Meet Donald and Daisy Duck at Disney World

Donald and Daisy Duck are two of the most classic characters at Walt Disney World. You can find the pair at a variety of locations, including character dining experiences and meet-and-greet opportunities. 

Additionally, they make appearances in shows and parades. No matter where you find them, Donald and Daisy will add a touch of magic to your day.

This article will look at all the different locations to meet Donald Duck and Daisy Duck at Walt Disney World. In some instances, the two meet together, and in others, they meet separately.

And to warn you, these two tend to hold a long line. So let out a giant sigh with an “aww phooey” and get ready to learn where to meet the #1 duck and his forever sidekick.

This article was updated on February 16, 2023.

Meet Donald and Daisy Duck at Hollywood Studios

Formerly, Donald and Daisy Duck met near the entrance of Hollywood Studios. However, they have recently moved to the grassy area in front of the Hollywood Brown Derby.

This location is one of the few characters meets that remain distanced. Therefore, they do not sign autographs or have a PhotoPass photographer present.

But they are much easier to see at this location.

Here are some of the times you might find them in the afternoon.

  • 1:00 p.m.
  • 1:30 p.m.
  • 2:00 p.m.
  • 2:20 p.m.
  • 3:00 p.m.
  • 3:20 p.m.
  • 4:00 p.m.

You’ll want to check the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit for the exact times. Timing can vary greatly. But they usually meet daily.

Here is a video of the character sighting.

Previously, Donald and Daisy met to the left of the park entrance in front of Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind gift shop. Here is a picture of their former meet-and-greet.

As of early 2023, Donald and Daisy Duck remain a character sighting at Hollywood Studios.

Donald and Daisy Duck also meet at Minnie’s Seasonal Dine at Hollywood and Vine for lunch and dinner. This location is the only character dining restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Of course, character dining is an extra expense, and you’ll need to have advanced reservations. You can read more about this type of meal in our complete guide.

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Meet Donald and Daisy Duck at Epcot

We recently met Donald Duck, sombrero and all, at the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot. This meet is typically held between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily.

You can preview times for the meet-and-greet here on Disney’s site. Or you can check the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit.

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Additionally, Daisy meets at Epcot near the International Gateway. This meet-and-greet is also listed in the My Disney Experience app. Daisy meets at this location most days throughout the week.

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Meet Donald and Daisy Duck at Magic Kingdom

Donald and Daisy both have character meets at Magic Kingdom. You can find the pair at Pete’s Silly Side Show. However, they both meet separately.

Pete’s Silly Side Show is located at the back of Storybook Circus at Magic Kingdom near the Fantasyland Train Station. This location is usually open from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Daisy meets on the left-hand side of the circus tent. While waiting in this line, you’ll meet Daisy first, then Minnie Mouse.

Daisy meets as Daisy Fortuna, a fortune teller at the circus. She is as fabulous as ever.

Donald Duck meets on the opposite side next to Goofy. Donald meets as Donaldo the Snake Charmer.

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Donald and Daisy Duck are both in the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom. This parade is held daily and kicks off in Frontierland. It then continues through Liberty Square, around the castle hub, and ends on Main Street U.S.A.

Additionally, Donald and Daisy are both part of Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire, the castle stage show that’s performed multiple times daily at Magic Kingdom.

Daisy and Donald Duck participate in the Boo to You Parade during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. They also meet in their Halloween costumes during the party at the back of Storybook Circus. (This party is an extra-ticketed event.)

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Donald and Daisy Duck also meet during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This event requires an extra ticket and is only held on select nights throughout the holidays.

During the party, you can meet them in Dumbo’s circus tent. This last year we met Donald with Scrooge. Then Minnie met with Daisy nearby.

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Additionally, both Donald and Daisy play a significant role in Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration stage show during the Christmas Party.

Meet Donald and Daisy Duck at Animal Kingdom

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck meet at Donald’s Dino-Bash at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Each of the characters has separate meet-and-greet locations.

Donald meets across from TriceraTop Spin. You can usually find him most days between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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Additionally, Daisy meets around the corner from Donald on the Crustaceous Trail. She is wearing another one of her fantastic costumes.

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Additionally, Chip and Dale meet next to Daisy. They dress as dinosaurs at this location and are too cute!

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Donald and Daisy are also in the lineup at Tusker House’s character dining experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This location is relatively unique because all of the characters are dressed in safari suits.

Here is Donald Duck!

And Daisy came shortly after!

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Other Places to Meet Daisy and Donald Duck at Disney World

Donald and Daisy participate at a few other character dining locations at the Disney World Resorts. We’ll preview them below.

We recently had breakfast at Cape May Cafe. This character breakfast is called Minnie’s Beach Bash. Here they meet in their beach outfits.

Cape May Cafe is located at Disney’s Beach Club. Breakfast is the only meal where characters are present at this location.

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Additionally, you can dine with Donald Duck and Daisy Duck for breakfast at Topolino’s Terrace. Donald Duck portrays a sculptor at this dining experience.

Naturally, Daisy Duck is a ballerina. She loves to dance.

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Lastly, you might run into Donald at the character meal at Chef Mickey’s. However, Daisy doesn’t make an appearance at this restaurant.

Overall, there are plenty of opportunities to meet Daisy and Donald Duck at Walt Disney World. And while I’ve said it a million times in all of our characters meet articles, my best advice is:

Don’t forget to check the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit.

Sometimes things change. A character could be out sick or have an emergency. They could even have a reduced schedule on that specific day.

Therefore, it’s essential to know what characters you want to meet and when. Then double-check those options on the morning of your visit.

I’ve often gotten to the park with a plan, only to find that something has changed for that day. On other days, everything goes smoothly.

For me, that’s okay. It’s not a deal-breaker to come back another day and photograph a character meet for the site. But for you, it could very well be a one-shot rodeo where you won’t return for a long time.

With that said, a few years ago, character meet-and-greets were consistent. So hopefully, we’ll eventually get back to that.

For more character information, check our complete list of character meets at Disney World.

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