Avatar Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Avatar Flight of Passage will be a top priority attraction for almost anyone visiting the Animal Kingdom at Disney World. Fairly new, this attraction opened to the public back in May of 2017.

Flight of Passage is a 3D screen-based attraction that requires the use of special effects glasses. This review will cover all the need-to-know information for experiencing this attraction, along with a few tips for the best times to ride.

Flight of Passage at Disney World

Here are the quick reference details for Flight of Passage.

Avatar Flight of PassageAnimal Kingdom


Pandora, The World of Avatar

Disney Height Requirement:


FastPass at Animal Kingdom:

Yes, when available

Ride Type:

Screen-Based Thrill Attraction

Seats Per Vehicle:

Individual Seats

Rider Switch:


Extra Magic Hours:


Good For:

Tweens, Teens, Adults

Scary Factor:


Must-Do List:

High Priority

Perfect For:

Thrill Seekers

Special Mention:
I recommend riding standby at least once to see the extraordinary queue.

Avatar, Flight of Passage Review

Flight of Passage will have one of the longest wait times at Walt Disney World. It’s important to secure a FastPass for it in advance when possible.

Flight of Passage is also the ride that the majority of guests will flock to at park open. It then continues to remain extremely busy the rest of the day.

When you approach Flight of Passage you’ll probably be in awe of your surroundings. The Valley of Mo’ara is like no other place I’ve ever visited. The large building that houses the ride appears as a mountainous retreat for the Na’vi people.

The initial portion of the standby queue is outside and offers tremendous views of the entire land. I recommend stopping on the exterior bridge area for a moment and taking everything in. In most cases, there will be quite a wait inside the queue, so a few extra people in front of you won’t make a difference.

Flight of Passage ride at Disney World

Entering the interior portion of the queue, you’ll find yourself in an area similar to a cave with ancient Na’vi carvings and artwork. The details of the area are all nicely done, and the experience is enhanced as you make your way toward your own Flight of Passage.

Below is the standby entrance for Flight of Passage. The wait time will be posted here.

Standby for Flight of Passage

And here’s a look at the outdoor portion of the queue. Note the social distancing markers encouraging guests to stay behind each line.

Queue Flight of Passage at Disney

It’s important to point out that the line for this attraction can be extremely long. On a busy day, you might find yourself in a line that wraps all the way to Africa and back.

That was what we saw when Flight of Passage first opened. And it’s happening again, but currently it’s due to the social distancing of the line.

So the lines, in general, probably won’t be as long as they appear. But it’s always seems odd to see such a long line.

Flight of Passage Queue

Eventually, you’ll get to a laboratory of sorts and things get even more interesting. You’ll begin to see glimpses of a real Avatar in containment ahead of you. Most everyone here that hasn’t experienced the attraction will like to stop for a picture. One important thing to note is that if you elect to ride with FastPass you won’t get to see any of this.

Is it worth the wait to see the queue? I really recommend going through the queue at least once on your Animal Kingdom visit if you haven’t had the opportunity to prior. The best times to ride Flight of Passage in standby are either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

We typically like to get in line for Flight of Passage at around 5-10 minutes before the park closes. The reason this works well is because when the park closes there are no more FastPass options.

Therefore, there will not be an additional FastPass line gaining priority access over the people in standby. This makes it so that everyone is in one line and the actual standby line will move at a reasonable pace. While not guaranteed, you can expect to wait probably thirty minutes to an hour doing it this way. But that sure does beat an hour and a half to two-hour wait.

Plus since the park closes in the meantime you won’t feel like you are wasting valuable touring time standing in line. And Disney will continue to operate buses back and forth to the resorts, so no need to worry about getting back to your room.

Is Avatar, Flight of Passage scary?

For those with a fear of heights, you might take into consideration that this attraction is a simulated flight experience. Granted, you are flying into a screen. The theater moves and if you end up on a higher theater you will be able to look down, similar to a third-floor balcony setting.

The actual ride vehicle is similar to mounting a bicycle. You’ll hop on and in a few moments, an actual brace will come up behind you. This secures you in pretty snuggly, but if you haven’t ridden before, the restraint is a bit of a surprise.

I have seen a few children panic is this area. And it’s good to reassure them that this part is normal and it is part of the ride. From what I’ve seen, this is more of a fear of the unknown, and waiting in line for a long time can cause anxiety to grow. Try to remember that children who become more and more silent approaching any ride, might be internalizing their fears.

Recently, I was riding and a child next to me panicked when the ride first started. There’s this bit of a pause and the computer tells you they are going to transform you into an Avatar. You see a computerized reflection of yourself and it begins to change to an Avatar. The poor child thought that it was real and exclaimed, “No I don’t want to be that!”

A part of me got a little tickled, because I hadn’t heard that one before. But I also felt bad for her and was once again reminded that children can easily be intimidated by different things.

Next, the room will darken and you’ll begin to go through the process of transforming to a Na’vi so you too can ride a banshee. During this portion, a screen will appear before you on your ride vehicle. You’ll be able to see yourself before the screen ahead of you opens to the actual ride part.

When you begin your Flight of Passage, be prepared to be blown away by the scenes. It’s really beautiful and unexpected. Since I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the attraction many times, I always love to hear the responses of others nearby. You always know who hasn’t ridden before, because it’s hard to not express yourself in some way.

After about three to four minutes your theater will readjust back down and the restraints will drop back behind you. A cast member will enter the room and direct you to gather your belongings and exit. Across the room behind every ride vehicle are storage areas for all personal items. There will be multiple areas to drop your 3D glasses after exiting the attraction.

Enjoy your Flight of Passage!

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