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Disney’s Riviera Resort Restaurants & Dining Guide

When it comes to dining at Disney’s Riviera Resort you are in for a real treat. The Riviera Resort’s restaurants are some of the best options for dining across Disney World property. In fact, if you don’t stay at the Riviera on your vacation, I recommend at least visiting for the sake of a meal.

In this Disney’s Riviera dining guide, we’ll take a look at every single restaurant option available at the resort. From quick service dining to character meals, the resort has you covered. The food offerings here are impressive. So impressive, that I think you’ll be pleased with your decision to dine at any one of these restaurants.

Disney’s Riviera Resort Restaurants

Below is the list of dining options at Disney’s Riviera Resort. If you are looking for specific information you can use the table of contents to locate each restaurant. Underneath each restaurant, I’ve provided an overview include the important dining details.

Additionally, where applicable, I’ve added links to the full dining reviews. If you would like to learn more, you can check out those reviews for our full dining experiences, food photos, and thoughts.

Disney’s Riviera is a beautiful resort and I think anyone will be pleased with the opportunity to dine here or stay here during their Walt Disney World vacation. We have been fortunate enough to stay there and have a full review staying at of Disney’s Riviera Resort available.

Bar Riva

We’ll start with Bar Riva, which serves as the Riviera’s lounge and pool bar. Bar Riva sits on the ground level of the resort next door to Primo Piatto and across the walkway from Disney’s Riviera’s feature pool.

This restaurant at Disney’s Riviera is unique in that it offers a bright Mediterranean vibe with wood ceilings, stunning blue and white tile, and mosaics.

One entire wall has artwork featuring a Disney Cruise Line ship as it sails past the Riviera coastline.

You might notice there are a few heat lamps. That’s because the restaurant is completely open to the elements on the front side.

As for dining here, you can pick up one of the resort’s signature cocktails and a variety of sandwiches, salads, and burgers. Most of the offerings are similar to what you’ll find at neighboring Primo Piatto since they share a kitchen.

For instance I picked up this plant-based grilled vegetable skewer a few months back. It is offered at both Bar Riva and Primo. And it was delicious menu item with eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini, and onions skewered over a bed of couscous. It came with a delightful harissa sauce and pita wrap.

If you would like to preview the menu of Bar Riva, it’s available here on Disney’s site.

Le Petit Cafe

Our next restaurant stop at Disney’s Riviera has become a fast favorite of mine. Le Petit Cafe is located off the resort’s lobby. They serve a mix of bakery items along with a full coffee and cocktail bar.

In the mornings, you’ll find the full coffee bar menu displayed along with iced coffee and hot tea.

The pastry case will feature a variety of croissants and pastries that might be more appropriate for a sugary breakfast than a cupcake. Closer to lunch, the pastry items are replaced with these delectable desserts.

I’ve tried quite a few things to date at Le Petit Cafe (review). I’m doing this thing where I try one new item every visit, like this fruit tart. It turned out to be a perfect to-go dessert one evening.

I actually had breakfast at the Riviera one morning, and when I returned to retrieve my car after a little resort-hopping, I brought this tart back to my condo. Since I was staying at Orange Lake Resort in Kissimmee (review) that week, I had committed to preparing most meals in my room for the sake of a little research.

The fruit tart was not near as sweet as you might think, and I appreciated that it wasn’t an overload of sugar. Think fresh fruit, pastry cream, and a graham cracker crust. The red piece in the center was a raspberry mousse (pink on the inside) encased in a candy shell. It added the perfect touch of richness to the dish.

My next planned item is the Bouchon Brownies, and the Profiteroles are out-of-this-world delicious! What are you thinking about getting?

Primo Piatto (Riviera’s Quick Service Restaurant)

Moving on to another of Disney’s Riviera restaurant stops is the resort’s counter service dining location, Primo Piatto.

If you were to ask me to describe this quick service dining location in one word, it would have to be uplevel. By that, I mean, it’s really not comparable to any of the other quick service dining options at Disney World.

Below we have the blueberry lemon mascarpone pancakes that I ordered with a side of plant-based sausage. The pancakes, however, were not plant-based. If you are interested in these types of options make sure to check out my Vegan at Disney World food guide. That review contains a list of all the vegan and vegetarian items I’ve had to date at Disney World.

As far as this quick service restaurant at Riviera goes, they accept Disney mobile order. The mobile order option is extremely convenient when ordering your food from your room. You can literally walk down to pick it up when you get the notification that it’s ready.

Additionally, I’ve enjoyed several other items here like the vegetable skewer and Croque Monsieur sandwich. You can read the full review of Riviera’s Primo Piatto here if you like. Oh, and those pancakes, they were fabulous.

Topolino’s Terrace

Our last restaurant at Disney’s Riviera has a view and two completely different dining experiences. Spoiler: they both serve excellent food. Topolino’s Terrace is the restaurant located on the rooftop of the Riviera Resort. They offer a character dining experience that tops all the ones I’ve visited to date at Disney.

You can read the review of Breakfast a la Art with characters to here to learn more. In addition, I’ve got an entire guide to Disney World Character Dining that provides an overview of every experience available. It also includes the characters at each meal.

Like the rest of the restaurants at Riviera, I find the food at Topolino’s Terrace to be elevated.

Dinner service changes over from character dining to a Disney signature dining location. You might want to arrive a little early for your reservation to enjoy a cocktail with a view on the outdoor rooftop lounge. (Preferably, at sunset.)

You can view the menu for Topolino’s here on Disney’s site.

Final Thoughts on Disney’s Riviera Restaurants

I hope this restaurant guide was able to set you straight when it comes to dining options at the Riviera. If you are planning a stay at the resort, then you definitely want to eat at every restaurant.

That’s rare for me to say, and truth be told, the only other resort I would say that about is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (review). Additionally, there’s a full guide to the Animal Kingdom Lodge restaurants here.

The reason I put these restaurant guides together is because the Disney World Resorts are so large, it’s hard to know every single dining option available. For instance, if you are planning a stay at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort (review), you might not be aware that Riviera sits next door.

You can literally walk over from Caribbean Beach and enjoy these dining locations. Not only that, but Disney’s Riviera has its own Skyliner station. So if you are staying at any of the nearby Epcot Resorts you can hop on the Skyliner and drop in to the Riviera for a meal. I have a full review of the Skyliner with travel times that will provide you with details on how to use the system to your advantage.

One last thing about dining at Riviera, there are tons of outdoor seating locations. Usually when I’m over this way, I pick up my food order and enjoy it outside. The resort has plenty of tables and chairs with umbrellas that provide a nice shade.

The surround views of Barefoot Bay aren’t so bad either.

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Now that you’ve had a good look at all of Disney’s Riviera restaurants, what are you thinking looks good? Let me know in the comments below.

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