Gallery of Arts and History at Epcot

The Gallery of Arts and History is located at Epcot in Morocco’s World Showcase Pavilion. The gallery has hosted a variety of different Moroccan exhibits over the years.

As with these types of exhibits in the World Showcase, I doubt that most guests know they are there. Some are a little off the beaten path.

The Gallery of Arts and History is no different due to being hardly noticeable to passers-by. Believe it or not, the gallery sits in the very front of the pavilion.

Below are the need-to-know details for the Gallery of Arts and History. It’s basically just a stop, walk-in, and observe type deal. From time to time, I do stop in for a look around and usually find myself completely alone.

Gallery of Arts and HistoryEpcot Attractions


Morocco Pavilion

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Race Against the Sun

Race Against the Sun Exhibit

The Gallery of Arts and History is currently home to a newer exhibit called “Race Against the Sun.”

Race Against the Sun in the Gallery of Arts and History at Epcot

The exhibit features several different types of races from walking to driving.

Morocco Attraction Gallery of Arts and History

Apparently, these walking-type races in the desert are the latest thing. Many of the Moroccan ancestors journeyed across the desert in the past as part of their lifestyle. They now face the Sahara for the purpose of these extreme sporting events.

Race Against the Sun

I thought it was interesting that the exhibit puts an emphasis on women that compete in these types of races.

Race Against

For instance, the story of these two Moroccan sisters who compete.

Display in Exhibit

There is even a bit of nutritional information about how they train for and sustain during the races.

The exhibit offers a look into the history of Morocco.

And gives a little information about how early travelers survived the Sahara desert.


It’s all fascinating.

Gallery oof Art History Epcot

I walked away thinking I had no idea that people trained and raced in the desert like this. I would imagine anyone that participates in any type of racing event would enjoy the gallery.

Additionally, there’s a bit of a simulator for a car race across the desert.

If you are in the area, stop by the Gallery of Arts and History for a quick visit. I would be willing to guess you’ll have the whole place to yourself. I always find it amusing when it’s crowded at Epcot to step in here for a minute. It’s almost like stepping into an entirely different fraction of time from the crowded outside to the empty inside.

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