The Disney World Hotel Guide to Tackling Transportation (With 2023 Updates)

This article discusses the various transportation options at Walt Disney World Hotels.

Transportation options are an important consideration when choosing which Disney World Resort is right for you. For instance, if you stay at a resort like Disney’s Grand Floridian, you can walk, take the monorail, hop on a boat, or use buses, depending on where you’re going.

However, if you stay at one of Disney’s All-Star Resorts, the only transportation option to and from the resort is a bus. Needless to say, there’s a vast difference between modes of transportation among the resorts.

Below, we’ll review some of the most frequently asked questions regarding transportation at Walt Disney World’s Resorts. Then we’ve provided a list of individual transportation guides created for each resort.

After that, there’s a list of the various modes of transportation with the resorts that have that option listed underneath. For example, if you’re looking to stay on the Skyliner, each resort is listed that offers it.

When you decide on a resort, make sure to read over the corresponding transportation guide. Our resort-specific transportation guides detail our experiences traveling to and from that particular resort. We provide as many travel experiences as possible to help save you time on vacation.

FAQs for Transportation at the Disney Resorts

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding transportation at Walt Disney World Resorts. Of course, all of these answers are based on our experience.

Is transportation free at Disney’s Resorts?

Yes, when it comes to traveling to and from Disney Destinations like theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs, transportation is available to and from your resort at no extra cost.

Is there a free shuttle or bus service from the airport to the resorts at Disney?

Unfortunately, Disney no longer offers complimentary transportation between the resorts and the airport. Instead, you’ll need to arrange a car service or motor coach transportation to and from the airport.

Can you use Disney transportation to travel between resorts?

Yes, but in most cases, you will have to make at least one transfer on your way to get to a resort. For instance, if you’re at Disney’s Coronado Springs and want to get to Disney’s Polynesian Resort for dinner.

You can take a bus from Coronado Springs to Magic Kingdom. From Magic Kingdom, you would take the resort monorail or watercraft from Magic Kingdom to Disneys Polynesian.

When you get to Magic Kingdom, you’ll have to walk from the bus stop through the security clearance to access these forms of transportation. However, you won’t have to walk through the park’s ticketed entry area, so a ticket isn’t required.

Here’s another example for the same scenario. You can take a bus from Coronado Springs to Hollywood Studios. When you exit the bus at Hollywood Studios, find the bus stop for Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Then you can take the next bus from Hollywood Studios to the Polynesian.

You’ll begin to think about things differently when you learn the different transportation options and what hotels and theme parks they service. Of course, it will nearly always be quicker to hire a car service or taxi for travel between the resorts when you’re crunched for time.

But if you’re spending the day leisurely resort-hopping, like most things, the fun is in the journey, not the destination.

Tip: In most circumstances, we usually allow 1 to 1.5 hours for travel time when traveling from one resort to another for dining.

Can I take Disney transportation to a resort if I’m off-property?

All guests of Walt Disney World (resort or off-site guests) are welcome to use Disney’s transportation options to and from Disney’s other popular destinations like theme parks, resorts, water parks, and Disney Springs.

Of course, you’ll have to be on the property to use the transportation systems. But if you’re at Epcot and want to visit Port Orleans French Quarter for beignets mid-afternoon, you can take a bus from the park to the resort. Then return to Epcot the same way later.

Are car services (i.e., Uber, Lyft, Taxis) allowed at Disney’s Resorts?

Yes, various car services can drop off and pick up guests at Disney World’s Resorts.

Additionally, Disney’s Minnie Van Service is available via the Lyft app. You can read more about how the service works here on Disney’s site.

Do all the Disney Resorts provide transportation to the parks?

Yes, all Walt Disney World-owned-and-operated resorts provide complimentary transportation to and from the Disney theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs.

*All Good Neighbor Hotels (not Disney-owned) provide transportation to and from the parks. However, some of these resorts may charge a fee for transportation.

Resort Transportation Guides

Below, we’ve listed all our available transportation guides for each resort. These articles will provide tips for traveling to and from each hotel listed.

Magic Kingdom Area Resorts

Epcot Area Resorts

Resorts on the Skyliner

Disney Springs Area Resorts

Animal Kingdom Area Resorts


Transportation Options at the Disney Resorts

Below we have listed the resorts at Disney World based on transportation options. Sometimes a resort will have more than one form of transportation. Therefore, those resorts are listed multiple times where applicable.

Monorail Resorts

The following resorts are located on the resort monorail line at Walt Disney World.

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Skyliner Resorts

The following resorts all have stops on Disney’s Skyliner.

Resorts Within Walking Distance of Magic Kingdom

These resorts have walking paths to Magic Kingdom.

*Additionally, if you’re staying at Disney’s Polynesian, you can take the walkway between the Polynesian and Grand Floridian. Then you can continue to Magic Kingdom.

Resorts Within Walking Distance of Epcot and Hollywood Studios

These resorts provide walking paths to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Resorts with Boat Service to Magic Kingdom

Each of these resorts has boat service to and from Magic Kingdom.

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Resorts with Boat Service to Epcot and Hollywood Studios

These resorts have boat service to and from Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

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Resorts with Water Taxis to Disney Springs

The following resorts offer water taxis to and from Disney Springs.

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Resorts with Only Bus Transportation

While all the resorts listed above offer bus service to various locations, a few only offer bus service to all destinations. Those resorts are:

Final Thoughts on Resort Transportation at Disney

We hope you found this guide helpful in planning your routes between the resorts and other destinations. Walt Disney World is a big place, and often it’s a headache to figure out the best way to get to and from your resort to another destination on the property.

However, if you have a base idea of how everything works and what options you have, you’re far better off than most. Also, the more familiar you are, the more you’ll be willing to venture to more destinations, including some of Disney’s stunning resorts!

Who knows where you’ll end up?

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