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Hollywood Studios Character Motorcades & Route

We continue our look at the socially distanced character interactions at Walt Disney World with a trip to Hollywood Studios. This review will go over the different Hollywood Studios character motorcades and a few tips for seeing them on your next visit.

If you missed it, we also recently took a look at the different character interactions that are socially distanced in a few other parks. You can read about the Magic Kingdom character cavalcades and the Epcot Promenades in these separate reviews. Additionally, there’s a review for the character cruises at the Animal Kingdom. Or you might also like how to meet socially distanced characters at Disney.

Chips leading the Mickey and Friends Motorcade at Hollywood Studios

The three different motorcades at Hollywood Studios are as follows:

  • Disney Junior Stars Motorcade
  • Pixar Motorcade
  • Mickey & Friends Motorcade

We’ll take a look at all of these in more detail, but let’s go over the route for the character motorcades first.

Hollywood Studios Character Motorcades Route

All three of the different motorcades follow the same route at Hollywood Studios. They start close to the entrance of the park and make their way down Hollywood Boulevard.

Hollywood Studios Character motorcade route

This is a nice area to see them and makes for some fun pictures if you are in the area. As you can see there aren’t many guests waiting and no crowds are forming. And that’s the entire idea of these motorcades. There is no specific timing to see them. They just come out sporadically and if you are in the area you can stop to enjoy them.

Beginning of parade route for the Motorcade

The character motorcades continue down Hollywood Boulevard and begin to turn in front of the Chinese Theater. They make a broad curve to the left continuing down between the Hyperion Theater and Echo Lake.

Motorcade making the turn in front of Chinese Theater.

Until they end up in this area of the video below where the backstage gate opens up between Backlot Express and Star Tours.

If you are touring anywhere in the vicinity of the area you’ll notice the music getting louder as the motorcades get closer. If it’s convenient, you can walk over closer to the route to get a better glance as it passes.

The Disney Junior Stars Motorcade offers a chance for younger children to see some of their favorite characters. Hollywood Studios is known to have a lot to offer smaller children in the way of favorite characters. I think it’s really nice to have this option in place of the standard character meets.

Doc McStuffins in the Disney Junior Friends Motorcade

All of the cars in these motorcades are decked out Chevy Camaro’s.

Disney Junior and Friends Motorcade at Hollywood Studios

Doc McStuffins comes through first wearing her stethoscope and waving to the crowd. This is probably the most appropriate character of all time given current circumstances. At least that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw her approaching.

Vampirina at Hollywood Studios Character Motorcades

She is followed up by Disney Junior favorite, Vampirina. Vampirina is as bouncy as ever, full of energy and eager to see all her friends. My niece and nephew enjoy this show, so I’m extremely familiar with her.

Vampirina waving to the crowd from her motorcade at Hollywood Studios.

There’s a full review here of the Disney Junior Characters that normally meet at Walt Disney World.

Next up, I have a video of the Pixar Motorcade as it passes by the Echo Lake area. This one was a lot of fun for everyone. You’ll see Mr. and Mrs. Incredible head up the motorcade, and the one and only Edna Mode is riding in her own car right behind them. She definitely deserves her own motorcade.

Edna is followed by Sully from Monsters Inc. and then the Green Army Men from Toy Story. After that Woody and Jesse lead ahead of Buzz Lightyear who is riding along in his own decked out vehicle.

The Pixar motorcade offered the opportunity to see the most characters at once. However, I feel like some of these characters might change out from time to time moving forward. So I wouldn’t necessarily expect to see every one of the characters on your visit, and you might even see someone different.

Lastly, we look at the most classic of the Hollywood Studios Character Motorcades, Mickey and Friends. Everyone will want to see these classic characters as they make their way through the park.

Chip leading the Mickey and Friends Motorcade Route at Hollywood Studios

Chip was leading this motorcade on my visit. You can tell he was so grateful to see guests in the park again. Word is Disney ducks have tried to make a takeover during the closure.

Minnie is in her own car with Pluto walking behind her at the Hollywood Studios Character Motorcades.

Then comes Minnie rocking the dots in her souped-up ride. This style above is my dream car and would look great with my “rock the dots” mask. It’s red with white polka dots and screams Minnie Mouse.

Minnie posing for a picture from her vehicle in the Hollywood Studios Character Motorcades.

Minnie Mouse will be glad to pose for a picture.

Pluto at a distance in the Studios Character Motorcade.

Pluto walks behind Minnie Mouse greeting guests from a distance. And then Mickey follows up the motorcade looking dazzling as ever in his finale suit from Fantasmic!

Mickey waving at a respectable social distance at Hollywood Studios.

Here’s a picture as they pass, making the turn toward the Hyperion Theater. This picture also represents the current level of crowds since the parks reopening. Empty.

Character Motorcades making the turn at Hollywood Studios.

I think that’s to be expected, though, for at least the next few months. If anything, we have all learned how quickly things may change. And that even the best-laid plans might not ever come to fruition.

My focus right now is to capture all of the changes you need to know if you are planning a trip. Because things have definitely changed.

The Hollywood Studios Character Motorcades are a lot of fun. You might even be surprised at how much these pop-ups enhance your vacation experience. The ability to still see beloved characters even during uncertain times does a lot to boost morale inside the parks. I think you’ll agree once you visit.

Here’s a few thoughts I have on visiting at this time.

Social Distancing procedures are well in place here, and cast members are working hard to make sure they are enforced.

Being here in Orlando has been an awakening to the extensive damage done to the tourism industry and the local economy. Unfortunately, many similar local economies are suffering for multiple reasons.

If you are looking at making a trip to Walt Disney World, I recommend checking with our friends at Firefly Travels. Kristen and her team have helped make it possible for us to get reservations to access the parks more often this month.

As annual pass holders, who are usually off-property, we can only hold three theme park reservations at a time. However, we can add to those with resort stays, so one night at a resort provides two additional days.

So right now (more than ever), we recommend that anyone visiting does stay at the Walt Disney World resort. It’s just going to be easier to access the parks, and given high temps; you might need to take a break at some point. Limited hours make that hard, but if you are staying nearby, it can be done.

If you have any questions about the parks, leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you.

When normal meets return, I’ll begin updating the Hollywood Studios characters guide.

Meanwhile, you might like to visit the full Disney World Characters section of the site.

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