The Pools at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (with the Uzima Springs Pool)

This article discusses the pools at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. We’ll preview the Uzima Springs Pool at Jambo House and review the amenities you can expect to find in the surrounding pool area.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has two of the most serene pools. However, anyone planning a stay here will need to know that the pool situation at Animal Kingdom Lodge is unique from other resorts at Walt Disney World.

Animal Kingdom Lodge is home to incredible savannas where wildlife roam. So, most of the land surrounding the hotel is dedicated to its savannas.

Therefore, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has one feature pool, the Uzima Springs Pool at Jambo House. Kidani Village, a separate Disney Vacation Club Resort, has an additional feature pool, the Samawati Springs Pool.

Neither resort has secondary quiet or leisure pools. However, guests of either resort are welcome to use the feature pool of their preference.

We’ll preview both pools below. But since both pool areas are so tremendous, we have a separate article that discusses the details of the pool at Kidani Village and its water playground.

Below is the Uzima Springs Pool that backs up to the Uzima Savanna at Jambo House. It is the larger of the two feature pools.

Pool Hours for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

During our last stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, pool hours were posted between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. However, it is essential to note that usually, around Labor Day, those hours are reduced to between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Pool hours may also be adjusted due to weather or other factors. So you’ll want to check the exact hours during your visit. They are posted at the main entrance of each pool.

Speaking of weather, pools at Walt Disney World are heated to 82 degrees. Unless it’s significantly colder than usual, pools remain open. However, if the temp drops below a certain amount, pools will close until the weather returns to a favorable temperature.

Uzima Springs Pool at Jambo House

When staying at Jambo House, the main lodge, guests have immediate access to the Uzima Springs Pool. You’ll take the lobby elevator down to the resort’s lower level.

Jambo House is a massive resort. So you could receive a room assignment that’s down what feels like a never-ending hallway. However, on the flip side, you’ll find that nearly all the resort’s amenities are centrally located within a small footprint.

When you reach the lower level, you’ll have access to the resort’s restaurants, the pool, the arcade, the fitness center (with sauna and spa), and an additional savanna viewing area.

We’ve stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge numerous times, and I always marvel over the convenience of the resort. Everything at the resort is top-notch.

Regarding the Uzima Springs Pool, here are a few facts:

  • The Uzima Springs Pool is 11,000 square feet in size.
  • It is a 234,980-gallon pool.
  • The pool has a 67′ (67-foot) water slide.
  • A zero-depth entry is available on one side.
  • A poolside bar is available at the pool.
  • Two whirlpool hot tubs are available in separately fenced areas.
  • A small kiddie pool is within a separate fenced area.
  • A playground sits outside the pool gates.
  • A fitness center, arcade, and quick service restaurant surround the pool area.

Complimentary life jackets are available. Also, lifeguards are on duty at the Uzima Springs Pool.

Towels are provided at every resort hotel pool at Walt Disney World. There is no need to pack extras.

Waterslide at the Jambo House Pool

A waterslide is available at the Uzima Springs Pool. All Disney moderate and deluxe resort pools have a waterslide. This one is 67′ long!

A few pool rules are posted at the slide’s entrance.

It’s a mild slide that gently slopes on the way down.

Once you reach the top, you’ll wait at the platform until it’s your turn.

Wait until the light turns green!

Here is a view from the slide out to the pool.

Tropical landscaping surrounds the pool area.

At the slide’s exit, the pool depth is 3′ 5″ (3 feet and five inches).

Parents can wait in the water near the slide’s exit. A lifeguard is stationed nearby.

Zero-Depth Entry

You’ll find the zero-depth entry area on the opposite side of the pool.

It’s a relatively wide entry that slopes into the pool.

If you head straight across the pool to the opposite side of the zero-depth entrance, you’ll reach the pool’s deepest point, 4’9″ (4 feet and 9 inches).

Uzima Springs

Jambo House’s pool is named after Uzima Springs, a spring that runs along the back of the pool. It’s home to a flamboyance of flamingos.

This area is outside of the pool’s gates. For reference, the pool area is surrounded by a large circular path with loungers and tables with chairs.

Every so often, you’ll cross a bridge. This particular bridge in the photo below crosses Uzima Springs as it runs toward the pool.

Here is the area between the bridges outside and inside the pool.

Here is the view looking back from the pool.

Naturally, the water doesn’t run into the pool. But it’s a beautiful area. If you stay at Jambo House or Kidani Village, I encourage you to explore as much of the resort as possible. You’ll be surprised with your findings.

Hot Tubs at the Uzima Springs Pool

Sometimes, relaxing those sore muscles after a long day in the theme parks is nice. You can do that in one of the hot tubs surrounding the Uzima Springs Pool.

Two hot tubs are available. One is near the savanna outlook, which is almost as far back as the outdoor area goes.

Another hot tub sits directly behind the waterslide. It’s also within a privately fenced area. This one is shaded.

Here is a photo of the hot tub from the water slide platform.

Kiddie Pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Like most everything else at the Uzima Springs Pool, a kiddie pool sits inside a separate fence. But having the separately fenced areas is convenient when you have small children in tow.

The kiddie pool is located toward the front of the pool area, closer to The Mara quick service restaurant.

It’s more of a wading pool than anything. But warning, given its shallowness, the water can get pretty warm when the weather’s been hot.

Uzima Springs Pool Bar

The Uzima Springs Pool Bar sits on the outskirts of the pool. Anyone visiting the resort can access the pool bar, whether staying there or not.

Several bar seats and tables with chairs are available.

Here is a photo of the menu.

Several years ago, I tried the Lava Smoothie, one of their popular non-alcoholic beverages. It was refreshing but on the sweet side of things.

If you want to enjoy a meal at the pool, you’ll likely want to order food from The Mara. Mobile ordering is available if you don’t want to order in person and wait. Either way, they will box your order to-go, and you can take it back to the pool.

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Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool Photos

Here are a few more photos of the Uzima Springs Pool.

Other Recreation at the Uzima Springs Pools

A few other recreational activities are available at or near the pool. For instance, cast members provide entertainment each afternoon, like trivia and fun games at the pool.

Some activities are extra cost. They are all listed on the resort’s recreation calendar. For example, here is a calendar from a previous month. We have a separate article where we update each resort’s recreation calendar monthly, when possible.

Pumbaa’s Fun and Games arcade sits on the outskirts of the pool area.

It’s a significant arcade with plenty of games.

A few table games are available outside of the pool area.

Zahanti Massage and Fitness Center has an entrance near the side of the pool closest to the waterslide.

It’s a large fitness center with plenty of cardio, strength training machines, and free weights.

It has a steam room and sauna.

Here is a look inside. I have a feeling these are a few of the resort’s little-known amenities.

Here’s the dry sauna.

A shower with toiletries and a changing area is at the end of the hall. If you were to work out or use the pool on a check-in or check-out day, this is an excellent place to freshen up. Other showers are available at the pool, and we’ll preview them below.

The Hakuna Matata Playground sits next to the Uzima Springs.

It’s designed for children ages 2-5 years old.

Showers and Changing Areas

Lastly, the pool has a few more amenities you might want to use during your stay. For instance, a wall of lockers allows guests to store personal items. They are between the arcade and pool restrooms.

Water bottle refillers have been added next to most water fountains.

A couple of showers are available at the back of the pool’s restrooms.

Here is a look inside.

Body wash, shampoo, and conditioner are provided.

Extra towels are in a cabinet nearby.

A built-in hairdryer is near the sink area.

Kidani Village Pool

Here are a few things you might want to know about the Samawati Springs Pool at Kidani Village. But the bulk of our information and photos are available in a similar article about the Samawati Springs Pool.

Here are the most important details:

  • This pool has a 4700-square-foot pool area.
  • It holds 118,138 gallons of water.
  • It has a 128′ waterslide geared toward older children.
  • This pool has a zero-depth entry on one side.
  • Has a lounge and poolside bar.
  • Has Uwanja Camp (a water playground)

The pool area is tremendous and offers a fantastic water playground with three play areas for children.

Which Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool is the best?

It’s hard to decide which of the pools at Animal Kingdom Lodge is the best. If we’re talking pool area only, the Uzima Springs Pool wins out, given its considerable size.

However, if you have children who will enjoy the slide at Kidani, it could keep them entertained all day. Also, the water playground is unrivaled compared to any other aquatic play area at Walt Disney World.

So you might want to explore each pool area in its entirety and spend time at both. It’s a win-win!

Final Thoughts

We love Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and the pools! This article details only a few reasons we rank it as the best deluxe resort at Disney World. It also ranks high on our list of the best pools at Disney World.

For more information about the resort, our articles are listed in a resort guide:

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What Are Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on the pools at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge? Do you consider the pool when planning your vacation?

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