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Walt Disney World Height Requirements

Walt Disney World height requirements are among the most important things to be aware of when planning a Disney vacation with younger children. You don’t want to visit the parks with a family of four and constantly miss out on attractions or get divided up because one of the kids can’t ride.

It’s also a good idea to have a plan and be aware of how things work in the Disney parks. That way, you can make the best use of your vacation time. You spent a lot of money on this trip, so you want to make sure everyone, including you, has a good time.

This review will go over all of the Disney World height requirements. I’ve included some tools you can use to give you a little help planning and for a quick reference while in the parks.

Update: The height requirement downloads below include references for FastPass, Extra Magic Hours, and whether or not an attraction has on-ride photos. At this time, FastPass and Extra Magic Hours are not available.

Disney World Height Requirements

We’ll start with a photo of one of my favorite height requirement indicators. This is actually for Slinky Dog Dash, a ride that nearly every child will want to experience when they watch from a distance. It’s a great kiddie coaster. However, it does have a height requirement.

And if you have read any of my prior reviews about Toy Story Land, you know that I mention how rigorously cast members check for height requirements at this attraction. I often see them checking upon entrance as should always be done, and again for kids that look of questionable height before boarding.

It would be terrible to miss the initial height check and wait a long time in line just to be turned away. Fortunately, Disney cares about safety, and these height requirements are put in place for a reason.

All four of the Disney theme parks have different height requirements for specific attractions. This review will go over them in this order:

You’ll find a downloadable PDF handout with the Disney World height requirements per theme park in each section. I had these designed per park, so you could save them to your phone for reference while you are in each park.

These handouts not only include height requirements for rides at Disney World but have information like Extra Magic Hours, FastPass+, and what attractions offer on-ride photo opportunities.

Magic Kingdom Height Requirements

The park with the largest number of attractions is Magic Kingdom. There you’ll also encounter six different rides that do have height requirements. Those rides are:

You can select any of the rides above if you would like a more in-depth review of what to expect with each ride.

Here is the helpful handout with the height requirements listed for each attraction.

You can download the pdf version here.

Epcot Height Requirements

At Epcot, you’ll find there are only three attractions that have height requirements. When touring, I tend to think of Epcot as more of a park.

Granted, Future World is similar to a science museum and the World Showcase is more of a cultural center. Planning a day here offers fun activities for a variety of ages. But the heart of Epcot for many are all the combined children activities you’ll find throughout the park.

As far as height requirements at Epcot goes you’ll run into these three:

These three attractions are all Epcot FastPass options. So make sure you know which ones will be a priority and where you’ll want to use Rider Switch.

Here’s your guide for Epcot. Make sure to save these to your phone so you can quickly reference them on the day you are at each park.

You can download this helpful handout in a pdf version for Epcot here.

Hollywood Studios Height Requirements

Height Requirements at Hollywood Studios have changed drastically over the past few years with all the new additions. Surprisingly, the park is currently tied with the Magic Kingdom when it comes to how many rides here have height restrictions. They are:

All of these attractions normally offer FastPass at Hollywood Studios. However, the FastPass system might not be available.

Make sure to get your free Hollywood Studios PDF here.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios has the tallest height requirement at Walt Disney World.

Animal Kingdom Height Requirements

The Animal Kingdom also has a few rides that have minimum heights for safety purposes. These attractions include:

Here is the PDF version of the height requirements for Animal Kingdom.

Height Requirements for Disney Water Parks

Lastly, we have a list of height requirements for the two water parks at Walt Disney World. While I don’t currently offer a printable for these parks, the site does offer a full touring guide for both. My family has spent many years touring both of these water parks.

I highly recommend anyone interested in visiting a Disney water park to choose a park and take at least one day to have fun here on your vacation. And for those of you who have the extra time at Disney, spend one day each at both water parks.

They are both completely different in theming and provide the opportunity to either be extremely active or relaxingly chill. We tend to be active until lunch and then spend the afternoons relaxing in the lazy river and wave pool.

Typhoon Lagoon Rides

  • Crush ‘n’ Gusher (48″)
  • Humunga Kowabunga (48″)
  • Miss Adventure Falls requires you have to be tall enough to sit down in the float on your own.

Maximum Height Requirements at Typhoon Lagoon

  • Bay Slides (minimum of 60″ or shorter)
  • Ketchakiddee Creek (minimum of 48″ or shorter)

Blizzard Beach Rides

  • Chairlift (32″)
  • Downhill Double Dipper (48″)
  • Slush Gusher (48″)
  • Summit Plummet (48″)
  • Tike’s Peak (48″)

For any of you planning future trips to Walt Disney World, here are a few up and coming attractions that will have height requirements:

  • Tron at Magic Kingdom
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster at Epcot

Final Thoughts on the Disney Height Requirements

Now that you know what all attractions have height requirements at Disney World, it’s important to understand the best way for your group to plan. There is also a review covering everything Rider Switch at Walt Disney World. If you or your group are eligible for Rider Switch, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with how to use it.

As far as height requirements go, they are there for safety. And the actual height of your child really and truly doesn’t reflect whether or not they are prepared to experience any given attraction. I always recommend positive encouragement but not pushing, and I speak from experience. Not everyone loves to be thrilled, and for some, a thrill can be terrifying, even if it is your own child.

Keep these things in mind while touring, and make time for the things you as an adult are too big for but that your child will remember forever. Things like play areas and character meet and greets. Remember, their time to enjoy these things is minimal. And I would imagine if you are reading this review, that’s who you have in mind when planning your trip.

If you’ve gotten through this review and realized you will have a member of your party that doesn’t meet the majority of height requirements, head over to the Disney Rider Switch guide. This will help you prepare so your group can maximize rides while accommodating children.

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If you have any questions or comments about Disney World Height Requirements feel free to leave them below. I’ll be happy to answer them based on our experiences.

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