the parks!

Image courtesy shopDisney

Find it here on shopDisney while available.

Disney Dogs Loungefly Mini Backpack

This darling Loungefly Disney Dogs backpack just came available as an after-Christmas surprise. You can find it here on shopDisney.

Disney Dogs Loungefly

Here is the cat version of the new mini backpack. Both of these styles feature three furry friends with their heads peeking out!

Disney Loungefly Cats

The cat version is available here on shopDisney.

Disney Critters Loungefly Mini Backpack

Is this one adorable or what? This bright red features fun pops of orange, blue, and a few favorite Disney critters from animated films. For instance, there’s Meeko from Pocahontas and Tod from The Fox and the Hound.


Find this one here on shopDisney. (December Release)

Loungefly Disney Mini Backpacks

Moving on to Fun.com’s line of Disney Loungefly, I have several newer 2021 Disney Loungefly releases that I’m excited to share with you! Starting with this beauty!

Disney Snow White Castle Series Loungefly Mini Backpack

This one is coming soon and isn’t she a pretty Disney Loungefly?

Image Fun.com

Scheduled to release in October, find out more details here on Fun.com.

Disney Spooky Mickey & Minnie Candy Corn Mini Backpack with Ears Headband by Loungefly

Its ears, no, it’s a backpack. Wait, it’s both. If you are wanting to scoop up this duo like it’s Halloween candy, you’ll need to keep an eye out for its release!

Image Fun.com

Check here on shopDisney.

Disney Ghost Minnie Glow-in-the-Dark Loungefly Mini Backpack

And then there is this glow-in-the-dark version that’s coming soon. I’m curious to see this one!

Image Fun.com

Find it here on shopDisney.

Disney Pixar Up Working Buddies Loungefly Mini Backpack

It’s Carl and Ellie as they journey to Paradise Falls in this Up-themed Loungefly Disney mini-backpack.

Image Fun.com

Find it here on shopDisney.

Disney Steamboat Willie Music Cruise Mini Backpack from Loungefly

Oh, my stars! This black and white Mickey with grayscale is amazing! Fans of the original Mickey Mouse shorts will want to snatch this one up quickly.

Image Fun.com

Find this one here on Fun.com.

Loungefly Disney Sequin Rainbow Minnie Mouse Mini Backpack

This new rainbow sequin Loungefly Disney backpack is definitely a keeper. The white backdrop is a nice neutral with the pops of color.

Image Fun.com

This bright rainbow sequin backpack by Loungefly Disney is available here.

Disney Minnie Mouse Holding Flowers Mini Loungefly Backpack

Isn’t she pretty? This is such a sweet backpack with Minnie and her floral bouquet. I love that her eyes are closed as she breathes in the scent of fresh flowers.

Image Fun.com

Find this backpack here while it’s available. And there is a matching wallet here.

Disney Eeyore Cosplay Mini Loungefly Backpack

How adorable is Eeyore in this Disney Cosplay Loungefly mini-backpack? And his tail! Seriously, don’t you love it?

Image Fun.com

Find Eeyore here while he lasts.

Loungefly Disney Villains Ursula Scene Crystal Ball Mini Backpack

Beware! This new Villains backpack is coming to Fun.com soon! Wow! This is a big win for fans of The Little Mermaid.

Image Fun.com

Coming soon here to Fun.com. (Out of Stock already!)

Loungefly Disney Cinderella Castle Series Mini Backpack

Just when you thought your chance to snag this Cinderella backpack was as gone as her coach at midnight, it’s back! Well, it’s coming soon…to a different retailer. Unfortunately, it appears to be out of stock again, but you are welcome to check below.

Image Fun.com

Check every day for this one here on Fun.com.

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch Story Time Duckies Loungefly Mini Backpack

This Stitch with the Ugly Ducklings is one of my all-time favorite scenes. And now it comes in a backpack!

Image Loungefly

Find it here while it lasts on Fun.com.

Disney Villains Scene Loungefly Maleficent Mini Backpack

I was so excited to see this one too! All of these new styles sold out on Loungefly the day they were released. I’m thankful for the opportunity to get to share them with you.

Image Fun.com

You can check availability here for this spell-binding Loungefly Disney backpack!

Beauty And The Beast Belle Cosplay Loungefly Mini Backpack

This new Loungefly Disney backpack featuring Belle’s dress has all the fine details. I love the gold buttons that secure the layers of her dress!

Image Fun.com

Find this true beauty here on Fun.com.

Disney Zootopia Chibi Group Loungefly Mini Backpack

Released in June of 2021! This new Disney Loungefly featuring Zootopia is amazing! The attention to detail, the colors, and the characters! I love every inch of this mini-backpack, just like the movie!

Image Fun.com

This one is hopefully still available. Find it here.

Mini Loungefly Star Wars Mandalorian Bantha Ride Backpack

I always thought that not having a Bantha ride (or similar) in Galaxy’s Edge was a miss, but what do I know? Now you can sport a Bantha riding on your back with this cute Mandalorian Loungefly mini-backpack!

Image Fun.com

Find it here on Fun.com.

Star Wars Darth Vader Light Up Cosplay Mini Backpack from Loungefly

Rarely would I miss an opportunity to share something that “lights up!” And this Darth Vader Loungefly Disney backpack sure does. How fun will this be at nighttime?

Image Fun.com

Find it here on Fun.com. (Might be Sold Out, they will email you when it comes available.)

Disney Pixar Ratatouille Chef Mini Backpack by Loungefly

Getting ready to ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure later this year? Check out this adorable backpack by Loungefly Disney.

Image Fun.com

Find this Pixar favorite here on Fun.com. (Might be Sold Out, they will email you when it comes available.)

Disney Villains Cruella De Vil Spots Mini Backpack by Loungefly

It’s totally black and white, as anything Cruella should be! Notice those red raging eyes, though, adding a pop of color to this classic backpack!

Image Fun.com

Cruella De Vil in the backpack form is available here.

Disney Villains Pastel Flames AOP Mini Backpack by Loungefly

The more I look at this one, the more I like it! Seeing all of the villains in flaming pastels is a fun look!

Image Fun.com

Sport your favorite villain with this Loungefly Disney backpack here on Fun.com

Loungefly Disney Mickey Mouse Cosplay Balloon Mini Backpack

I know you are probably doing a double-take just like me. But your eyes are not deceiving you. It is a Loungefly Disney backpack featuring Mickey in balloon form. I kind of want to squish it!

Image Fun.com

Available here while supplies last.

Emperor’s New Groove Cosplay Yzma Mini Backpack

She’s a villain and now has a backpack! Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove is now available.

Image Fun.com

Find her here on Fun.com.

Disney Beauty and The Beast Pin Collector from Loungefly

It’s a backpack, it’s a Disney Loungefly, and it’s for pin collectors! What’s not to like?


Find it here on Fun.com.

Disney Pixar Wall-E Eve Boot Earth Day Pop By Loungefly Backpack

It’s Wall-E and Eve perfectly presenting a sign of life all on a mini backpack! Note that the background resembles a starry sky.


I love it! Do you? Find it here on Fun.com.

Disney Pocahontas Meeko Flit Earth Day Pop By Loungefly Backpack

Meeko and Flit from Pocahontas are featured on this pale blue mini backpack from Loungefly. This one was released to celebrate Earth Day!

Image Fun.com

Find it here while supplies last.

Disney Loungefly Winnie the Pooh Pin Collector Backpack

Here we have another pin collector backpack, but this time it’s Winnie the Pooh!

Image Fun.com

Find this cutie here on Fun.com

Wreck-It Ralph Vanellope Cosplay Mini-Backpack

Make sure to carry this super cute bag with you when you hop in your own Sugar Rush racer!


Vanellope Von Schweetz would be proud. Find this one here on Fun.com.

Cosplay Stitch Luau Mini Backpack

You know, the moment I laid eyes on this Stitch Loungefly Disney backpack, I knew I had to share it.


Seriously, this would go with almost anything. Think about it with whites, yellows, pinks, denim, etc. It just works. Find it here on Fun.com.

Loungefly Disney Dumbo Flying Circus Tent Mini Backpack

Fans of Dumbo will appreciate the muted color palette featured on this design. I think it would be perfect for carrying as a baby bag too!


However you wear it or whatever for, you can find it here on Fun.com.

Winnie The Pooh Piglet Cosplay Mini-Backpack

This Disney Loungefly mini backpack makes me smile. How could it not? Down to that little creased ear on Piglet?


Find it here while available on Fun.com.

Balloon Winnie The Pooh Friends Mini Backpack by Loungefly

If you are looking for other Winnie the Pooh options, consider this sky blue background Loungefly mini featuring our favorite pals in balloon shapes!


It’s a fun Disney backpack. Find it here on Fun.com.

Loungefly: Disney Minnie Mouse Pink Bow 2 in 1 Fanny Pack

You know I love a two-for-one! Sport it as a backpack or remove the fanny pack and wear it separately.


Check here for availability on Fun.com.

Loungefly Disney Fox and Hound Todd And Copper Cosplay

These adorable furry friends bring back a few childhood memories.


Find this Disney Loungefly mini-backpack here while available.

Next, we’ll take a look at the newest backpacks available on BoxLunch. We’ll start with a stunning backpack that I fear won’t be available long.

Loungefly Disney Pixar Toy Story Beach Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

A Loungefly Disney backpack, beach scene, and Toy Story characters? Yes, please!

Image BoxLunch

Find this extremely unique design here on BoxLunch while available.

Loungefly Disney Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Windows Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

We have a new Beauty and the Beast stained glass window Disney Loungefly backpack. This one offers a fun pop of color!

Image BoxLunch

Find it here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Mickey Mouse Southwestern Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

It’s our very own Mickey Mouse in cactus form! This backpack is bright and cheerful, and the colors are pretty.

Image BoxLunch

This one is available here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Beauty and the Beast Floral Portrait Mini Backpack

It is gorgeous, isn’t it? I love the dimensional roses that decorate the bag. And these pretty pastels on the cream background all go together well.

Image BoxLunch

This new release may already be sold out. Check for restocks here.

Beauty and the Beast Chibi Ballroom Mini Backpack

If you aren’t a fan of pastels, you might love this Chibi print that pops with vibrant colors. It is adorable.

Image BoxLunch

Find it here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Sleeping Beauty Fairy Godmothers Figural Mini Backpack

I love these sister fairies! And this Disney Loungefly! It’s charming, don’t you think?

Image BoxLunch

Find it here on BoxLunch.

Disney Alice in Wonderland Floral Wonderland Mini Backpack

This BoxLunch exclusive features fan-favorite Alice in Wonderland. I’m happy they came out with this bag in muted tones. I love the fact that you can wear it with a pretty dress and it won’t take away from it, but rather complement your overall style.

Image BoxLunch

This subtle mini Loungefly backpack is available here while supplies last.

Loungefly Disney Dogs in Air Balloons Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Who doesn’t like hot air balloons filled with Disney Dogs? This, to me, screams Fall with the color palette, and it would make a fun back to school or college look, wouldn’t it?


Find this cute mini backpack here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Villains Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

The more I look at this Disney villain’s backpack, the more I love it. Make sure to check out the additional pictures on BoxLunch. The back has a pretty neat ombre effect.


If you are a fan of Disney villains, check out more details about this backpack here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Lilo & Stitch Stitch with Ukulele Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Stitch is one of the most fun Disney Loungefly backpacks, and I love his look on this one! Watch out as he plays a classic tune (Elvis, I’m sure) on his ukulele.

Image BoxLunch

This Loungefly mini is exclusive to BoxLunch. Find it here on their website.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Spring Floral Mini Backpack

These two on a Loungefly Disney backpack with a purple backdrop are too cute! They always make me smile.


What’s not to love? Find Jack and Sally here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Princess Fall Floral Mini Backpack

Fall and Florals plus Disney Princesses? Can’t you just see this one paired with a fun denim jacket or dark-colored top? It will make for quite the accessory.


Available here on BoxLunch while supplies last.

Lilo & Stitch Stitch with Ducklings Mini Backpack

This is another favorite because I love the scene featured on the front! It’s Stitch holding a pineapple surrounding by ugly ducklings and Scrump!

Image BoxLunch

Don’t you just adore it? Check here for more details.

Pixar Up Dug & Knick-Knacks Mini Backpack

This new Loungefly Disney backpack gets points for unique colors and a fun theme. It’s Dug from Up, along with several fun knick-knacks from the movie.


This Pixar Up bag is available here.

Loungefly Disney Lilo & Stitch Upside Down Figural Mini Backpack

Feeling a little upside down? Express your best self with this Stitch mini-backpack.


If your life is upside down, check this one out here.

Loungefly Disney The Three Caballeros Figural Mini Backpack

We sing “Aye Caramba” is the first thing I think of with these Three Caballeros featured on a Loungefly!


Find this one here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney The Princess and the Frog Kiss Scene Mini Backpack

This is really a pretty bag with the yellows and soft greens. And who doesn’t enjoy the tale of The Princess and the Frog?


This bright and cheerful backpack is available here on shopDisney.

The Little Mermaid Kiss the Girl Mini Backpack

Fan of Ariel? Below we have a different kissing scene featured on this backpack. Prince Eric and Ariel are leaning in for their first smooch!


Make sure to hum the tune of Under the Sea when you carry this Disney backpack! Available here while supplies last.

Loungefly Disney Mickey Mouse Sorcerer Figural Light-Up Mini Backpack

The emblems on the sorcerer’s hat of this newer Loungefly actually light up. And it has the perfect Mickey Mouse silhouette.


Check out how this one lights up here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Princess Donuts Mini Backpack

After inspecting this bag closely, I totally agree that princess-themed donuts are completely okay. Just look at Ariel’s fins with a purple bow and Snow White’s donut partially dipped in frosting with a red bow on top.

Image BoxLunch

This princess donut look is available here.

DuckTales Gold Coins Mini Backpack

Scrooge backpacks are always fun, and this one even features Huey, Dewey, and Louie!

Image BoxLunch

This backpack can be found here on BoxLunch while available.

Loungefly Disney Aladdin Rajah Floral Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

So happy to see this pretty in pink backpack with Rajah from Aladdin! We haven’t seen many Aladdin pieces lately, have we?

Image BoxLunch

This one can be viewed here on BoxLunch.

Bambi Flower in Flowers Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Flower? When I saw this one, I instantly blushed. I feel this so much.

Image BoxLunch

For more details, check it out here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Sleeping Beauty Floral Mini Backpack

Love this BoxLunch exclusive Sleeping Beauty Disney backpack by Loungefly!

Image BoxLunch

Find it here on BoxLunch while it’s available.

Loungefly Disney Pixar Brave Triplets Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Check out his new Pixar Brave Disney Loungefly featuring Merida and her brothers! It’s so rare to find Brave merchandise like this. I had to add it as soon as I saw it!

Image Courtesy of BoxLunch

Find this Merida Loungefly here while available.

Loungefly Disney Steamboat Willie Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Don’t you just love this classic Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie? It’s a very unique backpack that’s sure to get a lot of compliments.

Loungefly Disney Steamboat Mickey
Image Courtesy of BoxLunch

Find this backpack here on BoxLunch. (This one is on backorder, make sure to check shipping dates.)

Loungefly Disneyland 65th Anniversary Convertible Mini Backpack

Below is a look at the anniversary Loungefly backpack for Disneyland. This one is expected to ship in the Spring. You might also like the Disneyland Park bag at the very bottom of this review.

Disneyland Loungefly
Image Courtesy of BoxLunch

This special anniversary design is available here on BoxLunch.

The Rescuers Canyon Mini Backpack

The Rescuers Down Under movie is represented well with this Loungefly mini backpack. It was too cute not to share.

Rescuers Loungefly by Disney
Image Courtesy of BoxLunch

Sold Out.

Loungefly Disney The Princess and the Frog Tiana Art Mini Backpack

Princess Tiana is beautifully represented on this fun-style Loungefly for Disney. This will add a nice pop of color to any wardrobe.

Tiana Loungefly
Image Courtesy BoxLunch

For more details about this stunning backpack, check here on BoxLunch. (Out of Stock)


I’ve had a hard time deciding which of these Little Mermaid bags is my favorite. I love the shells and gold accents on this one.

Little Mermaid Ariel Loungefly Disney
Image Courtesy Hot Topic

Find this one here on Hot Topic.


What are you daydreaming of? Also, if I think about this movie for a very long, I might end up in tears. Carl and Ellie from Up are kind of perfectly featured on this one. Note the house with balloons zipper pull.

Up Disney Loungefly Carl Ellie
Image Courtesy of Hot Topic

Find this one here while available.

Loungefly Disney Alice in Wonderland Garden Flowers Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Alice in Wonderland daydreamers will probably wonder why they haven’t already purchased this curious backpack yet. I can’t say that I blame you, but the one below is a nice option as well.

Alice Wonderland Loungefly
Image BoxLunch

This one is available here on BoxLunch while supplies last.

Loungefly Disney Lilo & Stitch Boba Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Love it! That’s all I can say about this Hawaiian-themed Stitch Loungefly!

Add a little Stitch to your hula dance with this backpack here.

Loungefly Disney Lilo & Stitch Frog Figural Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

If you thought Stitch couldn’t get any cuter, think again! This image of Stitch is a favorite and always reminds me to show compassion.

Stitch and Frog Loungefly Disney
Image Courtesy of BoxLunch

Find this BoxLunch exclusive here while it’s available.

Loungefly Disney Lilo & Stitch Coconut Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

This darling mini Loungefly Disney backpack features a baby blue, pinks, and our old pal Stitch!

Image BoxLunch

Find this cutie here on BoxLunch

Loungefly Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano Figural Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Yes, that is Ahsoka Tano on a Loungefly mini! Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars were already familiar with this brave Jedi before her appearance on The Mandalorian.

Ahsoka Disney Loungefly
Image BoxLunch

Available here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Princess Companion Floral Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

The companion floral backpack below is a newer design. It features favorite princess companions.

Disney Companions Loungefly
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Find your favorite princess companion here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Tangled Chiffon Flowers Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

Here’s this charming backpack by Loungefly in a lovely shade of purple featuring Rapunzel from Tangled.

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Live your dreams with this Tangled mini Loungefly here on BoxLunch.

Loungefly Disney Tangled Tower Scene Mini Backpack

Then there’s this one that kind of screams, “Every hour, I’m so glad I left my tower.” This bag appears to have pretty coloring.

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The tower backpack option is available here.

Loungefly Disney Cinderella Gus Figural Mini Backpack – BoxLunch Exclusive

How can you say no to Gus, one of Cinderella’s mice friends? He’s sure to help out a princess in need by securing all of her valuables with this Loungefly backpack.

Loungefly Gus Cinderella Mini
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Find it here while available.

This pink striped Loungefly features Disney best friends! There’s Pooh and Piglet, Tod with Copper, Bambi with Thumper, and Dumbo with Timothy Mouse.

2020 Loungefly Disney Releases (Rare)

Below are a few of the Loungefly Disney backpacks that were previously released. Some are still available.

Sold Out 2021 Sorcerer Mickey Disney Loungefly

Unfortunately, this Sorcerer Mickey backpack sold out on the first day.

Kevin Disney Loungefly Mini Backpack

This latest backpack might not be around for long, given the popularity of beloved Kevin. It’s awfully adorable!

Kevin Loungefly Up Disney
Image shopDisney

Find the new Kevin Loungefly here on shopDisney! (October 2020) (Sold Out)

Loungefly Disney Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket Mini Backpack

Let your conscience be your guide when you sport this Loungefly Disney backpack.

Find it here on BoxLunch.

Cinderella Pink Dress Mini Backpack by Loungefly

While Cinderella is busy doing her chores, her little mice friends are busy preparing her gown for the ball. They even threw in this new pink Cinderella backpack. It comes with a measuring tape, handles and all!

Image Courtesy of BoxLunch

Find the pink one here on BoxLunch. (August 2020)

Redd Backpack by Loungefly – Pirates of the Caribbean

All fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, BEWARE! This Disney Parks Loungefly bag is quite adorable.

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

You can find out the full details here on shopDisney.

Dug Mini Loungefly Backpack from UP

Everyone has a favorite Disney dog, and Dug from UP might be yours. Isn’t he adorable with that tongue and furry ears? Make sure to pick this one up for the Dug fan in your life!

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

For more information, click here.

Pixar Ball Mini Backpack

If you find yourself constantly referring to multiple Pixar movies, you might be interested in this Pixar logo backpack. The colors are vibrant against the black background. I also love the fact that it offers a detachable storage pouch in the shape of the Pixar ball.

Image Courtesy shopDisney

For more information, click here.

Friends, I hope you found the perfect Loungefly backpack on the list today!

That’s why I write these reviews to share with you. I love to browse the shops and stores at Disney. And I even find myself checking out Disney merchandise at my local Target fairly often. It’s fun to share these kinds of things.

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I hope you found the Disney Loungefly bag that’s right for you! Feel free to comment with any questions or your thoughts on these fun backpacks!


  1. Have you come across the DVC loungefly bag? I was trying to find my wife the DVC one in a larger size than we saw at kidani village because that’s our home resort.

    1. Hi, sorry no I haven’t seen it. I usually find the best selection of items at the Bayview Gifts store at the Contemporary. Good luck!

  2. Hi Amber!
    I am at Animal Kingdom, today, 5/7/21 and the Kevin one is available at Island Merchantile😊😎

    1. Good luck, I think that Disney Loungefly was released last year with the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction line. It sold out quickly and is selling upwards of $500 from what I can see on eBay.

    1. Hi, I would try the temporary MouseGear that’s over next to Mission: Space. You might also check in World Traveler by the International Gateway. Good luck!

  3. Have you ever seen a Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty mini backpack that is beige or white and has small characters on it like the Alice in Wonderland bag?

  4. Does anyone know if the loungefly leopard sequin mini backpack with the black bow is still available at Animal kingdom?

  5. Do you know if they sell the Minnie Mouse Bow backpack at Magic Kingdom? I would love to be able to snag one while I’m here

    1. I can’t recall seeing that one in person. One of my favorite places to look is the BVG store at Disney’s Contemporary. They tend to have more options than other places. Good luck!

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