Disney World Hotel Reviews (Choosing the Perfect Resort for Your Vacation)

This article provides a summary of Disney World Resort Reviews. Each review links to further information about that resort.

Are you going back and forth over which resort to stay on your next Walt Disney World vacation? Or maybe you’re in the beginning stages of planning and have no idea where to start.

Some of you might have visited Walt Disney World often over the years. But maybe you haven’t branched out and tried many of the resorts. Sometimes a vacation is more effortless when you know where you’re going and what to expect.

For others, this might be a first visit, or Disney World is a place you only visit once every five or so years. As a result, you may have sticker shock when you start sorting through your options.

Regardless of your situation, you know one thing.

You want your family to enjoy this vacation. You worked hard to plan this trip, and where you rest your head each evening is important.

Selecting the right destination can be challenging with more than 25 Walt Disney World Resort Hotels and Disney Vacation Clubs. Additionally, many off-site hotels in the surrounding area offer an abundance of amenities at competitive pricing.

How can you possibly choose?

At Resorts Gal, we focus on Disney World Resorts and surrounding hotels convenient to Walt Disney World. We believe the entire resort experience can enhance your vacation in a way that makes other vacation destinations incomparable.

We strive to provide reviews of resorts for those coming from all walks of life. So whether you’re looking for a glamorous hotel that spoils you rotten, a week-long trip on a tight budget, or somewhere in between, we’ve prepared detailed reviews of our experiences to help you.

All hotel stays for our resort reviews have been paid for out-of-pocket by Resorts Gal.

Disney World Resort Reviews

Below you’ll find every resort we’ve reviewed, starting with the deluxe and deluxe villa resorts. Then, further down, we discuss the moderate and value resorts at Walt Disney World.

After that, we’ll move on to off-site hotels in the surrounding area. As we review more resorts in the area, we add them to this list.

Finally, we’ve included our resort planning articles at the bottom of this list. These articles will help in the planning process regarding specifics like choosing a resort for its pool or dining options.

We suggest you read over the summaries of each resort below and pick out a few choices you think your family will enjoy. Then, after narrowing your options, you’ll want to read the entire resort reviews for your final picks. Those full resort reviews should help you discern which resort will work best for your family.

A few quick warnings–all of the resorts at Walt Disney World are somebody’s favorite. But it’s important to remember–to each their own. What works best for your friends who always go to Disney might not be your family’s favorite choice.

Or the hotel you want to stay at might be out of your budget. If so, that’s okay. You can always plan to have a meal at that dream resort during your trip. If you love it as much as you thought, you can always plan to stay there on a future trip.

Don’t get caught up feeling like you must stay at a specific resort or class of resort. We have stayed at every single Walt Disney World Hotel and can assure you that each trip has been memorable–in a good way.

Mickey at the pool at one of the resorts.

Disney World Resort Reviews (Deluxe)

Deluxe Resorts are the finest hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort. Most of these hotels are within walking distance of a theme park. All deluxe hotels have specific theming, high-end finishes, multiple dining options, and elaborate pool areas.

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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Review

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is considered Disney’s flagship resort. It sits across the lagoon from Magic Kingdom. This resort has meticulously landscaped grounds and is laid out in large buildings with interior room access. 

While pricing runs high at all the deluxe Disney World Resorts, the Grand Floridian is the most expensive. Expect rates starting at upwards of $800.00 per night before any discounts.

That said, it’s hard to deny that a stay here is probably more pleasant than either of us would like to admit. So if you desire to spend some time here, but can’t swing an entire week, try a split stay.

That’s when you divide your time between two resorts. In this case, you’d stay at a much cheaper alternative to help balance your budget.

Additionally, you can always plan a dining reservation at the Grand Floridian and tour the grounds during your visit. If you’re visiting during the holidays, you’ll want to make a special trip to see the resort’s stunning Christmas decor.

Our articles related to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa are available in our resort guide:

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Review

Aloha! Disney’s Polynesian Resort is an original resort that opened with Walt Disney World over 50 years ago! This tropical, island-themed resort is one of the most sought-after hotels in Walt Disney World.

The Polynesian sits across Seven Seas Lagoon from Magic Kingdom. A few years ago, the resort’s standard rooms were rethemed to Moana. Since then, the majority of the resort has undergone extensive refurbishment.

Like the neighboring Grand Floridian, a week’s stay at the Polynesian comes with an expensive price tag. But given the relaxing vibe of the resort, it’s rare to hear any complaints.

If you’ve never visited Polynesia or Hawaii, this resort is probably as close as you can get stateside. There’s also something to be said about only being a walk, boat, or monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom.

Our articles related to Disney’s Polynesian are available in a resort guide.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort Review

Disney’s Contemporary Resort is probably one of the most recognizable hotels at Walt Disney World. Located next door to Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary was named after its unique design.

Most everyone is familiar with the Contemporary because the Disney World monorail travels through it. This original resort recently received an extensive makeover that included Incredibles-themed rooms.

Perhaps, the most significant amenity of staying at Disney’s Contemporary is the walkability to Magic Kingdom. It’s less than a 10-minute walk from the lobby to the park’s entrance.

However, if you spend a little time here, you might be blown away by the serenity of the resort’s massive backyard. It’s one of our favorite parts of the hotel!

For more information on Disney’s Contemporary Resort, all of our articles are listed in a resort guide:

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Review

If you’ve been dreaming of the great outdoors or find yourself at home in the woods, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is worthy of your consideration. This hotel reflects the look and feel of the great Pacific Northwest.

When you set foot on the resort’s ground, you’ll feel like you’ve left Florida for a woodsy retreat. We’ve stayed at the Wilderness Lodge many times and are always amazed at the tranquility.

While this isn’t our absolute favorite resort, we always look forward to our next visit. It is a resort we often frequent, even if it’s only for a meal.

For more information, all of our articles related to the Wilderness Lodge are available in our resort guide:

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Review

Disney’s Beach Club Resort is located in the Epcot Resorts Area. Aside from the stunning Crescent Lake area, the resort is only a five-minute walk to Epcot and a fifteen-minute walk to Hollywood Studios.

Expect soothing blues and seafoam colors throughout the resort. Everything here has a subtle beach theme with a serene feel.

Besides location, the Beach Club’s swimming area, Storm-Along Bay, has so much going for it. So if you stay here, make sure to plan a pool-only day. You won’t find yourself bored–but you will feel like you’re on vacation.

This Disney World Hotel shares its property with a sister resort, Disney’s Yacht Club. In addition, the neighboring Boardwalk Inn and the Swan and Dolphin Resorts are only a short walk away.

This area is home to several excellent resort table-service dining options. However, we do find the counter-services in the area lacking.

With that said, this is our personal favorite resort at Walt Disney World. Between the recreation, amenities, and location, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Our resort guide lists all our articles related to the Beach Club.

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Review

If we’re not staying at Beach Club, we’re probably at the Yacht Club. Or at least it’s probably where we would prefer to stay.

Yacht Club is the more formal side of the two resorts. You can expect masculine undertones and nautical theming, including boats, compasses, and complicated knots like you learned to tie in cub scouts.

Like its sister resort, our only complaint is that the counter service dining options are subpar. But the lounges between the resorts are the real hidden gems. Don’t sleep on dining at Crew’s Cup. This is Disney–the lounges are family-friendly.

For more information, our articles related to the resort are listed in a guide:

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Review

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn sits on Crescent Lake and is a destination within itself. Many guests visit the Boardwalk for dining and leisure during their stay. It’s a beautiful resort designed to represent turn-of-the-century boardwalks on the New England seaside.

Boardwalk Inn offers a variety of activities that you won’t find at other Disney Resorts. Additionally, the resort is within walking distance of Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

As far as pricing goes, the Boardwalk Inn can be expensive. However, it’s comparable in pricing to the other Epcot Resorts. If you’re considering a club-level stay, the Innkeeper’s Club at Boardwalk Inn gets excellent feedback.

Our articles pertaining to the resort are available in a resort guide for more information.

Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Review

It’s probably apparent that we have no significant problems with any of the deluxe resorts. Disney’s Swan and Dolphin are no exception. First, however, you will want to know that these hotels are owned and operated by Marriott.

So if you’ve racked up a ton of Marriott Bonvoy points, this is an excellent place to spend them. Or you could always accrue more!

Disney’s Swan, Dolphin, and the new Swan Reserve are part of the Epcot Resorts and sit between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. However, you’ll have to use the Swan and Dolphin’s private shuttle when traveling to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

Additionally, pricing is often more reasonable here than at the neighboring Walt Disney World Resorts. However, when applicable, you’ll want to consider extra fees like resort fees and parking charges.

For more details about this trio of hotels, we have a complete resort guide:

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Review

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is the quintessential Disney World Resort choice for anyone with a love for animals or a passion for Africa. Between the resort’s theming and the African animals grazing on the surrounding savannas, it is our top choice for the best deluxe resort at Disney World.

Typically, you find more reasonable rates at Animal Kingdom Lodge than at the other deluxe resorts at Disney. That’s likely due to the location being further away from the rest of the property.

But don’t let that keep you from planning a stay here. The peace and tranquility of the resort are the perfect remedies after a long day in crowded theme parks.

We also consider this resort one of the best splurges for those traveling with children. Seeing animals from your balcony when you wake up each morning is a surreal experience.

Additionally, the resort has one of the best pool and aquatic play areas for children at Kidani Village. So if you’re staying at the main lodge, it’s worth the walk down to the village if you have children who might enjoy the water play area.

For more details, all of our articles related to the resort are available in a resort guide:

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Disney World Resort Reviews (Villas)

Deluxe Villas are also known as Disney Vacation Club Resorts (DVC). However, guests do not have to be DVC members to rent rooms. Instead, Disney makes these resort rooms available to all guests.

What is a Disney Vacation Club Resort? Well, they are similar to a timeshare. Disney has two types of DVC Resorts. They are stand-alone and DVC wings.

DVC wings are specific to Disney Vacation Club in a regular resort. For example, the Grand Floridian Villas are part of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.

Stand-alone DVC Resorts are entire hotels dedicated to the Disney Vacation Club. For example, Disney’s Rivieria Resort is a dedicated Disney World Villa Resort.

Stays at these resorts or wings are made special by room upgrades and amenities. Instead of standard resort rooms, rooms range from deluxe studios with kitchenettes to three-bedroom grand villas.

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Disney’s Riviera Resort Review

Disney’s Riviera Resort is one of the newer hotels at Walt Disney World. This hotel sits next to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and is on the Disney Skyliner.

Most will agree that Disney’s Riviera feels like a deluxe resort with its high-end finishes. It has some of the nicest rooms around.

However, what we love most about the Riviera is its boutique layout. Everything at the resort feels concise and efficient.

Even more, we love the dining options at Disney’s Riviera Resort. Many delicious dining options are available, from the counter service to the resort’s rooftop restaurant.

The only negative factor–it costs a pretty penny to stay here. This high-end resort is at the top of the most expensive hotel list, similar to the Grand Floridian.

For more details, all of our articles related to the resort are available in a resort guide:

Available Room Tours at Disney’s Riviera

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Review

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa is another dedicated Disney Vacation Club Resort. This resort is inspired by New York’s Saratoga Springs in the 1800s. Expect to find a comfortable retreat with a welcoming feel like you’ve come in from a day at the horse races.

Saratoga Springs is gorgeous but also massive, which might make it challenging for some to get around. Its layout is similar to one of the larger moderate resorts.

However, many recreational activities are available at the resort. Regarding location, the resort sits across the lake from Disney Springs. You can walk or take a boat over to the venue.

For you, this means you can take advantage of all the best restaurants at Disney Springs and shops if you like. Then, back at the resort, you might enjoy playing a round of golf or spending the afternoon at Sense’s Spa.

For more details, all of our articles related to the resort are available in a resort guide:

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Disney’s Old Key West Review

Disney’s Old Key West is a beautiful Disney Vacation Club Resort inspired by the Florida Keys. Expect an island vibe with a friendly feel.

We love having breakfast and dinner at Olivia’s Cafe, the resort’s casual table-service restaurant. After a hearty breakfast, you can head to the parks or spend the day taking a bicycle tour of Old Key West. We’ve done both!

On the positive side, rates are pretty average for Old Key West, considering the room upgrades. However, similar to Saratoga Springs, Old Key West is a vast resort requiring much walking.

Additionally, many of the buildings at this resort do not have elevators. While we enjoyed our last stay, dragging our luggage up a flight or two of stairs was inconvenient. So it’s something you might want to consider.

For more details, all of our articles related to the resort are available in a resort guide:

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Grand Floridian Villas Review

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is home to the Grand Floridian Villas. The resort has two buildings that house these particular types of rooms.

First, The Villas at Grand Floridian building has rooms ranging from deluxe studios to three-bedroom grand villas. These rooms recently underwent refurbishment.

Next, Big Pine Key was recently converted to a new villa room type called resort studios. These rooms are more similar to a standard room than a deluxe studio but fall under the villas category.

If you love the Grand Floridian but need a few of the comforts of home or have a larger party, the villas are worth your consideration.

Polynesian Villas Review

Unfortunately, we don’t have a current review of the Polynesian Villas. However, it is essential to note that a new DVC tower hotel is being built at the Polynesian.

Currently, the only villas at the resort are deluxe studios and the Bora Bora Bungalows, two bedrooms that sit out on the water.

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Available Room Tours:

Bay Lake Tower Review

Bay Lake Tower is a dedicated tower hotel adjacent to the Contemporary. While the tower is independent of the Contemporary Resort’s structure, a large bridge connects them on the fourth floor.

Bay Lake Tower offers stunning views of Bay Lake and Magic Kingdom. We stayed in a theme park view room, which is fun, especially for fireworks. But we can’t deny that the views of Bay Lake are our favorite.

Unfortunately, the deluxe studios have unique floor plans. You’ll either love them or hate them. We don’t care for them.

However, being within walking distance of Magic Kingdom has its benefits. Also, the larger villas here are stunning!

Available Room Tours:

Copper Creek Villas Review

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is unique because it’s home to two Disney Vacation Clubs–Copper Creek Villas and Boulder Ridge Villas. Copper Creek Villas is the newer of the two villa resorts.

This section of the resort offers deluxe studios conveniently located off the lobby of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. This portion of the resort also has full-size cabins that sit along Bay Lake. Of course, a cabin rental at this resort is fairly exclusive…and expensive.

Boulder Ridge is located in a separate wing of the resort and features a variety of rooms. This section of the resort has recently undergone a refurbishment. Disney has released a preview of the new rooms.

Beach Club Villas Review

Disney’s Beach Club Resort is home to the Beach Club Villas. This section of the resort is located between the main building and the parking lot, which makes it a reasonably private area.

Beach Club Villas are somewhat distinguishable because their exterior is a pretty mint green compared to the rest of the Beach Club’s soft blue paint color. In addition, a statue of Ariel, The Little Mermaid, sits outside the main entrance.

Available Room Tours:

Boardwalk Villas Review

Like many other villa resorts, Boardwalk Villas are an extension of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. This villa’s wing has a private pool at Community Hall for guests to enjoy in addition to the feature pool.

Of course, most will want to spend time at the Luna Park Pool with its fun waterslide that mimics a wooden roller coaster! We love this resort and always enjoy our time there!

Kidani Village Review

Kidani Village is a separate resort that sits adjacent to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Kidani has a smaller lobby and only a few dining options compared to the main lodge.

However, guests can walk or take a shuttle up to Jambo House. Kidani Village also has an excellent pool area with a tremendous water play area for children. It’s the perfect place to relax in the shade and spend an entire resort day!

Did we mention animals? Like Jambo House, some rooms at Kidani Village face savannas. The resort also has multiple public viewing areas where you can see animals roaming.

Available Room Tours:

Disney World Resort Reviews (Moderates)

Now that we’ve gone over the deluxe and deluxe villa resorts, let’s look at an entirely different class of resorts–moderates. Moderate resorts are meant to fall between the value and deluxe categories.

When you stay at a moderate resort, you can expect it to be a step up from the values. However, a few differences keep it from being a deluxe resort.

For example, most of the moderate resorts have exterior room access. This means you won’t have an interior hall outside your room or a balcony. So in most cases, we wouldn’t recommend a room view upgrade in this resort category.

However, most moderate resorts will have beautiful grounds, elaborate theming, and several dining options. We’ll provide a brief description of each moderate below.

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Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Review

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is a beautiful moderate resort hotel option. This resort offers a Southwestern flair with desert-like landscapes. A beautiful lake centers the property.

When staying at Coronado Springs, two options are available. First, you can stay in the traditional portion of the resort. Each of these villages surrounds the lake with its pros and cons.

Or you can stay in Gran Destino Tower, an exception for the moderates. This tower hotel offers interior room access, so it leans a little more deluxe than moderate.

Naturally, Gran Destino’s rooms are higher than rooms in the village. However, they won’t be as expensive as a deluxe resort. We have a separate review of staying at Gran Destino Tower if you want to learn more.

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For more details, all of our articles related to the resort are available in a resort guide:

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Review

As you can probably imagine, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has island theming. Each village in the resort is named after an island.

Caribbean Beach is centered around a lake with beautiful grounds. While the resort is somewhat lacking in dining options, a few excellent options are available at nearby Disney’s Riviera Resort, which is within walking distance.

The most considerable appeal of staying at Caribbean Beach is that it’s on the Disney Skyliner. In addition, it’s the only moderate resort that provides access to the gondola transportation service.

You’ll want to know that the resort is vast, so it could require a lot of extra walking. Additionally, this resort does not have elevators. So you’ll have to deal with the stairs if you get a second-floor room assignment.

For more details, our articles related to this resort are available in a resort guide:

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort Review

There’s no denying that Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside is as beautiful as the other moderate resorts at Walt Disney World. But remember, when picking one of these hotels, it is best to lean into the one that’s most attractive to you.

At Port Orleans Riverside, you can expect the charm of the South with a bayou influence. Also, expect impeccable landscaping in the mansion section of the resort. Everything here is crisp and clean, with bright green grass accenting the stark white mansions.

Or, if you choose to stay in Alligator Bayou, get ready to fall in love with the woodsy-swamp setting. From the romantic Spanish moss swaying from the trees to the water features and woods, this resort is stunning.

The only downside is that it’s massive. If your room borders the outskirts of the resort, expect a decent amount of extra walking. However, the regulars will tell you that it’s a pleasant place to walk.

If you want to learn more, our articles for Riverside are listed in a resort guide:

Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Review

If you prefer to stay “in town,” you will probably love Riverside’s sister resort, Port Orleans French Quarter. This resort is within walking distance of Riverside.

However, it’s much smaller than all of the other resorts. In addition, its boutique layout makes it easy to get around.

We love to stay at Port Orleans French Quarter and prefer it over Riverside because of its fun pops of color and Mardi Gras theming. On the downside, this resort only has one feature pool and no leisure pool.

However, the pool is the cutest. Its water slide is designed to look like a sea serpent’s pink tongue! The serpent’s long tail also shoots across the pool, forming bridges in some areas.

Port Orleans French Quarter is also the place to pick up those Mickey-shaped beignets! You can order them for breakfast each morning if you like!

If you want to learn more, our articles are listed in a resort guide:

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Review

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is unique because it’s a campground with a variety of campsites and cabins. You can reserve a campsite for an RV or pitch a tent in some areas.

Additionally, cabins are available for rent at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. They offer more space for the family to spread out than regular hotel rooms.

If you plan a stay at this resort, you’ll have the luxury of taking the boat to Magic Kingdom. First, however, you’ll want to know that the resort is enormous. It’s so huge that many guests bring or rent golf carts to travel to and from the bus stops and boat docks.

If you want to learn more, our articles for Fort Wilderness are listed in a resort guide:

Disney World Hotel Reviews (Value)

Lastly, as far as on-property resorts go, we have the value resorts at Walt Disney World. These resorts are the most budget-friendly (cheapest). They are also the resorts where you’ll find true Disney theming.

Disney has five individual value resorts. Three of these resorts are All-Star Resorts. Those resorts are Sports, Movies, and Music.

The other two values, sometimes called value-plus resorts, are Pop Century and Art of Animation Resort. These resorts have the added benefit of being located on the Disney Skyliner.

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Disney’s Art of Animation Review

Disney’s Art of Animation is considered the nicest of the value resorts. However, it doesn’t quite fit the mold of a true value. That’s because three of its four sections are family suites.

Family suites offer larger accommodations and are more comparable to a standard deluxe resort room as far as price goes. However, they can sleep more guests and provide plenty of space for everyone to spread out.

If you want to stay in a value category room, your only option at Art of Animation is The Little Mermaid. All of these rooms are standard resort rooms at value resort prices. Family suites are located in the Cars, The Lion King, and Finding Nemo sections of the resort.

This is a fun hotel if you have small children who love any of the animated films highlighted at the resort. So if you’re staying at The Little Mermaid section, you can still hang out at the feature pool, The Big Blue Pool, or the Cozy Cone Pool down on the Cars end.

If you want to learn more, our articles for Art of Animation are listed in a resort guide:

Disney’s Pop Century Resort Review

Pop Century Resorts sits directly across Hour Glass Lake from Disney’s Art of Animation. This resort is themed to represent the decades between the 50s to the 90s. Pop Century features large bursts of primary colors and oversized representations of everything “pop” from each decade.

Room rates at Pop Century typically run more than the All-Star Resorts because of access to the Skyliner. But we love the layout of the rooms and find that even though they are compact, they offer plenty of storage solutions.

As far as negatives go, this resort can be crowded. However, depending on your room location, it might also be a decent walk from the bus stop.

With that said, it’s fun to have neighboring Art of Animation nearby, and we love to take leisurely walks around Hour Glass Lake. In most instances, we prefer to stay at Pop Century because we like the standard rooms better than the ones at Art of Animation.

If you want to learn more, our articles for Pop Century are listed in a resort guide:

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Review

Disney’s All-Star Movies is one of three All-Star Resorts. These resorts are located closest to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

All-Star Movies underwent a complete refurbishment a few years back. The refurbishment resulted in completely updated guest rooms similar to those at Pop Century.

Naturally, a Disney movie-themed resort features fun references to popular animated films. You might stay in the Toy Story section or run into the 101 Dalmatians. That area is pretty darling too! 

Rooms at the All-Star Movies are among the lowest priced on Disney property. However, the trade-off is smaller rooms and fewer resort amenities.

On the positive side, you’ll feel like you’re staying at a Disney Resort with the movie theming. In addition, smaller children will love to see their favorite characters represented.

If you want to learn more, our articles for All-Star Movies are listed in a resort guide:

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort Review

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is located next door to Movies. For reference, all three “All-Star Resorts” at Disney World sit beside each other. The only difference between them is the theming. They will all have comparable room rates.

All-Star Music is themed to popular songs and classic Disney tunes. Music is my favorite of the three All-Stars Resorts because of my love for music. They even play some groovy tunes on the theme park buses!

Free Disney transportation options are limited to buses at these Disney World Resorts. Another con for these three resorts is that they are often booked by large school groups visiting Walt Disney World for various competitions and performances.

So don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and find yourself in the middle of a cheerleading or band convention when you head to the resort’s food court.

If you want to learn more, our articles for All-Star Music are listed in a resort guide:

Disney’s All-Star Sports Review

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort is the third and final of the three All-Star Resorts. Like the name, sports is the theme here. So for those who love all things sports-related, you’ll adore seeing classic characters playing their favorite sports across the resort.

Sports is the most popular resort for school trips, so it might be crowded if your vacation runs concurrently with a sporting event. Additionally, dining is limited to one large food court and a pool bar at each of the All-Star Resorts.

If you want to learn more, our articles for All-Star Sports are listed in a resort guide:

Disney World Resort Reviews (Off-Property)

We often find ourselves off-property since we try to provide as many options as possible. While we prefer to stay at a Walt Disney World-owned hotel, it’s understandable that those hotels are not always feasible for various reasons.

Therefore, we have several options for off-site hotels. For a broad overview, we have two best-of-the-best guides for off-site hotels and Marriotts. Or you can continue to browse individual hotels.

Near Disney Springs

We have several options within a few minutes of the Disney Springs area. In addition, some of these hotels are within walking distance of Disney Springs.

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Review

The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress is one of Resorts Gal’s favorite off-site hotels. While the overall hotel does have a somewhat dated-modern look, the hotel’s grounds are impeccable. You could easily spend a resort day or an entire week relaxing at the hotel. This hotel also offers excellent dining options and a shuttle to Disney Springs.

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Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace Review

Buena Vista Palace is one of two Hilton Orlando’s at Disney Springs. We recently stayed at this hotel and found the convenience of being across the street from The Marketplace entrance to Disney Springs appealing.

Room tour: Tower King Guest Room at Hilton Buena Vista Palace

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Orlando Review

If you’re looking for a larger suite near Disney Springs, the DoubleTree might be a great choice. We loved the room here, but unfortunately, the customer service at check-in was almost non-existent. Often first impressions are lasting ones.

Flamingo Crossings Hotels Near Disney World

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly resort, you’ll want to consider the hotels at Flamingo Crossings. They are the best lowest-priced hotels you’ll find within proximity to Walt Disney World.

Disney owns most of the land in this area, and its home to their housing complex for those participating in the Disney College Program. So you can rest assured it’s a pleasant, well-cared-for location.

We particularly love the Fairfield Inn and the Residence Inn. All of these hotels offer complimentary breakfast each morning for the win!

Bonnet Creek Resorts Near Disney World

If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World, you’ve likely heard of Bonnet Creek. This narrow property is bordered by Disney on three sides, making it practically on-property.

Bonnet Creek’s hotels range from moderate to higher-end pricing. However, we’ve stayed at all of the hotels in this area and can attest they offer tons of amenities for the price.

Wyndham Grand Orlando at Bonnet Creek Resort Review

Wyndham Grand Orlando is a massive property with multiple timeshare towers on its site. Guests can stay in standard rooms in the main hotel or book a condo in one of the additional towers.

This resort has so many pools! You could spend all week exploring the different recreation areas at each one. Additionally, it sits on a beautiful lake and has a fabulous walking trail.

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Waldorf Astoria Orlando Resort Review

If you are looking for a hotel that will have you feeling la-di-da, you might consider the Waldorf Astoria. This refined hotel will cater to your every need.

When you arrive, the doors swing open, and you enter a stunning art gallery that doubles as a hotel lobby. An attendant meets you at the pool with a fresh glass of ice water.

Signia by Hilton at Bonnet Creek Review

Adjacent to the Waldorf Astoria is the Signia by Hilton. This resort shares amenities with the Waldorf. However, it’s a little more business class and is often known for hosting large conventions.

With that said, we’ve stayed here several times and enjoyed the amenities. This resort has an excellent lazy river and pool area.

JW Marriott Orlando at Bonnet Creek Review

Sometimes it’s difficult to pick favorites, and sometimes it’s not. Nevertheless, this JW Marriott Orlando is my favorite hotel outside Walt Disney World.

The JW sits at the back of Bonnet Creek. It has a fun layout that I found simple to maneuver. Additionally, it has exceptional dining options, and the service provided at the pool was supreme! It’s a plush hotel.

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Other Resort Reviews Near Disney World

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Room Tour: Volcano Bay View Room at Cabana Bay Resort

Disney World Resort Reviews (Planning Articles)

These articles will help you plan your resort stay.

Disney World Resort Reviews (Resort Amenities)

Disney World Resort Reviews (Club Level)

Disney World Resort Reviews (Comparing Resorts)

Disney World Resort Reviews (Best of the Best)

Disney World Resort Reviews (Hotel Areas)

Hopefully, these Disney World Resort Reviews were able to help you get started planning your Disney vacation. So make sure to check back often!

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