The Disney Gift Shop at the Dolphin Resort

We’re off to Disney’s Dolphin to check out the hotel’s gift shop. You may remember earlier this week that we virtually stepped inside the gift shop at the Swan.

Since one good turn deserves another, this article will preview the merchandise at the Disney Store located off the Dolphin’s lobby. This particular shop tends to carry a wider variety of items than the sister hotel at the Swan.

As always, the photos for this article do not represent everything you might find on your visit. However, they will provide a good representation of the types of items you can expect.

Before we get started, I wanted to mention that the Dolphin has two gift shops off the lobby. One is a boutique called Accents that offers higher-end resort and swimwear.

Unfortunately, Accents is still under limited hours of operation at this time. But I did find that there was a good deal of swimwear available in the Disney Gift Shop.

Here are a few things for the pool. In case you aren’t aware, the Swan and Dolphin have an excellent pool area called the Grotto Pool. You’ll likely want to spend some time at the pool during your vacation.

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The Dolphin gift shop had plenty of clothing items.

Here are a few pieces of women’s apparel. That Edna Mode shirt is fabulous.

And there’s always a section of Minnie Mouse merchandise.

So cute.

There are several options if you need to pick up a hat or pair of ears.

Here is a closer look. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found my Monster’s University hat.

The luggage toward the bottom of the photo below is a new print. On first inspection, it’s a nice look. But I fear it would show wear quickly.

Below are popcorn, shortbreads, mugs, tumblers, and home accents.

Toys. Since the Dolphin has a convention center, I imagine they have a decent amount of toy sales. I remember my dad bringing back toys the few times he had to travel for work when I was younger.

There were photo albums and character autograph books.

And the shop had a decent selection of magic bands.

Pin collectors will appreciate this selection. The ones with the lanyard and several pins attached are starter packs.

This shop has a few snack items and sodas. However, most food and beverage items are located next door at Fuel.

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Here are a few convenience items like a comb, toothbrushes, floss, and other personal items.

There was also an area that offered items for babies and over-the-counter medicines for everyone.


Better yet more expensive–Disney-themed candy.

Overall, I was impressed with the variety of merchandise at the Dolphin’s gift shop.

While there weren’t too many specialty items, there was plenty of merchandise to browse, and most convenience items were present.

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In the comments: Have you ever visited the gift shop at Disney’s Dolphin? Do you have an upcoming trip planned to this resort?

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